11 Best Online Jobs For College Students

by Menka Dimitrovska, Money Columnist

Published in Money on 20th March, 2018

College can be expensive, so what better way to make money to cover your costs of school, and earn some extra pocket money for yourself, than to work online, in the convenience of your room, or at the library, and follow your own schedule.

It can be a little bit tough to find a job that will pay well, and not come in the way of your classes and exams. So instead of exhausting yourself by running from work to class every day, and trying your best to make everything fit in your schedule, why not look into some of the best ways to make a decent amount of money online, on a work-at-home schedule.

It's up to you to choose whether you'd like to work on a few part-time gigs, or focus strictly on one area and put in as much hours as you have available.

What You'll Need in Order to Work Online

There aren't many requirements for working at home. You simply need to have a reliable computer, a high-speed internet access, a pair of headphones, and a quiet place for you to work.

If you have a job that requires telephone work, you might need to get a dial pad, and noise canceling headphones as well.

You need to always have in mind that although the hours are usually pretty flexible, you might come across some employers that will require you to be available during their work hours, so be sure to discuss all terms of the job position and check your schedule before you commit to anything. That way you can be fair to your employer, and also make sure you don't miss and classes or exams.

online jobs for college students

What Types of Online Jobs are Available to Students?

Technology has made it very easy to do a lot of jobs that used to be done only in an office. Now a lot more companies are more and more interested in hiring employees that would work remotely, in the comfort of their home, and according to their schedule. You have the opportunity to work from your bedroom, a library, a coffee shop and even at the park.

There are hundreds of opportunities out there for you. Check out our pick of the top 11 online jobs for students, and see which one will work best for you, according to your skills and your interests.

Online Tutor

Salary: $13-20 per hour

Use all your academic knowledge and your skills and make money tutoring kids or your peers online. It doesn't have to be academic tutoring only. You can also teach music, social media marketing, fashion, art, nutrition and so on. In addition to online tutoring, you may also be able to find students on campus that need tutoring, and work with them in your spare time.

You can look for online tutoring jobs on Tutor, Aim-for-A Tutoring, Upwork, Tutorvista, Homework Help and many more freelance sites.

Freelance Writing/ Editing/ Proofreading

Salary: $10-$30 per hour

There's a variety of options for freelance writers out there. You can find writing jobs that are related to your major, you can write blog post, articles for local websites, or search online for gigs from around the world. It's a pretty flexible and lucrative job, and a great fit for students who need to make some extra cash doing what they're good at. The best thing about it is that writers are always and will always be in demand. You will have a lot of opportunities from which to choose from, and set your rate per article or per hour, however works best for you and your employer.

You can look for writing gigs on Upwork, WriterBay, Freelancer, and many more freelance sites.

online jobs

Social Media Manager

Salary: $15-$40 per hour

A social media manager is the voice of a company on all social media accounts. Your job is to interact with customers, answer questions, promote content and deals. Being a social media manager can be a fun way to make money, and improve your social media marketing skills.

The best way to find a job and get started is to start contacting companies and businesses that you'd be interested in working with, and start sending out your resume, which outlines all your skills, and previous experiences. You might also look into smaller companies that are not active on any social media platform, and present them with a plan that could improve their business and boost their sales, so they couldn't possibly resist your offer.

Data Entry Clerk

Salary: $8-$15 per hour

Data entry is a fairly simple job, that doesn't require any skills or experience. The pay is a bit lower than other online jobs, but if you're just starting out and you don't have a lot of experience, you can start with a simpler job, for which you only need to have an internet connection and a computer.

You can use these two sites to look for data entry job openings: DionData Solutions, Capital typing, Clickworker,and HEA-Employment.

