Turning Sleep Into A Game With Pokemon Sleep (New Pokemon Game)

by Kahlia Meeuwsen, Gaming Columnist

Published in Gaming on 13th June, 2019

Who doesn't love Pokemon? They're adorable, fun to collect, and they can bring some exciting aspects to the rest of your life. Many of us have been enjoying the games in this franchise for over 20 years, showing that it's more than just a trend for children.

With the release of Pokemon Go, more people discovered the fun of getting out and going for walks to hatch eggs, level up their partners and catch new Pokemon. Now, the creators seek to accomplish a similar feat with regard to sleep in the creation of the new Pokemon app, Pokemon Sleep.

pokemon sleep game

Read on to learn about what this app can do for you!

What Is Pokemon Sleep?

Pokemon sleep is the latest app designed to work alongside the well known Pokemon Go. As a game that revolutionized the idea of turning getting out and walking into a game, it only makes sense that the creators would use that success to develop additions to turn other healthy habits into games as well.

This is where the concept of Pokemon Sleep comes from. Just as getting exercise is important for our health, so is sleep. With the help of Pokemon Sleep, you'll be able to turn a good night's sleep into an opportunity to receive special rewards in your Pokemon Go game.

At this point, not all of the information available for this app has been released. Because of that, we don't know what kinds of rewards the app might allow for in Pokemon Go, but we can certainly speculate based on the kinds of items that are useful in the original Pokemon Go game.

How Will The App Work?

Using the Pokemon Sleep app will require the use of the Pokemon Go Plus +. This is a peripheral device that you'll be able to wear while you sleep. Over the night, it will send information to your Pokemon Go, allowing you those fantastic rewards for getting the rest you need.

pokemon go sleep

Over time, the peripheral will learn about your sleep patterns. In this way, it's much like a smart watch or other sleep-monitoring device. Using an accelerometer embedded within the device, it will be able to tell when you're sleeping well, when you're tossing and turning and when you're awake.

Furthermore, you can use the Pokemon Go Plus + during the day in the same way that you'd use your Pokemon Go Plus. The only difference is that the new peripheral will have the ability to track your sleep, be worn easily at night and will have a new, flatter design.

What Is The Pokemon Plus +?

The Pokemon Go Plus + is going to be a brand new device that adds a lot of functionality to the idea of the Pokemon Go Plus. Essentially, you can think of this as Pokemon Go Plus, version 2. It does everything the original Pokemon Go Plus can do, and adds more on top of that.

With a slick, flattened design, this device is easy to wear while you sleep. At that time, it will keep track of all of your sleep habits, much like a smart watch. It will then send the information that it picks up to Pokemon Go on your phone.

Using this, you'll not only get rewards when you sleep well, but you'll also be able to take a look at what's going on when you are having trouble sleeping, and get a sense for your sleep hygiene overall. That can be a useful starting point for those who have regular issues with getting enough sleep.

What Benefits Can You Receive From Pokemon Sleep?

Healthy sleep is something we all need. However, many people can have problems with getting to sleep or staying asleep. Because of this, sleep-tracking devices are often used to help people to learn about their sleep habits and gain a starting point to understanding how to fix them.

pokemon sleep

For those who struggle with sleep, this tool is a great way to track your sleep while still having fun. It turns sleep into a game, allowing you rewards for any improvements you make when it comes to sleeping. As a result, it makes the process of getting better sleep much more fun.

This can also be a benefit for those who have children who can be difficult to get into bed at night. If they know they're going to get rewards in Pokemon Go for sleeping, then you may start to find that they want to go to bed early rather than putting up a fight.

When Will Pokemon Sleep Be Released?

At this point in time, there isn't an exact date for when Pokemon Sleep is set to be released. Creators have announced that it's set to come out at some point in 2020. That's sure to give you plenty of time to save up for the new Pokemon Go peripheral device.

In the mean time, Pokemon fans can continue to enjoy updates on both Pokemon Sleep and the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield games. There's so much to look forward to in the upcoming months!

Is The App Worth Using?

Ultimately, this is going to be up to you to decide. The usefulness of Pokemon Sleep and the Pokemon Go Plus + can really depend on your personal lifestyle. At a minimum, it provides rewards for the sleep you're already getting, but for those who struggle with sleep it can be even more helpful.

For those who already enjoy games, turning good habits into gaming experiences can be incredibly helpful. It provides motivation that allows people to receive benefits much more quickly than they might otherwise, helping them to maintain motivation for creating new habits. Additionally, it's a great tool for helping to get children motivated for sleep.

When you're sleeping well, the positive results will ripple out into the rest of your life. Good sleep can leave you feeling better overall, and you're likely to find that other aspects of your life become much easier to get through.

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