How To Earn More GTA Dollars Quickly

by Ollie Green, Gaming Columnist

Published in Gaming on 22nd March, 2018

If you're struggling to make money on GTA Online, why not check out our guide here to find out how to make more GTA Dollars as quickly as possible? We've explained the most optimal way to earn more money without spending your real cash on Shark Cards.

Having an empty bank account on GTA Online can be one of the worst problems to come across. Everything in GTA Online comes down to money. Whether you want to buy new clothes, get a new vehicle, or purchase your way into new missions or business, you'll need a lot of spare cash.

Thankfully, you can make your way to riches pretty quickly by following the steps listed in this guide.

Earn Your Way To $100,000

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The first thing you need to do is earn $100,000. Once you have this much money, you'll be able to buy your first apartment and then start completing heists. If you already have $100,000, or have an existing apartment, you can skip this step.

Wait For Job Offers

Keep an eye on your phone. Occasionally, you'll get calls from NPCs or text messages from other players that contain job invites.

Always accept these offers as soon as you get them. If you complete all of the jobs, game offers, and heist invites you get handed, you'll be able to make $100,000 within an hour or two.

The great thing about GTA Online is that all of the methods for making money are evened out. This means that whether you're doing races, completing jobs from NPCs, or taking part in heists, the amount you'll get per hour is always going to be relatively similar.

Don't Buy The Things You Don't Need

One of the biggest reasons why people run out of money in GTA Online is because they spend all of their money on the things they don't need. Make sure to only buy ammo for the weapons you use, and don't click the "buy all" ammo at the start of each mission.

You should also avoid attacking other player's vehicles - if they explode, you could be forced to pay a hefty insurance amount, sometimes up to $20,000.

Finally, try to hold off on buying new clothes and upgrades to your current gear until you've hit that $100,000 mark.

Buy An Apartment And Host Heists On Hard Difficulty

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As soon as you get that $100,000, buy the cheapest apartment on the apartment website on the internet. It will set you back $80,000.

Once you've gotten access to the apartment, wait for a call from Lester. He'll ask you to set up a heist. The initial heist setup cost will set you back another $11,500, leaving you $9,500 to pocket or spend on ammo and armor.

The initial heist is called The Fleeca Job - it can take some time to complete, but the final payout on hard mode is $143,750 - this will be split between you and another player.

Once you've completed the first heist, you should complete the other four heists. Once again, Lester will call you to invite you to each new heist.

Just wait for the call, set up the heist, and make sure you put the heist on hard mode to get the most money. After that, you can open your lobby to the public or invite friends.

The important thing is to be the host of the heist to get the biggest payout.

Below, we've created a summary of the setup costs and the payouts. You get to choose the payout, but you should stick to these numbers. This will make sure that you get the highest pay without making it unfair for your crewmates. If you take too much of their pay, they'll most likely quit.

The Fleeca Job

Setup Cost: 11,500

60% Payout: $86,250

The Humane Labs Raid

Setup Cost: $54,000

45% Payout: $303,750

The Prison Break

Setup Cost: $40,000

40% Payout: $200,000

Series A Funding

Setup Cost: $40,400

45% Payout: $227,250

The Pacific Standard Job

Setup Cost: $100,000

45% Payout: $562,500

If you complete all five hosts, which can usually be done in a weekend, you will pull in a total of $1,133,850 in profit. You may have to pay a little for armor and ammo, but you'll bring in at least a million.

You will also get an additional $1,000,000 if this is your first time completing the heist, as long as they are all in order.

If you complete all heists with the same group of friends, you'll get an additional $1,000,000 too. In total, you can make up to $3,133,850 for completing all of the heists in order with the same group of people.

If you want a challenge, you can get a huge $10,000,000 bonus if you complete all heists in order, on hard mode, with the same group of friends without dying once. It's very difficult but if you have a group of dedicated friends, it's well worth doing.

Repeat The Pacific Standard Heist

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Once you've made your initial money, the quickest way to make money in GTA Online is to repeat the Pacific Standard heist. These days, you're quite safe to join other lobbies because most players that are doing it have completed it dozens of times.

It's up to you whether you host or join other players doing the Pacific Standard Heist, but keep in mind that there are setup costs if you host it and potentially other costs if players keep dying.

You'll also only be able to host the heist every couple of hours, so you'll need to join other players whilst you are on cooldown.

If you join another player and repeat the mission, you can expect to make between $100,000 and $250,000 on average per hour.

If you find a group of four friends to do it with and alternate who hosts it, you can make up to $400,000 per hour - this is by far the best way to make money on GTA Online.


Thanks for reading through our guide on how to earn more GTA Dollars quickly. We hope this guide helps you pull in millions. If you have any questions, please let us know!

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