Most Beautiful Places In The US To Camp

by Kahlia Meeuwsen, Lifestyle Columnist

Published in Lifestyle and Entertainment on 19th June, 2019

Camping is a fantastic way to get away from the stress of modern life and get in touch with nature. Whether you prefer to head to the mountains, coast or desert, there are campgrounds that can suit your needs perfectly.

These campgrounds rest all over the United States, and they are well known for gorgeous views, majestic wildlife, and plenty of activities for you to enjoy. Not only that, but we've covered parks in a number of different states, so you'll be able to find one of the best places in the United States for camping no matter which state you call home.

camping in the us

Joshua Trees National Park, CA

If you're a fan of the desert, then you're going to love the Joshua Trees National Park. It combines the unique environments of the Colorado and Mojave deserts, allowing you to get a good look at unique wildlife and plants and clear, beautiful night skies. You'll also have 8 different campgrounds to choose from!

Great Smoky Mountains National Park, NC

This is a fantastic place for enjoying some forest scenery and even watching some black bears in their natural habitat. There are several different camping options, including front and backcountry options as well as horse camps and group camps. On top of that, there are some fantastic activities to enjoy like hiking, checking out historical buildings and more.

White Mountain National Forest, NH

Some people just want to get lost in the mountains for a while, and this is the perfect place to do that. With crystal clear streams and lakes, gorgeous views and plenty of opportunities for water activities, fishing, hiking and more, this is definitely a place you'll want to check out. You'll also be able to choose from several different campgrounds based on your preferences.

Gunnison National Forest, CO

In combination with the Uncompahgre and Grand Mesa parks, endless landscapes and activities are offered by the Gunnison National Forest. With over 300 lakes and plenty of campgrounds in the area, you're unlikely to run out of areas to explore. Whether you opt to visit the Bridal Veil Falls, or spend some time on the Off-Highway Vehicle trails, it's going to be a blast.

gunnison national forest

Yellowstone National Park, WY

Yellowstone and the surrounding area contains 27 unique national forests. Furthermore, the Wind River Mountain Range is the ideal place for those who love visiting mountains with gorgeous views. You'll also find plenty of great activities available to you, including cross-country skiing, golf, wildlife viewing and fishing.

Minnewaska State Park, NY

Complete with beautiful waterfalls, lakes, forests and the Shawangunk Mountain Ridge, there are few more delightful places to be than the Minnewaska State Park. Here, there are greater than 8,500 campsites available to stay in and more than enough activities to enjoy, such as scuba-diving, bouldering, rock-climbing and boating.

Arches National Park, UT

Those who enjoy wonderful natural features are sure to be interested in the stone arches that exist all over this park. While there's only one campground in the park, Devil's Garden, there are also several more outside the park you can look into. Additionally, you can go canyoneering in the area, horseback riding or check out some other attractions nearby.

Biscayne National Park, FL

If the tropical life is ideal for you, then you'll love the Biscayne National Park. Here, you'll find clear, tropical waters and colorful coral reefs. Furthermore, the area is home to around 10,000 years of history for you to explore. With two campgrounds and plenty of activities to enjoy such as lobstering, kayaking and fishing, it's sure to be your new favorite vacation destination.

biscayne national park

Shenandoah National Park, VA

Vistas, waterfalls and more mark this location as prime for enjoying nature. Here, you'll find 5 campgrounds to stay in as well as backcountry camping options for those who really want to get away. Furthermore, you can enjoy plenty of rock climbing, horseback riding, hiking and protected wildlife viewing.

Arch Rock Campground, NV

Arch Rock is the perfect place for the history buff, sporting numerous ruins and sites based in history. Furthermore, it's the biggest, as well as well known, park in the entire state. You can choose from 29 different campsites and explore as much as you want. If you're looking for some real fun, you can also attend the RiSE festival that takes place in October.

Acadia National Park, ME

In the Acadia National Park, 4 different campgrounds and plenty of great activities await. You can choose to enjoy the tide pools or go hiking or swimming on your own, or enjoy a boat cruise or tour guided by a park ranger. With 7 peaks and multitudes of hiking trail miles, you're sure to always have something to do.

Assateague Island Campgrounds, MD

What better way to enjoy nature than to camp on a small island? In the Assateague State Park, there are 5 different campgrounds with a lot to provide, including a horse camp. Due to the nature of the location, it's the ideal spot for those who enjoy spending a lot of time in or around water. You can also go kayaking, hiking or watch the wildlife.

Grand Canyon National Park, AZ

Not only is the Grand Canyon a hugely important United States landmark, it's also a great place to to camping. What's worth keeping in mind is that you can stay in the southern rim of the park year-round, but the northern rim is only open at specific times of the year. Aside from that, you can go on mule trips, explore art exhibits and go hiking or backpacking.

