A Beginner's Guide To Playing The Forest (video Game)

by Kahlia Meeuwsen, Gaming Columnist

Published in Gaming on 8th April, 2019

The Forest is an extremely underrated survival horror game available for PC and the PS4. It includes some fantastic graphics where you try to survive on an island filled with cannibals and mutants.

For those who are new to this game, or are looking at trying it out, there are a few things you'll want to know! Here, we're going to cover some of the basics of the game, including finding food, gathering supplies, finding Timmy and so much more.

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While we try to stay away from any major spoilers for the game, there is information on some of the enemies you'll run into, crafting recipes and more.

Game Synopsis

After a terrifying plane crash, you find yourself stranded on a mysterious island. Aside from yourself, it doesn't appear that any other passengers have survived. However, it's unclear given that so many of them seem to be missing.

You wake up to the kidnapping of your young son, and are left with no idea where he might be. From that point on, you have to gather tools and other useful items and find a way to survive.

However, it doesn't take long before you discover you aren't as alone as you thought, and the natives of the island are odd to say the least. As you travel the island, the inhabitants around you will become more and more frightening, and it's up to you to find Timmy and uncover the secrets of the island.

From crafting unique tools to building homes, zip lines and much more, there's a lot to learn and many ways to make your way through the story. No matter what route you choose, you'd best be prepared to face some truly frightening creatures, cannibals and even dangerous animals in The Forest.

The Basics

These are some of the initial aspects you'll want to make sure you're on top of when you're first starting out. The Forest does make sure that you have plenty of supplies to begin with, unless you're playing on an extremely hard mode. Here are some important basics to consider!

Gathering Supplies

Supplies are key to your survival in the game, so you'll want to make sure you're gathering and storing as many of them as you can. Even those that seem useless will likely have a purpose as you get a little farther into the crafting and building processes.


Among the luggage you'll find in various areas all over the island, you'll find things like candy bars and sodas. Early in the game, you'll want to stock up on these things as much as possible to last you until you've gotten the hunting aspects figured out.

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In addition to this, you'll likely also find booze. Booze can be used in place of other beverages, but it will have a negative effect on your stamina. Instead, combine it with cloth to create molotov cocktails!


Your initial health items will be in the form of meds, which you'll typically find in luggage. While it can sometimes seem like there is a nearly unlimited amount of these items, you'll be likely to see them diminish as you open up all of the luggage available on the island.

Because of this, it's a good idea to be quite cautious and use them sparingly. Once you have the chance to gather other materials from the island, you'll be able to make some other health combinations. In addition, keeping yourself full of food and water can allow you to heal slowly.

Crafting Materials

In addition to food and health items, you'll need to start gathering things that you can use for crafting. Items like sticks, rocks, logs, cloth, feathers and other similar kinds of items may seem unimportant while you're starting, but you'll find that you need a lot of them once you get building.

Building Your Shelter

Shelter is one of the key aspects for your survival in this game. It allows you a place to sleep through the night and save your game. Keep in mind that saving is especially important in single player games, as death will mean you have to restart from the last save point.

Building Basic Shelters

Your survival book will provide you with a number of pre-built shelters. These are easier to build, quicker and can provide you with a quick place to sleep. You'll find that these options also range from a temporary shelter made of sticks and leaves all the way to a small cottage.

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These shelters are a fantastic option early on in the game. You can choose to use them for the entirety of the game if you want, but some may find that they would like a bit more space, or at least the ability to be more creative.

Building Custom Shelters

In addition to those pre-made shelters, you can also create your own custom shelters using things like custom walls, floors, roofs and foundations. This system allows you to design a home that is all your own. Depending on what you want, you can make anything from a small shack to a large mansion.

A couple of notes worth keeping in mind is that it's a good idea to place a foundation before you get to building your house. That way, you won't have a problem with grass growing through the flooring. Furthermore, keep in mind that the more you build, the more trees you use!

Hunting And Gathering

As you may expect when you're stranded on an island, you will need to hunt and gather your own food. The snacks and sodas you find in luggage early on in the game will only last you so long. The good news is, plants and animals abound in The Forest, you'll just need to know how to obtain them!


As you can expect from a forest, there are a variety of different plants that you can gather for different purposes. Things like leaves and sticks help with building. Furthermore, there are different kinds of berries you can gather, but be careful about which ones you eat!

You'll also find flowers like the cone flower, marigold and more. In addition, there are aloe plants that you'll find useful for health mixes and more. When you gather seeds for these plants, you can also grow them in your own little gardens in order to have everything you need.


In the forest, there are deer, rabbits, boars, lizards and fish that you can hunt for your own purposes. Not only do they provide a source of food, but you can also use the skins of lizards, rabbits, boars and deer for various purposes including things like building furniture, creating armor and making bags for various items like sticks, rocks and water.

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You can also set up traps to capture these animals even when you aren't actively hunting them. Some animals, like rabbits, can be kept in cages at your camp as a source of food and fur.

Helpful Tips

Knowing Your Enemies

You certainly won't be alone in The Forest, so you'll need to have a basic understanding of the enemies you may run into. The following are the enemies you'll run into on the island, and a few small tips about how to deal with them.


One of the first enemy types you'll run into are standard cannibals. These beings essentially appear human, but they behave in irrational ways, including running on all fours, following you and doing some horrific things with your fellow plane passengers.

