Benefits Of Back Exercise

by Kahlia Meeuwsen, Health Columnist

Published in Health on 1st March, 2019

When you're looking to build up strength, stop back pain or just find a way to keep a high level of mobility as you age, back exercises are absolutely key. They help to keep your whole body stronger, and can limit the amount of problems you can have with osteoarthritis and back pain due to poor posture.

With so many benefits, you're likely to find that it's really worthwhile to make sure your back is getting the exercise it needs, just like many other areas of your body. For those who like to keep it simple, some back exercise paired with regular cardio is a great way to stay in shape!

benefits of back exersises

Let's take a look at some of the benefits you can get from regular back exercise.

Benefits of Back Exercise

You can receive plenty of benefits from putting the effort into back exercises. While they are just one kind of exercise you can do, they are incredibly useful in a number of ways. The following are some excellent benefits you can receive when you focus on your back!

Your Back Connects To Many Other Muscles

Think about your spine, and the muscles required to keep your entire torso upright. Your back muscles also come with a lot of connections to your shoulders, abs, arms and much more. That means that those other areas get some work while you're focusing on your back.

Because of that, it's a worthwhile area to focus on. Finding some great back exercises can keep you looking great and feeling fantastic. It will also allow you to get more out of the rest of your workout.

A Strong Back Looks Great!

A strong, healthy back can help you to not only feel better, but look better as well. When your back is in good shape, it helps with posture, symmetry and much more. Because of that, it's also helpful for ensuring that you have a healthy core.

Consequently, it's key for those who are looking to achieve a fit form. When you pair it with exercises for abs, you'll be able to get a balanced core that allows for a slim waist and healthy curves. A strong back also makes exercises for other areas as well, allowing you to achieve an overall great look.

You'll Be More Balanced

When you're trying to get into better shape, making sure that all muscles are treated equally can help to create a more balanced form. On the other hand, if you're working every other area but avoiding work on the back, it can lead to back pain.

Through adding some regular back exercise to your workouts, you can avoid that pain and continue gaining from all aspects of your exercise routine. It's also worth keeping in mind that back exercises should be balanced as well, so make sure to target all of the areas in your back!

Better Form At The Gym

A strong back allows you to get a more effective workout overall, and the ability to do things like weightlifting more safely. When you are safe, and are able to go through your exercises in the correct ways, you'll get better results.

back exercises

That makes the back an essential part of weightlifting, yoga or other exercises that focus on building strength within all your muscles. You'll have better balance, and the ability to handle increasingly more intense workouts. Great form leads to a whole lot of strength in your other muscles, ensuring that you're in great overall shape!

Improved Posture

Have you ever tried to make yourself sit up straight when you might not normally? It can be a difficult thing to keep up, especially if your back muscles are lacking in strength. However, if you have worked on making your back stronger, it becomes easier to maintain healthy posture.

You'll experience less fatigue, and in time you may even find that your physical health allows you to keep up good posture without even having to think about it. That posture can also translate into feeling a bit more self confidence, which is always a plus!

Get Better At Sports

Back strength can be incredibly useful for just about any sport you may enjoy playing. Consequently, it's worthwhile to make sure your workout plans include some back exercises so that you can stay at the top of your game.

These back exercises are great for combining with aerobic exercise to improve muscle strength as well as endurance. Generally, you can easily do some exercises to work on muscle strengths on your own, or with some simple pieces of exercise equipment like an exercise ball. Regardless of how you choose to do it, adding muscle strength is sure to add to the sports experience.

Fight Off Back Pain

Back pain can be a common issue, especially as you grow older. Things like poor posture, low quality mattresses and other issues can result in osteoporosis and back pain in general. However, working out your back can be a great way to relieve yourself of that pain.

You can also adapt your workout to the kind of back pain you're experiencing. There are a wide range of exercises for lower back pain out there, which can help with loosening up the muscles and providing more strength. If you're unsure what kind of exercises you need for your back, make sure to ask a doctor or other health professional.

Bonuses At The Gym

The back connects to many other muscles, so in many cases you end up working other muscles as you're exercising your back. Because of this, you'll end up getting some exercise definition in other areas like your shoulders, arms, legs and more, creating a balanced experience!

This is a fantastic benefit, as you'll be able to get more from less. You'll also be able to get greater bone density and muscle mass overall, which is great for those who are interested in the bodybuilding aspects.

Improved Back Health As You Age

Many of us can find that we need the benefits of exercise more as we age. Exercise science shows that we can experience loss of muscle and bone as we get older, but working out can really limit the amount of loss you experience, allowing you to remain easily mobile for as long as possible.

back exercises for your health

Combining the added strength with some gentle cardio, such as on an exercise bike, you can stay in decent shape as you get older, which goes a long way towards avoiding serious illnesses, arthritis or other issues that can come with age and the effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

Easier Breathing

Having a strong back can also help you with breathing more effectively. This is assisted not only by your back strength, but also by the ability to hold better posture more naturally. When you're able to stand or sit upright correctly, you can get more oxygen into the body.

For those who do them, you can also get more benefit from breathing exercises when your back is strong. Due to this added oxygen, you can get an energy boost that will help you to get through the day more easily. This can make for a great alternative to extra caffeine in your diet.

A Stronger Overall Core

A strong back is a key part of having a strong core, which is key to your physical strength overall. It makes just about everything easier, from lifting weights to running or playing sports, and even kegel exercises. There are few areas more important to keep up than the core.

With so many benefits, there's no reason not to make sure you're working out your back alongside other areas. It will leave you looking and feeling better, able to breathe more deeply and without the back pain worries that you may have struggled with prior to building up a stronger back.

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