Fantastic Abstract Painting Ideas For When You're In A Rut

by Kahlia Meeuwsen, Entertainment Columnist

Published in Entertainment on 24th April, 2019

If you've been stuck creating the same kinds of paintings for a while, you may start to find that your creativity is starting to burn out. When that's the case, it's time to change things up to get the creative juices flowing.

The ideas we've listed here are sure to spark your interest in something new, or at least something you may not have thought of before. From simple things like changing up the color to trying new painting styles and surfaces, you're sure to find something here that you want to try out.

abstract paintings

Emotional Artwork

Choosing colors and making movements that are empowered by your own emotions, you can use paint as a method of releasing them into the world. What makes this an accessible method of painting is that there are really no rules for doing it. It's simply a matter of letting your emotions lead you through the process.

Play With Animals

Bringing some animals into your abstract art can create some really cool results. Typically, this would require starting with at least the basic form of a realistic animal and then combining that with abstract colors and concepts. Remember that there is no way to really do this poorly, and you can make the animal as realistic or basic as you want.

Experience Some Gold Leaf

Gold leaf is something that can bring life to just about any painting you may be working on. You can also combine it with some other abstract ideas like mixing paint on the canvas or using shapes. These leaves will add some life into your work, making it stand out more than it might have otherwise. Make sure to try some out the next time you're painting!

gold leaf

Try Dots

Something as simple as a series of dots on your canvas can result in something very unique by the time you're finished. Don't be afraid to mix up your colors a bit, and spread the dots out however you want. Adding in some colors that contrast one another will help in creating a fantastic finished product. Just be prepared for a messy working space!

Paint On Wood

The surface you use to paint on can also make a large difference in the completed work. While most people paint on things like canvas or paper, you can also explore with using surfaces such as wood to create more texture and life. The more creativity you can put into your surface and color choices, the more interesting the final piece will be!

Mix Up Some Styles

It can be beneficial to combine some of the styles you're most interested in to create a new look. For example, you can look at choices like expressionism and cubism and decide to add both into a project. There are a wide number of styles that this can be done with. Just make sure to plan a little and have an idea about how you want to meld the different styles together before you get started.

Tape Shapes

You can really create some interesting designs when you place tape at random on a canvas and paint around it. When doing this, you can end up with some interesting patterns that are sure to look great on your wall. It's a fun way to experiment when you don't have a clear image of what you want to paint.

Adding Tissue Paper

Adding some 3D aspects to your painting can be a great way to make abstract works pop. You can easily use colored tissue paper as flowers, leaves and other details that you want viewers to pay special attention to. Additionally, cutting up the tissue paper into unique shapes can give you more of a challenge to use them in interesting ways.

Tinker With Textures

Aside from using different colors, you can also play with different textures. This can create more depth in your pieces, and draw the eye to various areas. Play with a few different tools to find out what the textures look like when you've placed them on the canvas. You might just find a new way to use something that normally seems mundane.

abstract paint

Using Stencils

Trying out some art stencils can be a fun way to create shapes in entirely new ways. Remember that there are no rules saying that you need to place things in certain ways. Place as many different shapes and colors as you want, wherever you want them. Only practice will allow you to learn the best ways to layer the images to get the results you want.

Try Some Stamps

Paint stamps can be a fun way to create art. You can use them by themselves, settle them into a background or use each unique stamp to create different parts of an image. It's really just a matter of exploring with them a bit in order to decide the best way to use them to create a masterpiece. Don't be afraid to mix up your color options too!

Changing Up Your Views

Imagine a world that where there are fewer boundaries. The ocean flows seamlessly into sand, into grass and flowers, or something like mountains reaching into the sky with little to separate the two. The idea here is to provide the sense of an environment without actually creating strong lines or getting into the details of the space.

Using Meditation

Art can not only be enjoyable for the sake of fun and creativity, but it can also be hugely therapeutic. While doing this, you can listen to meditative sounds or music, or enjoy a guided meditation. Choose the colors that fit your mood the most and simply allow them to evolve on the canvas as you get into a deeper meditative state.

Engaging Fabric

Another surface you can play with instead of using canvas is fabric. All you have to do is prep the fabric with a little bit of ironing, and then get ready to create using your acrylic or oil paints. What makes this an interesting surface is that you'll have access to a huge variety of colors, which you can use to create just the perfect touch.


Play With Shades

Each color has a number of unique shades that you can create and play with on a single canvas. Depending on the color you choose, you may bring up a variety of different tones and atmospheres. Playing with where you place each shade can also change up the feeling of the finished product. You never know what you might end up with!

Mixing Color

Something worth trying is taking a few colors you like and mixing them up right on the surface you're working on. The mixing doesn't have to be complete. In some cases, you may just want to paint one color over the other. This can be a fun way to play with colors that suit your mood, and give you ideas about the kinds of combinations you can create.

Trying Out A Roller Brush

Roller brushes simply help with creating different textures that you can add into your works. They are also great for covering larger surfaces, which is great when you want something to work as your background. When you want lined patterns in your art, these tools can be great ones to go with, and they take very little time to get the job done.

Adjust Reality

One of the fantastic aspects of abstract painting is that it may look like nothing but a bunch of color blotches up close, but from far away it can create the most unique of environments. Think about a snapshot of reality, either in your mind, from an old picture or by taking a walk around your neighborhood, and see if you can recreate it in an abstract way.

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