Love Tattoos Ideas (Meaningful Tattoos)

by Zara Mohammed, Relationships Columnist

Published in Relationships on 30th April, 2019

What Is A Love Tattoo?

Love is a great theme to inspire a tattoo idea. Love is connected to so many emotions, people, moments and places, and a tattoo is a great way to celebrate something that is important to you in a symbolic and meaningful way.

A love tattoo is a permanent reminder of that thing, person or animal you love, and it can offer a great story to tell anyone who admires it.


How To Choose The Right Love Tattoo For You

There are an infinite number of ideas for love tattoo designs and concepts, and this is because beauty, meaning, and love looks and feels different to every individual, and so the ideas are endless.

Choosing a tattoo is a big deal for many people, as it is a decision to permanently mark your body with an image.

It is of course important to consider carefully not only what design you like, but also where on your body is the best place for it, and also whether this is a tattoo that you are going to be happy living with for the rest of your life in the particular place that you choose for it.

Here are some of the things you might want to consider whilst thinking about your love tattoo design options:

  • WHY A Love Tattoo? If the love tattoo is symbolic of a person you are romantically involved with, have you considered how you will feel about the tattoo if your relationship with this person doesn't work out?

    Many people have names or symbols as tattoos that represent a past love, and they feel comfortable with that because their tattoos are a bit like a map of their journey through life, and even though a person they loved may not be in their life anymore, the memory of them still contributes to that person's life story and experiences. Consider why you are getting this tattoo.

    heart tattoo

    Is it a declaration of your love for someone, or is it a personal memento for yourself? It is always a good idea to base your motivation for getting a tattoo on your own feelings and desires rather than for anyone else's feelings or desires.

  • WHAT Is The Design? Sometimes it is a sensible idea to choose a design that is more abstract than literal. If you have a tattoo of a person's name or even a portrait of their face, that restricts the meaning of that tattoo over time. Whereas if you choose a design that is more symbolic then as time goes by you may find that the meaning for that tattoo evolves with you as you grow as, which can be a beautiful thing, and ensures that your tattoo stays relevant to you.
  • WHERE On Your Body? The final important thing to consider is where on your body you want your love tattoo to be drawn. Many people to have tattoos drawn in a place on their body that is both versatile and discrete.

    love tattoos

    This doesn't mean that your tattoo has to be small or insignificant if you are attracted to larger, more statement-type designs. I know people for example who have enormous tattoos on their backs, but this is actually quite a discrete place on your body because most of the time the tattoo is easily hidden with clothing, and this is important if you need to look appropriate perhaps for work.

    Depending on where on your back the tattoo is placed it can also be very versatile. For example, women often opt to have their tattoos on the lower back, which means they can conceal it or reveal it depending on what length top they wear. You can think about these considerations in relation to any part of the body.

What To Include In The Design Of Your Love Tattoo

There are so many designs to choose from that it may be overwhelming. Sometimes it can make it easier if you first thing about the sentiment your want your tattoo to have. Here are some ideas to inspire you.


If you are looking to express the passion you feel for someone, something red with fire that represents the heat of love and desire may appeal to you. Flames can be incorporated into any design to give it that extra hot vibe.

passion tattoo

Eternal Love

If you want to express everlasting love you might like the idea of incorporating an infinity symbol in your chosen design, or perhaps skulls and roses if that is more your style, to suggest that your love extends beyond the death and decay or mortality.

skull and roses tattoo

Soaring Love

Freedom or feeling like you are flying high may inspire images of birds. The dove is a popular bird symbol for love.

love tattoos

Sentimental Love

Cherubs and angel wings can be suggestive of the kind of nurturing love you feel for someone, perhaps someone you want to protect and make feel warm and safe.

sentimental tattoo

Lover's Names

If you want to include a person's name in the design of your love tattoo, there are some very effective ways that script can be hidden within the drawing and patterns if you prefer something a bit more private and discrete.

name tattoo

Handwriting or script fonts cant be entwined with vines or trace the lines and shapes of the images you have chosen. Alternatively you can choose a name or word especially for that person that isn't their actual name, but a pet name, which reminds you of them.

Matching Tattoos

A popular thing for couples to do is to get tattoos that either match or are related to one another. For example one person may get a heart with a key and the other person will get a heart with a padlock, and obviously together they represent one person having the key to the other person's heart.

anchor tattoo

You should take you time and look at lots of different designs before you decide on your love tattoo. A love tattoo is a unique and special thing and it deserves being thought about carefully, until you make the right choice. Don't worry you will know when you have found the right design. It's just a gut feeling. You will see it and think - yes, that's the one!

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