Boosting Your Creative Career

by Kahlia Meeuwsen, Money Columnist

Published in Money and Finance on 8th February, 2019

Life is too short to spend forty or more hours a week at a job you don't enjoy.

That's why more and more people are looking for new ways to earn money doing things they enjoy. A career that exercises your creativity can be a fantastic endeavor, and there are so many ways to go about it!

Creativity can mean so many things, and there are several aspects to each kind of creative subject out there. For example, if you're interested in music, you can not only play music, but write about music, teach music or music history, manage musicians and a whole lot more!

creative career

Let's dive into all the options out there, and help you to get a great boost for your creative career!

Finding The Right Path

We all have different paths, and it can be so easy to lose them while trying to go after the things we think we're supposed to do. Unfortunately, many of the jobs out there people end up at aren't ones that satisfy them in a creative way.

For a large amount of people, the ideal career involves some level of creativity. It might be a career in the arts, or it might involve learning how to teach or help people in new ways. Creativity really expands much farther than the typical jobs we tend to think of.

What Do You Like To Do?

A good place to start is by thinking about what you enjoy doing in your free time. Not just the things you fill your time with passively, but the things you really want to do. Do you get excited about new video games? Is there nothing quite like a good book for you?

Take a look at the hobbies you really care about, even if you don't feel that they are all that productive. A lot of work goes into things like games, television shows, and the music you listen to on a regular basis.

Where Can It Go?

When you think about your hobbies, it can be useful to make a list of those you enjoy most. At that point, you can take a look at each one and think about how it can be used for monetary gain. For some of those options, there's likely more than one way you can turn it into a career.

As you do this, keep in mind that creative endeavors can often take some time to snowball into a full time career. Because of this, it's important to move more slowly, be mindful and take it one step at a time.

Developing Your Creativity

If you're out of practice or hitting a wall, sometimes you need something you can do that will help to get the creativity flowing better again. These tips can assist in expanding your mind and getting you in the flow.


Reading is fantastic for getting your imagination and creativity rolling. Books take you into new worlds and allow you to pain mental images and entertain new concepts. Essentially, you're adding into your mental library, which you can then draw from when it comes time to create on your own.


This is a particularly helpful endeavor for writers and artists, but there are very few who can't gain something from reading more regularly. There's a whole world of books out there, and absolutely something for everyone, no matter what genre you like! For those who aren't into as much reading, audiobooks and graphic novels are also great options!

Get Creating

While it may seem simple, this is often one of the hardest parts of getting your creations out there, whatever they may be. For many, it can be all too easy to get stuck in the planning process. We start to think about how badly we want to create the perfect thing, and then we end up never actually creating at all.

So make it, write it, draw it, compose it. Whether or not it's perfect matters so much less than the actual act of putting it out into the world.


Daydreaming might seem like something that can be a waste of time, but it can also be a powerful tool. When you allow your mind to wander, it can end up in some interesting places. Images and ideas can come to mind that you simply couldn't force while trying to come up with it in a more direct way.

The key here is finding a balance. Naturally, you can't just daydream all day, every day until an idea pops up. However, setting aside some time for daydreaming, or allowing yourself to enjoy it in your free time can help to fuel all of your creative endeavors.

Enjoy Some Music

For some, music can really get the creative juices flowing. Whatever kind of music works for you is something worth enjoying whenever you can. In some cases, enjoying some classical music can be great in combination with daydreaming.

Give it a shot! Try turning on some classical music, closing your eyes and letting your mind go where it will. You just might find that your brain starts to create unique images based on the music. Or it may trigger interesting thoughts and feelings. You'll never really know what it might spark in you until you try!

Learn To Be Mindful

Creating can sometimes get frantic. We feel like we need to keep generating ideas, keep putting work into the world to earn more, or just a general feeling that you aren't doing enough to make it work. Slowing down and being more mindful and deliberate in your process.

learn to be mindful

Some days, it can be so difficult to get going or to keep going! One of the things that can help you is to take a break, maybe put on some soothing music, a podcast or even a YouTube channel if it comforts you and take purposefully complete one small step at a time. Getting a little done is still much more than stressing out and doing nothing.

Go For a Walk

Sometimes you just need to get away from your work space for a little while. Taking a walk out in nature can be a great way to do this. Walking is known to not only be good for your body, but also for your mind.

If you can find some nature, that's even better. It gives you a chance to relax and enjoy the sights around you. When you're feeling burnt out, going for a walk can help to bring your mind back from the brink. You don't even have to go very far!

Travel Somewhere!

When you need a larger opportunity to recharge, then taking a vacation can help you to get there. Sometimes you just need to get away and give your mind a break. Don't be ashamed to do it! None of us are robots, so we can't expect ourselves to work every day without slipping.

While creative work can be more fun and rewarding, it can also be very mentally taxing. Make sure to take your opportunities to spend time away, allowing yourself to relax. You'll surely come back with a refreshed mind and a new resolve to get to work!

Use Your Dreams

From time to time, many of us have interesting dreams. Even if the entire dream isn't interesting, or doesn't make sense, you can always pick out sections or images that stand out to you. These small pieces can end up working well in storytelling, art, or even music.

