Feng Shui Bagua Map Basics (Feng Shui House)

by Zara Mohammed, Lifestyle Columnist

Published in Lifestyle on 18th April, 2019

What Is The Feng Shui Bagua?

The Feng Shui Bagua is an energy map, and you can use it to define the bagua, or the layout of energy within your home, so that you can successfully apply and benefit from feng shui to your space.

Bagua translated from Chinese literally means "8 areas" and therefore the map is divided into 8 sections, not including the central area, which you place over your space to help define the energy in each area of your space.

feng shui

There are two feng shui bagua schools, or ways of applying the main principles, and this can cause some confusion. These schools include the classical school, and the western school.

It is recommended to first learn both methods and then decide which one feels most natural to you, and apply that one to your home, rather than try to apply both at the same time, which can not only to lots of confusion, but also a weaker result.

The Classical Bagua Vs. The BTB/Western Bagua

The classical bagua is the traditional method in which to define the feng shui map of your home or your office, and to apply it you will first have to take a compass reading of your front door.

The western bagua consists of the same areas as the classical feng shui school bagua map, the difference being that a compass reading is not required. Instead you must align the bottom of the grid with the wall that your front door has been placed on.

Feng Shui Bagua And Complicated Space Layouts

When you are first introduced to the feng shui bagua map it is easy to get flustered when you realise that it doesn't fit perfectly to the shape of the space within your home or your office.

The Bagua map is square, and often our homes or offices are odd shapes. But don't worry, keep reading to find out how to better understand how to apply the bagua map to your spaces and account for awkward spaces.

Missing Spaces

When you place the bagua map over a drawn map of your space, if your space is not perfectly square or rectangle, you may be confused and not understand what the missing spaces mean.

This can be quite disconcerting if your home or office is a L-shape and significant areas of the bagua map are not included as part of your space.

feng shui missing spaces

It may feel as though your space is incomplete or that there is weak energy if there are too many missing bagua areas, but there are feng shui solutions for specific missing areas. These require an understanding of the 5 feng shui elements in order to create harmony and balance.

Bagua Extensions

You may find that you have areas of your space that are located on the outside of the bagua map, for example if you have an extension or outbuilding. But don't worry, as these can also be resolved with feng shui solutions, which will aim to soften the projecting energy imbalance.

Two-Level House

Defining the bagua of a space that is split into two or more levels may seem confusing or daunting, but it is important to note that it is the main floor that most greatly influences the energy flow of the whole space. Therefore it is best to start by defining the bagua on the main floor first.

To define the feng shui bagua of the whole space, including all of the levels, you must work with the floor plan of each level separately. This allows for more accuracy. You should also work with the same style for consistency, e.g. classical or western.

Your Garden

While you use the same principles to define the feng shui bagua of your garden as you do your home or your office, it should be noted that this outside space should be treated separately and not as part of the bagua map you have created for your home.

feng shui your garden

Temporary Spaces

Some people don't live with fixed living or working spaces as they travel or work and live in changing environments. You might wonder if it is possible to use the feng shui bagua map with this kind of lifestyle, and the answer is yes, but only to a certain extent.

It can be a challenge to control the energy of spaces that are temporary, but you do have the power to pay attention to the basic feng shui of cleanliness.

You can also use familiar objects that you may be able to bring with you to these spaces in order to improve the feng shui there, for example figurines and other decorative things.

Another solution might be to focus on your individual feng shui through the use of cleanliness and personal adornments on your own body.

Feng Shui Bagua Tips To Help Improve Your Life

The key function of the feng shui bagua map is to define the locations in your space that relate to the different areas of your life, so that you can consciously improve those areas in order to invite a better energy flow into and through them, therefore encouraging improvement in those areas of your life - for example love, health or career.

Here are some helpful tips that you can apply to the feng shui bagua of your spaces in order to invite better energy flow in your life.

North: Career

Use water and metal elements to enhance the energy flow in the northern areas of your feng shui bagua map. This is because water is the element for the north area, and metal is the feng shui element that nourishes the water. Here are some practical ideas:

feng shui north
  • A Large Mirror - It is preferable to choose a large oval or round mirror with a metal frame. Shapes are significant in expressing the energy of feng shui elements. The mirror should be big enough to offer a significant focal point.
  • Black & White Images - Use art or photography of the people you look up to who relate to your current or aspiring career. Ensure that these images have a strong presence in the room by allowing plenty of clear space to surround them, and make sure that the images are not too small.
  • A Water Feature - Choose something prominent and pleasing, and give it it's own space to shine.
  • Lights - You can use lights to improve the feng shui in any bagua area. Just ensure that they harmonise well with the surroundings.
  • Use Blue - Anything that depicts the deep blue of the sky or ocean works well here. You might choose a large wall mural, or you might like to paint the walls in a block blue tone colour.

North-East: Spirituality & Personal Growth

Focus on fire and earth elements when decorating this space in order to create and strengthen the feng shui energy. Work with colours or specific symbolic imagery to help bring attention to these elements, for example a painting or photograph of a mountain.

East: Health & Family

Wood, water and earth elements can be used in the decor of eastern spaces. Maybe choose a focal wall to paint in a colour that corresponds to and is symbolic of the earth. Hang a large mirror to symbolise water. Decorate with luscious green plants to represent wood.

South-East: Wealth & Abundance

Water, wood and earth are great elements to express the feng shui energy for southeast areas in your space. You should be mindful of representing the energy of prosperity in all of your feng shui cures in this space as it is an area connected to the flow of wealth and abundance.

Think about placing a mirror with a gold frame, for example, and choose warm earthy colours for your furnishings.

South: Fame & Reputation

Fire and wood are the elements to be considered for the decor of the southern area of your bagua map. Go all in and paint your south wall red. Throw some fire-toned cushions on your sofa or bed. Or accentuate a fireplace as the focal point of the space to draw attention to these elements.

South-West: Love & Marriage

Fire and Earth are the elements connected to the energy of love and marriage. Don't forget to choose symbols in your decor that speak of all the things that you value in your relationships - Love, trust, safety, and comfort.


West: Creativity & Children

Consider earth and metal as the focus of decor elements for your western spaces. Clean colours such as white and grey make a great colour scheme, and images that suggest of the vibrant energy and innocence of children and creativity are perfect.

North-West: Helpful People & Blessings

Earth and metal elements can be used to enhance these areas, which nourish the energy of the helpful people in your life. Your decor should express notions of gratitude.

I hope these tips have been useful and that you now have a better basic understanding of the feng shui bagua map and how it is used to organise and enhance the energy flow in your home and office spaces.

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