Small YouTuber Makes $1000 With PointsPrizes Referrals

Small YouTuber Makes $1000 With PointsPrizes Referrals

by Mark Kempton

Published on 20th February, 2017 at 16:00 PM

When Mighy Saleh first started on the PointsPrizes referral program, he had grown his channel to just over 5,000 subscribers, but he was still a very small player.

This took a few months of slowly building up his channel with gameplay videos and entertaining commentary. In fact, his channel was fairly typical of many smaller gaming channels on YouTube.

This was earning him a small income from Google Adsense, but certainly less than $10 per video.

Then he went viral, with a PointsPrizes referral video. His channel exploded with 300,000 views, quickly adding 10,000 new subscribers:

How Did He Achieve This Success On YouTube?

Most YouTubers are led to believe that top YouTubers like Casey Neistat achieved their success, purely through their persistence in making good quality videos. However, the truth is that it doesn't matter how good your videos are, if they don't reach the right audience.

Following our guidance, Mighty Saleh targeted certain keywords and niches that we knew would perform well for his audience. Our team has decades of practical experience in social media and SEO, that usually only top YouTubers can afford access to.

We were able to help him bring his natural charisma and talent to a much larger audience.

How Much Has He Earned From PointsPrizes?

Here's another thing that many small YouTubers don't realise.

Unless you command millions of subscribers, the best way to monetize your channel is actually with paid promotions. Influence is a commodity and many companies, including PointsPrizes, will pay for your endorsements - or even just referral links - in your video's description.

In our case we actually prefer working with smaller YouTubers. Some with just a few hundred subscribers. Getting started with PointsPrizes is easy, just create an account and then visit the "Referral Links" section to create your referral link.

Having placed one of our referral links at the top of his video's description, very quickly Mighty Saleh's viewers started signing up to PointsPrizes:

pointsprizes proof

Since then he has enjoyed a continual stream of residual income, as a result of his referral links, earning over $1000 from just a handful of videos, in addition to his Google Adsense earnings:

pointsprizes proof

Not only can he afford to fund real giveaways, but he can now profit from them too!

But Isn't Paid Promotion Against YouTube's Terms Of Service?

YouTube are deliberately vague about what is allowed in terms of paid promotional material on their platform. That is understandable, since ultimately they want to reserve the right to say no to material they feel is objectionable.

However, the truth is that even the biggest YouTubers are promoting products and including referral links in their video descriptions. Provided you disclose your interests by checking that "Paid Promotion" checkbox in your video's settings, and act responsibly, you will be fine.

Please note, you will also need a history of at least a few non-promotional videos before you start uploading promotional content, since YouTube delete channels that are purely for spam.


We hope this helps you understand a bit more about paid promotion. It's true that even some very small YouTubers are earning big money by making smart monetization decisions, that also support their channel growth.

Update: Mighty Saleh has now earned over $1,500 with PointsPrizes referrals. And with more videos the speed that he earns referral points has also increased.

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