Best Skincare Ideas That Will Make You Look Irresistible

by Kahlia Meeuwsen, Lifestyle Columnist

Published in Lifestyle on 26th March, 2019

Many of us simply don't have the time or money to have an entire shelf or cabinet dedicated to skin care products for every skin issue that might pop up. In those situations, it can be helpful to know that you really don't need all that to have skin that you feel proud of.

Read on, and you'll learn about the most important aspects of skin care, what basics you actually need and what kinds of products to look for. If you're ready to expand your skin care routine, we'll also discuss some of the other tools you can make use of if you choose. Enjoy!

skin care

Why Is Skin Care Important?

Our faces are typically what the world around us sees the most. If we are struggling with things like dry skin, acne, excess oil or other skin issues, then we aren't going to be likely to want the rest of the world to see our face too often! At least not without about a mile of makeup to guard against unwanted comments or criticism.

While it can be easy to fall into the mind trap that great skin care needs to be extravagant and expensive, that actually isn't the case. You can get great results with just a few necessary products.

Looking Great

Rough-looking skin can really ruin your day. It's especially frustrating when you're trying to get done up for a night out or a date and you just can't seem to cover up the patchiness, red spots or dry skin. Ultimately, you can end up taking a pretty big hit to your self esteem.

It can be helpful to know that it really doesn't take much for most people to improve the look of their skin. With a few basic steps, you can create habits that will make it easier to look great when you really need to and allow your skin to bounce back a little easier when things like blemishes do pop up.

Feeling Great

When your skin is looking its best, you can feel your best. Imagine that instead of using piles of foundation to try to cover your skin, you can actually just use a small amount to accentuate it. You may even reach a point where you don't need to bother with that foundation at all!

There are few things that feel nicer than knowing your skin is happy and healthy. When you can step outside of your home with or without makeup, knowing you won't have to feel like you need to hide your face because of redness, flakiness or blemishes.

You're Safer

With a quality skin care routine, your skin is not only happier but also healthier. Any solid routine can really be boosted by using sunscreen on a daily basis. Even in cooler climates or those that are prone to cloudiness, you can receive skin damage from UV rays emitted by the sun.

Keep in mind that this doesn't just apply to skin cancer, though that is reason enough for many to make sure they are using their sunscreen. That damage can also result in quicker skin aging, exacerbating things like sun spots, wrinkles, fine lines and other details that keep your face from looking as fresh as possible.

What Kinds Of Skin Care Products Are Out There?

It can be so easy to get lost in all of the different skin care products on the market today. They can include things like exfoliators, cleansers, sunscreen, moisturizers, lotions and creams, serums and much much more.

However, you can typically get your skin into decent shape with just a few products. Not everyone wants to spend an hour or more tending to the skin on their face every day! Using the minimalist skin care routing we'll discuss here, you should get some great results for your skin.

What Skin Care Products Are Absolutely Necessary?

The following products are those that are absolutely key for keeping your skin looking great. We know skin care can seem like an overly complicated process, but knowing the basics is a great place to start! When you've gotten a handle on that, you can consider whether or not you want to add more to your routine.

skin products


A gentle cleanser is the starting point for any skin care routine. Typically, washing your face at least once in the evening is considered to be a good idea. For those who have oily or combination skin, washing once in the morning and once in the evening is going to be a bit more helpful.

It's also recommended that you reach for foaming cleansers that are easy on your skin. While you might think harsh products can get the job done more quickly, they can also rob your face of necessary oils and leave it too dry. It's far better to use something that allows your skin to feel soft rather than ending up with too much dryness.


Your second key product is going to be a quality moisturizer. There are a variety of moisturizers out there, and they can often vary based on your skin type. One of the misconceptions people can run into is that moisturizer may add oiliness to skin that is already too oily.

However, it's important to keep in mind that a quality moisturizer adds moisture rather than oil, which is beneficial for keeping the skin healthy. It's going to be key to find a moisturizer that adds just the right amount of hydration to your skin without causing it to fall out of balance.

What Products Are Highly Recommended?

While a cleanser and moisturizer are the absolute bare minimum for healthy skin, sunscreen is a very highly recommended addition. This is more because it's a product that helps to keep you and your skin safe from the UV rays that can add to aging and sometimes result in skin cancer.

Keeping your skin safe is an incredibly important step, so once you're ready to move past the absolute minimum, sunscreen should be your first step. Make sure to look for a quality sunscreen that will work well on your face. Often for this area, something that is at least SPF 30 is recommended.

If You Want To Take It Farther

These products are ones that aren't absolutely necessary, but are ones you may want to add into your routine once you've gotten into the habit of washing your face, using moisturizer and sunscreen on a daily basis. They can give your skin a little more of a boost if you choose to use them.


Exfoliation is a useful process that helps to remove dead skin and allow fresh new skin to grow in underneath. It's an extremely useful process, but not one that is absolutely necessary. While it's easy to think of rough scrubs and scratchy materials when you think of exfoliation, there are actually gentler ways to get the job done.


Chemical exfoliators like glycolic acids or salicylic acids are great for helping to keep the skin clean and get rid of dead skin that may be clogging up the surface. Keep in mind that some of these products can make your skin a bit more sensitive to the sun, so always have your sunscreen handy.

Spot Treatments

Spot treatments are essentially products that you can use for specific situations and areas. For example, if you have a particularly nasty blemish, you can use a spot treatment to help with getting rid of it more quickly.

These aren't products that are designed to cover your entire face, but include things like hydrocolloid bandages, benzoyl peroxide creams and more that can help with troublesome spots. These are things that are helpful to have on hand just in case a break out pops up.

Evening And Morning Routines

If you decide you want to go beyond the standard routine, you will also have options to vary your evening and morning routines. For example, products like night serums and creams can help to provide greater assistance with healing and keeping your skin healthy while you sleep. Night is also a great time to apply some spot treatments such as hydrocolloid bandages.

Typically, your morning routine should match what we've discussed earlier, but there are always some time-specific products that may be worth trying out!

Getting The Most From Your Skin

It's wise to keep in mind that the skin of each person is different. You may find that what works for a friend doesn't work for you. There can be some trial and error in finding the products that get your skin looking the best it possibly can.

On top of that, make sure that you test out any new product before applying it to your face. Even the products that claim to be the most gentle can result in negative skin reactions. Typically, testing out a small amount of the product on your arm a day or two before using it will be enough to show you whether or not it will be safe.

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