If your dreams aren't interesting now, or you have trouble remembering them, then you can opt to keep a dream journal to help those experiences to stick with you while you're awake. Often, our brains are working away at problems we have in our waking lives so it can't hurt to take note of what it comes up with in sleep!

Try a Hobby

Sometimes you need to start on a new path to get your creative mind going. Maybe that just means trying out something you don't normally do. Stepping out of your normal routine can shake things up and get you thinking in a new way.

You might choose to do something like a wine and paint night if you don't normally paint, or try doodling some things if you don't draw often. It's really a matter of stepping outside your comfort zone, even if it's just for a few minutes. It's totally up to you! You might even find something you want to gain more skills in!

Boosting Your Creative Career

You might find yourself thinking that you want to make a career out of some creative hobby you have, but you don't know where to get started. These tips can help you to find the right path for you end rolling towards your very own success!

Provide Value

People aren't likely to spend money on your product or service if it isn't something that will provide value. Consider what sets your endeavor apart from others, and why people may want it more than other options out there. Is it new in some way? Created with unique materials?

provide value

Not only will your product need to provide value, but you have to be able to convey that value to potential customers. This is going to rely on your marketing skills, so you may need to build those skills up a bit to get the sales!

Maximize Profits

Another goal for those who are getting started with a creative career is often to minimize the costs of maintaining their career and maximize the profits they are able to receive from it. This allows them to allow their endeavor to have the best possible chances at success.

Think about the costs involved in doing what you want to do, and determine whether or not you're okay with those costs. Think of them as an investment for your future, and look for ways to effectively get the job. Remember that the goal is to earn more through the endeavor than you put in!

Create Solid Habits

Good habits are key to maintaining solid productivity. Remember that even a creative business is still a business. Try to keep regular hours and a certain level of productivity in order to keep things rolling. Furthermore, ensure that you have backup plans for days when you just can't create the flow.

Create a schedule for yourself that allows you to get enough work done, handle more trivial tasks, and avoid burning out. Achieving this balance can be rather difficult, but it's something that will prove to be highly useful. You may need to experiment a bit to find the right fit!

Don't Stop Learning!

A creative career requires a lot of learning. That can include learning ways to expand your art, learning how to run your own creative business or a huge variety of other things to make your career work. Because of that, it's important to remember that you're likely to always be learning some new way to boost your creative efforts.

Setting your expectations to understand this helps to keep everything smoothly. There are always going to be changes in the way people enjoy, purchase and look at just about any kind of art. You'll need to be able to keep up!

Learn To Adapt

In addition to learning, you'll also need to remain flexible in your pursuits. Customers are always changing and seeking new things, and ensuring you can provide what they need will keep your creative business relevant and providing value to anyone interested.

It's also going to be important to keep up with the news related to your chosen creative endeavor. This is a good way to keep tabs on any new techniques, technologies or trends that are occurring in the subject. Then you can make any changes needed to keep up with the needs of customers!

Continue To Improve Your Portfolio

As you're creating, make sure to take pictures, save documents or do whatever else you need to create a portfolio. Simply put, a portfolio is essentially your creative resume. You can show potential customers or clients your profile in order to give them an idea about what you have to offer.

improve your portfolio

While it might be tough to get a portfolio going, many find that the more you add to your portfolio, the easier it is to land jobs that pay more. In time, you'll be able to classify yourself as an experienced professional in whatever your chosen field may be.

Look For Demand

This is a tip that runs alongside creating value. While you're deciding on your creative pursuit, spend some time doing research on the subject to get an idea for how many people would be interested in what you have to offer. Demand is what drives any business, creative or otherwise, so it's best to do something that meets some kind of demand.

Remember that the demand you meet can be practical or luxury, but the state of the economy you are selling too can effect how well products or services that are less necessary sell. It may be worth selling to a larger market!

Evolve Your Communication Skills

Communication is key when it comes to landing customers or clients. You have to be able to communicate effectively, politely and clearly to ensure that you're on the same page. In addition, you'll want to create a positive experience on both ends, which can be tricky!

There are many different kinds of people out there. Some will be pleasant to work for, while others can be more difficult. Keep in mind where you draw your lines, and how you'll respond when those who are less pleasant work their way into your customer or client base.

Take The Risks

Most people out there are unlikely to take the risks needed to make a creative career work. So many dream about their ideal career, but never gain enough courage to actually give it a shot. Life is too short to stay safe and unfulfilled, so make the effort!

Keep in mind that you have control over your creative career. You decide how much time you want to put into it as you're starting out, and whether or not you want it to become a full time job. Each step can help you to stay on the path you want to be on, so make your choices with purpose!

Have A Brand!

People recognize brands. This is something that the vast majority of us know. Consequently, creating your own brand can help people to see what you're offering, recognize and remember it. That will make it easier for word to spread, and for new customers to find your work.

In addition to that, it can also give your entire endeavor a more professional look! As you're getting started, think carefully about the image you want to present to the world, select it, and present it to the best extent you're able to. Step by step, you'll have your creative career on the right track in no time!

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