Creating A Minimalist Home In 2019

by Kahlia Meeuwsen, Lifestyle Columnist

Published in Lifestyle on 29th January, 2019

The age of possessions is over! With a greater amount of people making less money and discovering the value of experiences as opposed to items, more are turning to minimalism to simplify their lives.

Using this style of decor, you can keep your home less cluttered and enjoy the beauty in simple spaces. Here, we're taking a look into the benefits that you can receive from making your home minimal as well as how you can go about the process.

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By the time we're done here, you'll know exactly how to create a minimal, peaceful home, and you'll have a great understanding of how such a simple change can help you live an overall better life!

What is a Minimalist Home?

A minimalist home is one that places less emphasis on material possessions. Because of that, there are fewer knickknacks, less furniture and sparse decor. It has become a great concept for those who want to simplify their homes and enjoy the space in a more efficient way overall.

Benefits of Minimalism

There's a reason minimalism is becoming such a popular trend. It comes with a number of benefits for your wallet, health and peace of mind overall. In addition, it's a great way to fight back against the materialism that has become overkill in our world today while creating a more peaceful home.

Less Stress

There is a saying that the order we have around us can directly effect how calm we feel. Too much clutter and mess can result in feeling more stressed, anxious or troubled overall. As a result, it's a good idea to use minimalism to help with keeping your home in better order, allowing yourself to feel more peaceful, and better able to concentrate.

Better Focus

Clutter can really become a distraction. Because of that, getting rid of clutter and keeping your home cleaner can allow you to focus better. This is especially useful for those who work from home, whether that's a full time job or part time hobby. You may also find that you can enjoy your free time a little more in a space that is cleaner.

minimal home

Improved Health

An aspect of minimalism that people don't always think about is the ability for it to help with clearing your schedule. When you can spend less time cleaning or maintaining objects that you don't really need, you can be a bit more relaxed. In time, this can really result in improvements to your health. Especially when you combine that with less stress!

More Free Time

Having a lot of possessions often means you'll spend a lot of time maintaining, cleaning and trying to keep things organized. This can end up not only taking more time than cleaning a minimalist home, but you can also end up feeling like you're still struggling to keep things clean. With fewer items, you can spend less time cleaning and more just enjoying the space.

Memories Over Possessions

When you have fewer possessions, you can spend less money on them. That money saved can then be re-routed to experiences. Planning trips or enjoying activities with your family will allow everyone involved to create positive memories, which will be much more meaningful in their lives than any amount of objects ever could.

More Money!

You can really save a decent amount of money when you stop purchasing items that are just going to take up space in your home. You can use the money saved in better ways, or save it for an emergency fund, retirement or for something more important to you. There are few people out there who don't want more money in the bank!

Easier Cleaning

Think about what giving your home a good clean feels like now. Do you have to move a bunch of things in order to clean under them? Does it take a great deal of time? Do you feel like your home gets as clean as you want it to? All of these things are worth considering, because getting rid of those extra items can make cleaning that much easier!

minimal home decor

A Confidence Boost!

When your home is easier to keep clean, you can feel better about the way it looks to guests who may come for a visit. You also won't have to do as much frantic cleaning before an event or visit as you may be doing now! Then, you could spend more time on preparing yourself, putting up decorations if needed or just relaxing!

Environmental Friendliness

Not only is a minimalist home friendly to you, your schedule and your wallet, it's also friendlier to the environment. This is because you have fewer items and those items are typically being used, rather than tossed. You'll also be throwing away fewer things because there's less excess in your home to get rid of. Overall, it's a much better experience!

Changing Priorities

Practicing a minimalist lifestyle can help you to shift your priorities from material possessions to experiences. You'll begin to gain a new perspective on life that reminds you there is more to life than having the latest rug, collecting cute trinkets or filling your home with expensive furniture. Instead, you can enjoy life without as much worry about spending money.

How to Create a Minimalist Home

There are some key steps to consider when you're making the change to a minimalist lifestyle. These can help to guide you down the path and remember what's important. You can also use them to create habits that will make keeping your home cleaner and better organized overall. Take a look, and use them in the ways that best work for you.

You're sure to start noticing differences in your life in no time!

Complete Tasks Right Away

This is a small task that may seem simple, but it's actually one that many people struggle with. The temptation to ignore things like mail buildup, dirty dishes and more can lead to messes that become a huge hassle to clean up. Suddenly something that could have taken a few minutes becomes and entire day or weekend spent cleaning.

Instead, take the time in the moment to get the task done and keep a snowballing mess from occurring. This will leave you with a little more time and a lot less stress in your day to day life.

Take It Slow

As you're moving to a minimalist setup, it's important to take the process slowly and mindfully. Really think about the items you need, and don't just toss everything out in a rushed effort to purge your home. Instead, take it one room at a time and consider what tools you use on a regular basis.

minimal home decor house

Set aside those that aren't used as often, or don't have a purpose, to be tossed out or donated. If you can donate them, that is going to be your best option to reduce the amount of waste you create. Otherwise, try to recycle anything you can, or give it away. Only throw things away if absolutely necessary.

