Top 7 Ipad Art Apps To Be Creative

by Liberty Stembridge, Lifestyle Columnist

Published in Lifestyle and Money on 23rd May, 2019


Procreate is one of the most popular apps for artists on the ipad pro, in fact many buy the ipad pro specifically to use procreate.

As one of the best drawing apps on the market for apple product users, this amazing little app looks sleek and easy to use at first glance, but once you dive a little deeper, you can begin to understand what a powerful tool it really is.


With an intuitive design that doesn't take long to learn, procreate allows you to draw with a huge range of pre-loaded brushes, adjust settings such as opacity, noise, size, streamline, jitter, pressure and much much more.

When paired with the apple pencil, procreate is one of the most powerful pieces of digital drawing software out there, allowing you to create large, detailed and impressive works of art from your ipad.

Affinity Designer

For the graphic designers and other vector-based artists wishing they could work easily from anywhere they want, affinity designer holds the answer to all of your prayers.

Serif's Affinity Designer and Photo are touted as affordable alternatives to the industry-standard adobe software.

At around $30 one off fee affinity designer is much more affordable than the typical adobe subscription, but that doesn't mean it should be underestimated. Many designers are now switching from adobe to affinity, in favour of a less expensive but just as powerful application.

With advanced vector software and editing, you can create incredible designs both on your computer and using the ipad pro.

Luma Fusion

For anyone who's interested in making high-quality videos without dropping half their savings on Adobes Premiere Pro or Apple's Final Cut Pro, Luma Fusion offers an affordable, yet powerful alternative.

luma fusion

You can edit high-quality videos with three video tracks and an additional three audio tracks, with all the basic functions such as trim, resize and position plus much more.

You get all of this for the price of $19.99, which is pretty impressive. The only downside to consider is that the software is powerful, and therefore may come with a bit of a steep learning curve.


If you're looking for entertainment, inspiration or even just a break from drawing, Texture has your back. Nicknamed, "Netflix for Magazines" Texture offers a large selection of monthly magazines that you can pursue to your heart's content.

With everything from design, art, interiors, gardening, science, politics and much more, Texture has something for everyone and is sure to inspire and enlighten you.


Adobe's Lightroom software is now available for free on the ipad pro, allowing you to edit, manipulate and export high-quality photography with ease from bed.


For professional photographers, using Lightroom on the Ipad allows you to easily edit photos on the go without having to compromise on the quality of your images.

You can do a large chunk of what you would be able to do on lightroom for desktop in the app version, with the added benefit of being able to use the apple pencil to manipulate your editing.


Have you ever wanted to be able to quickly and easily make your own fonts, or digitise your own handwriting without having to spend hours in illustrator tracing lines.

With iFontmaker you can do exactly that by drawing the shape of each letter with the apple pencil and then fine tuning to get the exact look you want. Once you've finished you have a fully working font to use on your ipad, computer or any other piece of software.


If you're not familiar with illustrator, but still want to be able to make your own logos and graphic art, Assembly is the solution for you. Rather than sit down and draw out every separate element, you can choose from a huge database of ready-to-use shapes and characters to create your own logo, business card or character.


Assembly is great for anyone who just wants to have a bit of fun, but doesn't want to spend hours trying to learn the ins and out of industry standard software.

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