The good news is that early on, they aren't particularly strong. It's also worth knowing that they cannot swim. So if you're having a hard time with them, head out into the deeper water and they won't be able to follow you. If you can build a boat to shoot arrows from, that's going to be even better!


Once you get a few days in, you'll find that there are some creatures much more frightening than the cannibals. Mutants like the Armsy, Virginia and Cow Man will begin to show up around the island, often moving in on wherever you are building or gathering.

Keep in mind that these creatures are stronger and faster than the typical cannibals, and they often roam in packs, especially later in the game. That said, they do have weaknesses you can exploit, such as the inability to swim, and in some cases a lack of intelligence. Once you find those weaknesses, you'll then be able to gather weird armor from the remaining bodies.

Dangerous Animals

When it comes to predators, The Forest does contain more than just the cannibals and mutants. You'll also find dangerous creatures like crocodiles, sharks and even boars. Boars are probably the least dangerous, but they will get upset when you hit them with an arrow or other weapon, causing them to charge you.

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Crocodiles can take some dangerous bites, but they are also rather slow outside of the water. Typically, standing on a rock is enough to keep them from reaching you. Sharks are likely the most dangerous and tend to show up in the deeper waters, so be careful while swimming!

Understanding The Environment

The environment around you will effect your health, the animals you run into and your access to resources. Consequently, it's going to be important to know a few basic things about them. That way, you can use the land and weather to the best of your abilities.


There aren't many extreme biomes in The Forest, like you'll find in similar kinds of games like 7 Days To Die or even Minecraft. However, there are forested areas, snowy areas, beaches and areas that seem a little more like a savanna.

Within these different biomes, you'll be more likely to find different kinds of animals. In the forested areas, rabbits, deer and lizards are quite common. Meanwhile, when you travel into the area more like a savanna, you'll find creatures like crocodiles and boars. Knowing where to find different animals is key!


As you're making your way around the island, you'll also need to keep an eye on the weather patterns and climates. In cold areas, you can wind up with hypothermia, which will slowly bring down your character's health. This is true whether you're in a snowy biome or simply out in the rain.

In order to keep yourself warm, you'll want to be able to make a fire. Different types of clothing can also serve to keep you warmer. One example of this is the warmsuit that you can craft using the skins of various animals.

Using Your Resources

Arming Yourself

When you begin the game, you'll have the clothes on your back, an axe and anything you can gather. Beyond that, you'll need to craft your own weapons and armor. Below, we'll discuss some of the armor and weapon options you'll have, so that you'll be set to protect yourself efficiently!


The initial weapon you'll receive is the axe, which works as both a tool and a weapon. However, it's not far into the game that you can start making some other basic weapons, such as the weak spear, bows and arrows and a slingshot.

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Using these tools, you'll be able to kill animals and enemies more easily, which is going to give you an easier time defending yourself, gathering skins and food. Throughout the game, you'll be able to make or obtain improved weapons that help you get farther into the story. Searching for these weapons will help you as you look for your lost son, Timmy.


Armor is also incredibly useful as you take on the various enemies in the game. You'll also have a number of options, depending on the results you're seeking to achieve. Among these are bone armor, stealth armor and weird armor.

As the name describes, stealth armor will help to make you more stealthy. It can be gathered using lizard skins and leaves. You can use basic lizard skin armor, or bone armor to gain greater defense. If you're looking for the best possible defense, you can gain weird armor from the mutants you defeat.

Useful Crafting Combinations

As you're getting started in your survival on the island, there are some initial crafting combinations that you'll want to know. We aren't going to give away too many, as you'll need some challenge in the game!

However, some of the initial combinations you'll need are sticks, rocks and leaves for your basic fire, sticks and leaves for a temporary shelter, and a couple of useful weapons. You can easily combine two sticks to create a weak spear, which is useful for a wide range of animals. In addition, a club can be made by simply combining a skull and a stick.

Finding The Ideal Home

For many, there is a desire to build a home in a location where you won't be frequently bothered by cannibals and mutants. Depending on the level of safety you want, there are plenty of options on the island to suit your needs.

If you want a home that is absolutely safe, building on an island or using a house boat is your best bet. However, many choose to build on the island itself, but on areas near water and ideally farther away from the villages. You also have the option of building tree houses if you choose!

Following The Story

Your goal in this game isn't just to survive, although that is certainly a big part of it! You'll also need to look for Timmy and discover the secrets of the island. This is going to include finding some key locations and items as you get to the bottom of where your lost son has been taken.

Locating Important Items

Throughout the island, you'll find keys, locations and other items that are designed to lead you through the story. Keep in mind that to really get to the bottom of things, you'll really need some quality weapons, plenty of armor and a mind for puzzles.

Remember the clues and tools that you come across, including caves, locked doors, pictures and notes you might find in various areas. In your travels, you'll likely find that there is much more beneath the surface of this island than you might have expected, and it's up to you to solve the island mysteries.

Finding Timmy

Early on in the game, you'll experience the kidnapping of your son, Timmy. The driving conflict behind the plot is that you need to find Timmy. This isn't going to be as easy as you might initially think, given the idea that these are just some simple, although frightening, villagers.

Your ultimate goal will be to reach the bottom of the sinkhole. However, this is a daunting task. You'll want to make sure you are plenty prepared and ready to face some seriously intense enemies. Once you've reached him, you'll find that there is a choice to be made.

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