Best Tinder Bios ?(Girls Always Read Them)

by Zara Mohammed, Lifestyle Columnist

Published in Lifestyle on 26th February, 2019

I have a secret to share with you... Your Tinder Bio doesn't have to be a work of art. I know. Ground breaking. Am I right?

It might seem like there is a lot of pressure to write the best Tinder Bios, and make sure that they are 100% perfect so that you don't miss that golden opportunity to make a connection with your potential soul mate, but the simple truth is that Tinder, like anything in life, is all about trial and error. So don't be afraid to experiment, get it wrong, and try something new.

top tinder bio

There is no one rule that works indefinitely. All kinds of bios can be successful at attracting the attention of someone compatible, and that goes for funny Tinder bios, serious ones, and sizzling hot ones.

The most important thing to consider when you are creating yours is to try and be true to who you really are. You are more likely to live up to your bio IRL if it actually reflects an aspect of your true personality. This is also more likely to lead to long term dating success, depending on what you are looking to get out of Tinder.

Check out some of these Tinder Profile Tips to help you write the best Tinder profile for you.

Firsts and Lasts

This is a really useful trick that can help you to think of something relevant to put into your Tinder bio.

Simply write down a few of your first and last experiences. Here are some examples.


  • Film you watched and loved/hated
  • Book you read
  • Meal you ate
  • Person you talked to
  • Place you travelled to


  • Job you ever had
  • Album you ever bought
  • Kiss you experienced
  • Thing you do in the morning
  • Choice of food

Firsts and lasts give an interesting insight into the kind of person you are in everyday life. It's also a really easy way to fill up the space, and it gives people plenty of reference points to open up a conversation with you in the app.


About Me/About You

This is an awesome way to summarise a bit about yourself and at the same time let people know what you are looking for in a match.

Check out these examples of what you might think to include.

About Me...

  • Things you like (hobbies, food, film genres, books, animals, activities and other random stuff, like things that make you laugh)
  • Things you don't like
  • Your number one passion in life
  • What you are looking for right now on Tinder (E.g. hook-ups, friendship, relationship)
  • Your best and asset and worst flaw

About You...

  • Things you want to have in common with a person
  • Things that put you off someone
  • What you find attractive physically
  • What you find attractive personality-wise
  • How you like to be treated when dating

3 Simple Things

It can be tricky to know whether or not you are rambling on about yourself too much, to the point of being dull. When in doubt, stick to stating three concise facts about yourself.

tinder bios

Here are a few combinations to get you thinking.

Example #1

  • Something you like and why
  • Something unique that you've achieved
  • A random fact about your body (for example a freaky hidden tattoo)
  • What you find attractive personality-wise
  • How you like to be treated when dating

You can then ask a question to entice someone to message you - like asking people to guess where your hidden tattoo is.

Example #2

  • Something you hate and why
  • An embarrassing experience
  • Your favourite food

Then ask people what their favourite food is.

Example #3

  • Where you are from originally
  • What terrifies you
  • Describe your guilty pleasures

Ask people to share theirs.

Greater Than/Less Than

This is fun, visual, and kind of feels like a game that other people will probably want to join in on. All you have to do is create a list of things that could spark a potential debate and state which you think is better using a greater then or less than symbol. Don't forget to ask for feedback/thoughts!

best tinder bios

Here are some cool ideas, but try to be creative and original if you can.

  • Dog > Cat
  • Meat < Veggies
  • Movies > Books
  • Sun > Snow
  • City < Forest
  • Movies >Early Bird < Night Owl
  • Sunrise < Sunset

The Single Smartass Comment

A catchy one-liner is sure to make people smile, connect with you, or be intrigued. Take your time to think up a single sentence that feels right.

Here are a few prompts

  • A quote that resonates with you
  • A joke you find hilarious
  • Movies - A strong statement
  • A cheesy pickup line (just for laughs)
  • Three words that describe what kind of person you are, add something funny or surprising to grab people's attention!
  • Say something deep and meaningful about life, love or whatever ever else floats your boat
  • Two assets and one flaw - make it funny

Fake Reviews Profile

This is a playful way to suggest what the best aspects of your personality are. Write, using quotation marks, three personality reviews that you imagine certain people in your life would give you.

For example

  • Your boss
  • Your mum
  • Movies >Your best friend
  • Your ex
  • Your pet
  • A random stranger
  • Your old school teacher
  • Your landlord

This one works really well if you over exaggerate the compliments or make them super random or funny so that it becomes obvious that you have made them up.

tinder bio

By Day/By Night

This trick is clever because it shows that you have two sides to your personality: perhaps a professional one and one that is more risque. Don't be afraid to make one or both of them up for fun, especially if it's obvious that you have.

Here are some examples

  • Nursery School Teacher by day. Table-dancing party animal by night.
  • Serving coffee during the week. Saving the world on weekends.
  • Handsome man by day. Glamorous Lady by night.
  • Hairdresser by day. Wine connoisseur by night
  • Office clerk during the week. Photographer at weekends.

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