Why You Should Practice Yoga Daily

by Kahlia Meeuwsen, Lifestyle Columnist

Published in Lifestyle and Health on 29th January, 2019

Exercise is something that many people can struggle with. There are so many options out there, but they can sometimes start to feel more like work rather than something you enjoy doing for the health of your body and mind.

As a result, yoga is becoming more and more popular as it provides assistance to health without the intensity that other forms of exercise can carry. However, you can get that intensity from some types of yoga if it is what you're looking for!

daily yoga

The sky is truly the limit when it comes to finding your ideal yoga routine!

What Is Yoga?

To keep it simple, yoga is a form of exercise that comes from Hindu disciplines. It involves moving your body into specific poses that are made to improve flexibility, strength, endurance and much more as you move in and out of them.

Furthermore, it's a great option for those who aren't interested in forms of exercise that might be more demanding, like running, cycling or lifting weights. It can often be a gentler way to get your exercise in, and it's known for addressing aspects of emotional and mental health as well as physical.

Some can also choose to use yoga to help them engage better in another activity. Yoga poses can be great for improving stamina, balance and becoming stronger. Consequently, it's fantastic for people who need to make use of those features for other hobbies, or even a career.

There are very few reasons not to make it a part of your daily life!

Types Of Yoga

There are several types of yoga out there, and no rules as to which one you can use! If you want to, you can even borrow positions from a few different types in order to create your perfect routine. Each one can also be beneficial in different ways, so take that into consideration when you select positions from them.


When you're just looking to relax, heal or ground yourself, this is a great kind of yoga to make use of. It doesn't make use of postures that are more active, but instead functions as a way to calm down and get a gentler workout.


Kundalini yoga is a type of yoga that rests somewhere in the middle of the yoga spectrum. It can include some very gentle poses as well as those that might be a bit more vigorous. This type of yoga is also known for making use of the "breath of fire" technique as part of the routine.

kundalini yoga


Kripalu is a good median yoga to use when you want something a little more active than restorative yoga, but not the most vigorous option out there. While you practice this option, you can move a bit more slowly and gain benefits in a way that is quite gentle.


This is a great option when you want results that will strengthen your body. You can also use it for purifying purposes. Many people in the United States are quite familiar with this type, as it tends to be the most prevalent in the area.


If you're familiar with the term "hot yoga" then Bikram yoga is what that term is referring to. It involves 26 different postures that are done in pairs in a single session. It's also worth noting that this kind of yoga is typically done in a very warm room.


Ashtanga is the kind of yoga you'll want to use if you're looking for something more intense. This option is great for building up your strength and endurance as well as stamina. All the postures are done in a single movement, making it one that requires a bit more effort than the calmer choices in this list.

ashtanga yoga


Iyengar is a very interesting kind of yoga, which involves a variety of different tools during the process. It's also an option that is similar to dancing, with fluid motions and items you'll use for poses that the body can't quite handle by itself.

Building The Habit

Just like any other positive habit, a yoga routine can take time and effort to build and maintain. However, it doesn't have to be a difficult venture. As you're starting to build the habit, remember that it's more important to maintain over the long term than to push yourself hard right away.

Start Small

Yoga isn't a race. There's no need to force yourself to start with an hour a day, or even half an hour. Not everyone has an easy time adding something like this into their daily schedule. Think about how much time you can manage, and how much time you think you can stick to.

If five minutes a day is all you think you can do, it's still going to get the habit started. Once you become used to the habit and learn to enjoy it, you can gradually start to add more time to it.

Don't Punish Yourself

A big part of yoga is improving slowly. As you're practicing, push yourself only as far as your body can handle without being in pain. If you can only hold a certain pose for a few seconds, there's nothing wrong with starting there and trying to hold it a little longer each time.

In addition, stretching positions should allow you to feel the stretch, but they shouldn't hurt either. Your flexibility will improve, so don't feel badly if you can't touch your toes on the first day! In time, you'll get closer and closer to being a pro!

Why Practice Yoga?

There are many reasons to make yoga a regular habit in your life, and the list only seems to keep growing! Take a look at these reasons, and think about which ones you can benefit from. It also helps to remember that you can adjust your yoga routine to meet your goals.

Build Physical Strength

Some of the positions you'll come across in yoga can help to build strength in certain areas of the body, while others can help with building overall strength. When you have a good variety of positions, you can gain strength in the entirety of your body in a way that is quite gentle.

Increase Your Flexibility

Flexibility is important for getting around, reaching and being active without running as much of a risk of hurting yourself. Yoga is a fantastic way to become more flexible, which can also help those with limited mobility to move around with more ease.

how to increase your flexibility

Gain Better Balance

If you want improved balance, there are yoga positions you can make use of that help to strengthen muscles and make it much easier. This can be really helpful for those who need higher levels of balance for other activities, or who simply want to see how much they can improve their overall ability to stay balanced!

Improve Your Posture!

Yoga positions often rely on the ability to straighten your back as much as possible and keep it in a healthy posture. As a result, it's a great way to practice healthy posture, which will transfer over into your daily life. That is hugely important for fighting back against spine degeneration!

Benefit Your Overall Health

Yoga is great for your overall health. It enforces a strong connection between your body and mind, which will allow you to live more healthfully. This mindfulness can effect things like eating habits, addictive behaviors and the way you go about your life on the whole.

Gain Focus

The mindfulness you can get from yoga can also help you to be more focused on a daily basis. Whether you working on projects, trying to stay concentrated at work or enjoying your day, it can really help you to learn how to be more in the moment.

Find Some Peace

When you really get into a yoga routine, it can be a very peaceful experience. Many of us need this from time to time as we go about our busy lives. If you want to add to the effects, you can also choose to add a few minutes of meditation into your routine.

Relieve Pain

Those who struggle with chronic pain can find that yoga is a fantastic way to help with relieving it. Conditions like multiple sclerosis, hypertension, cancer and more can really benefit from regular yoga. This is also true if you have pain in a specific area, like the knees, neck or back.

how to relieve pain

Alleviate Depression

A side effect of yoga that not many might expect is that it can help you to get in touch with your emotions. Over time, this can create benefits for those with things like anxiety, depression and other mental struggles that involve our emotions.

Gain Stamina!

If you're looking to create better stamina, then you can make use of yoga positions that are more intense to help with doing that. In addition to making your body stronger overall, it can help you to exercise longer or just have an easier time getting through the day!

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