Consider What You Really Need

While organizing, separate out the items you use frequently or have a special attachment to. This is where you're really going to need to think about the items you have. Remember that the idea is to clear away excess items, but don't waste items you'll just end up having to purchase again.

At this point, it's a good idea to consider getting rid of things you simply have too many of. For example, how many rubber spatulas do you really need? Are four sets of dishes necessary? Odds are they probably aren't unless you have a huge family.

Purchase Carefully

As you're doing any shopping, it's wise to be careful about buying any decor, appliances or cooking tools, knickknacks or other items that will take up space in your home. If you are planning to purchase something, consider carefully how much use it will get as well as where you will store it.

Doing this can not only help you to keep your home from becoming cluttered again, but it can also save you money. You won't be purchasing items that aren't absolutely necessary, which will keep your life clean and simplified.

Donate Extra Items

There are plenty of reasons to donate your extra items rather than throwing them away. To begin with, it gives those who may need those items the opportunity to get them at a low cost. This helps those on tighter budgets with saving money, and your old items don't go to waste.

Furthermore, it's much more friendly to the environment. Consider all of the piles of garbage in various locations on the Earth, and how much your old items will add to those piles. There are certainly much better ways for those objects to go to use while they still have life in them!

Pick Up Daily

Making sure to clean up on a daily basis is a smart way to keep things tidy and limit the amount of time you actually have to spend cleaning. It's another task that seems like it should be easy to do, but it can be difficult for people to motivate themselves to do it. minimal style

To aid in this effort, just set aside 10 minutes a day and walk around your home. Pick up anything left on the floor, or in places they don't belong and put them back. If you need to set aside another 10 minutes later on, you can do it as-needed.

Consider Furniture

One of the aspects of a home that can actually take up a lot of space is furniture. Things like couches, chairs, side tables, nightstands, and coffee tables can really add up quickly. On top of that, they can become spaces where things accumulate.

Because of this, it's a good idea to minimize the amount of furniture you have. Have just enough sitting space as needed, and try to keep other surfaces to a minimum. Make sure you have only what you actually need, and avoid things that are purposefully designed to hold knickknacks.

Clearing Spaces

Keep things like counters and tables clear, aside from anything that needs to be kept on them regularly. Try to avoid a buildup of dishes, mail, or objects that have been moved from where they belong. This kind of clutter makes these spaces more difficult to use when you actually need them.

This is something you can do during your ten minute walkabouts. Just pick up anything on the counters and move it to where it belongs. Make sure dishes get to the sink, dishwasher or put away, take care of mail and put away other items that may have built up there.

Store Things Carefully

It's nearly impossible to not have anything that will need to be stored at some point. While it's a good idea to limit these things, it's perfectly normal to have some of them. For these objects, it's wise to keep them stored out of sight. Use things like cupboards, closets and attics to keep them away.

This allows the general area to appear cleaner overall. What is important to remember is that this isn't an excuse to pile up everything in your closets. You'll still need to limit the amount of things you are storing, and try to keep stored items well organized in easy-to-find containers.

Keep Decor Simple

Decor is something that is often apart of every household. However, in a minimalist setting it's a good idea to keep these things minimal and simple. You're not looking to overwhelm those in your home with a lot of intricate art, but just add touches of life in certain areas.

minmal house

As you select your art, remember that it's designed to draw the eye. Because of that, it can be a good idea to choose pieces that are calming, comforting or happy. That said, your art choices are entirely up to you!

It All Has A Spot!

One of the key aspects of minimalism to remember is that everything should have its own place. A drawer, a spot on a counter, a cupboard or somewhere else specifically for that item to go. This keeps things cleaner and better organized overall.

Because of this, your home will look nicer and it will be easier to find things when you need them. As a result, there will be a lot less frustration in your home, and the process of using items and cleaning up afterward will be much more streamlined. This makes your home a more enjoyable place to be!

Limit Cooking Tools

Things like spatulas, rubber spatulas, whisks and other cooking utensils can be very easy to stock up on, and consequently many of us end up with entirely too many! Think about how often you use these tools, and try to limit to only the necessary number of them.

For example, you may decide you want a rubber spatula of each size you have. The same can go for whisks. When it comes to spatulas, you may want one with slots in it and one without. Just make sure to get rid of the excess, as it's far too easy for messy utensils to build up and require cleaning.

No More Knickknacks!

Knickknacks may look nice but they can clutter surfaces very easily. This tends to result in a space that doesn't appear as clean, even if necessary cleaning has been done. It's best to avoid knickknacks as much as possible for this very reason.

If you have a lot of knickknacks, it's time to clear them out! Feel free to hang onto ones that have special meaning for you, but you're sure to find that your home looks much cleaner and more comfortable with the majority of them out of the way.

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