Search Engine Evaluator

Salary: $11-$15 per hour

Working as a Search Engine Evaluator, your job would be to look for and clean up errors in search engines, like Google, Bing and Yahoo!. Your job is to analyze search engine results and see if they are relevant to what the user is searching for. If you're wondering why your impute is needed, when there are already search algorithms in place, the simple answer is that what algorithms sometimes miss, a human can easily notice and fix. Your job would be to check for quality and relevance and see if the algorithm has missed something.

You can look for search engine evaluator jobs on these sites: Leapforce, Workforce Logic, Appen Butler Hill, ISoftStone and, Lionbridge.

Virtual Recruiter

Salary: $20-$35 per hour

A virtual recruiter's job is to look for potential new employees and serve as a liaison between them and the company. Your job will be to write and share posts about available positions, look through resumes, do interviews and talk about the job conditions, as well as the salary.

You can usually work either on a fixed rate, or on a commission rate.

You can look for virtual recruiter job postings on: Freelancer, Upwork, SimplyHired, and CareerBuilder.

best online jobs

Virtual Call Center Agent

Salary: $9-$30 per hour

A virtual call center agent provides customer service, usually via call, chat, or e-mail. A lot of virtual call center agent jobs don't require previous experience, but they require certain skill, most important of all - communication skills. you need to be highly professional, and very polite with your customers.

This job is usually available both part-time and full-time, and there's typically an array of schedules, so you won't have a problem adjusting it with your studies.

Here are some websites where you can look for a job as a virtual call center agent: career builder, indeed, upwork and many more.

Salary: $11-$15 per hour

Virtual Assistant

Salary: $18-$20 per hour

As a virtual assistant, your job is to manage tasks given by your managers and executives. These tasks include organizing files, bookkeeping, answering calls, returning e-mails, managing events, scheduling dinners and meetings and sometimes writing articles as well. You need to have great communication and writing skills, and knowledge of Excel, and MS Word. You should also be aware that you won't be able to organize your hours, since your employer will probably give you a fixed schedule, so that you can be available during the company's working hours.

You can check for virtual assistant job openings on these sites: Virtual Assistants 24/7, Remote.co, Freelancer.com, and Assistant Match.

Ad Clicking

$0.001 to $0.01 per ad click (depending on the site)

If you have a lot of studying to do and you don't really have a lot of concentration at the end of the school day to focus on writing, answering calls, or tutoring, then this job is perfect for you. Ad clicking jobs don't require any previous knowledge, or experience, and they are a fairly easy way to make money. If you find a good ad clicking site, then you can expect to be payed up to a cent or two per click.

Check out these sites if you're interested in ad clicking jobs: ClixSenseh, NeoBux, Paidverts, and PrizeRebel.


Salary: $18-$20 per hour

There are usually 2 types of transcriptionists, legal and medical, so if you're a law or medical student this job might be perfect for you.

What you'll need to do is listen to audiotapes on your computer and transcribe (write down) the text into a word document. You don't need to have any special skills or previous experience to work as a transcriptionist, but you need to be familiar with different accents, because you might hear a lot of different ones in the tapes.

You can check out these sites for job openings: Transcribe Me, Gotranscript, Rev, and Way With Words.

Website Tester

A crucial part of many successful businesses is the website testing part. The way that website testing works is you test a website for 20-30 minutes, and you write a review on it, give feedback on all features and applications, answer questions regarding the website, and basically share your experience with the website and any general thoughts you might have.

Note: you'll probably be required to take a test before you start working.

You can find jobs as a website tester on: Userfeel, UserTesting, Test birds, Testing time, and My Crowd.

In Summary

If you have at least a few hours of spare time in your day, the best way to utilize them would be to use that otherwise boring time and invest it in your future success. Online jobs are a very convenient way to dip your toe in and see what it's like to have a job, and all the responsibilities that come with it. Working from home offers you the chance to continue studying and still work either part or full-time. You'll get a chance to continuously learn new things and improve yourself with every new project.

So if you're anxious to start working but you don't want your work to interfere with your studies then an online work-from-home job is the best fit for you.

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