Hot Springs National Park, AK

For those who love camping in Alaska, this is one of the prime spots to do it. You can stay in the Gulpha Gorge Campground and head to the hiking trails and discover the Gulpha creek. Furthermore, the nearby Fordyce Bathhouse is a great place to visit. You can also choose to go on a guided tour if you want to see everything the park has to offer.

hot springs national park

Big Bend National Park, TX

In the Big Bend National Park, you'll find 4 campgrounds as well as opportunities for backcountry camping when you want more isolation. If you need activities, you can easily take a scenic drive, head to the fossil exhibit or go horseback riding. Additionally, this is a great place for daytime birdwatching and night time stargazing.

Olympic National Park, WA

The Pacific Northwest is home to lush, green forests that are sure to leave you feeling refreshed. The Olympic National Park is home to numerous wildlife, 14 campgrounds for you to stay in and an immense coastline. It's the ideal location for those who want to go boating or just check out some tide pools.

Yosemite National Park, CA

As one of the most well known national parks in the United States, Yosemite is home to immense wilderness, huge, ancient sequoias and numerous formations of natural rock. Additionally, there are 13 campgrounds to choose from as you enjoy the landscape. Furthermore, there's also rock climbing, horseback riding and backpacking for you to enjoy while you're there.

Ozark National Forest, AK

Here, you'll find the meeting of two unique forest environments. With greater than 1.2 million acres of gorgeous forest, you'll definitely feel like you've really gotten away from society. You'll also have access to fun or relaxing activities like fishing, hiking and boating. Furthermore, 21 campgrounds offer you plenty of places to stay.

Haleakala National Park, HI

It doesn't get more relaxing than camping in Hawaii, and the Haleakala National Park is the ideal place to do it. Home to a number of endangered species as well as a wealth of Hawaiian culture, there's a lot to see in the area.

haleakala park

When you're here, you'll have access to wilderness camping in two different campsites and the ability to enjoy swimming, hiking or just exploring the wilderness.

Isle Royale National Park, MI

Sometimes, you just want to feel like you're as far away from regular life as possible. Isle Royale offers you the ability to do that by camping in isolation on an island. Here, you can enjoy canoeing, scuba-diving and backpacking as well as learn about wolf relocation efforts in the park.

Furthermore, there are a wide number of campgrounds designed to suit those who want different levels of isolation.

Badlands National Park, SD

For those who seek to use their camping trip as an opportunity to learn, the Badlands is home to some interesting fossil deposits and geological beds for you to explore. In addition, you can enjoy watching the natural wildlife, including bison, prairie dogs, big horn sheep and a whole lot more. There are also two campgrounds to choose from, as well as backcountry camping.

Denali National Park, AK

With unique, wild lands covering over 6 million acres, this is truly a place to enjoy the peace of nature. From tundra to taiga and immense, snow-covered mountains, there's no denying the beauty that will surround you. There are 6 campgrounds for you to choose from, as well as plenty of activities like flight seeing, wildlife to view and backpacking.

Cape Henlopen State Park, DE

For those who love spending time on the coast, the Cape Henlopen State Park is a fantastic destination. You can stay in the Cape Henlopen Campground and enjoy numerous trails and beaches as well as opportunities for boating and clamming. When you want to enjoy more features of the area, you can also take a trip to the Seaside Nature Center or Fort Miles Museum.

cape henlopen state park

Sawtooth National Forest, ID

This is a forest that not only provides a great place for recreation and wildlife, but also works to provide for the state. While visiting, you can learn about the conservation efforts for the Greater Sage Grouse and stay within a wide number of different campgrounds. Additionally, you can have a great time climbing, picnicking and watching nature.

Tillamook Head Backpackers Camp, OR

If you're looking for a more intense and rewarding camping trip, then this is an ideal option for you. Because it's a backpacker camp, you'll have to hike into the camping area. Once you reach the spot, there are wooden shelters as well as plenty of space for tents. It's a great way to view a Lewis and Clark historical location, enjoy nature and get some good hiking in.

Worthington State Forest Campground, NJ

For those who are big fans of hiking in tough terrain, Worthington is the place to be. With plenty of gorgeous views along steep, rugged paths, it's a great place for a rewarding hike. You'll be able to stay in a campground that offers 69 trailer/tent sites and 3 sites for groups.

As you travel the area, you'll be able to see great sights like Sunfish Pond and Mount Tammany.

Voyageurs National Park, MN

This is a prime place for those who want a lot of water involved in their camping experience. More than 40% of this area is made up of water, meaning you're going to need some kind of water-based vehicle to get around easily. This also makes it a great place for staying in houseboats as well as tents on the shore, and enjoying plenty of water activities.

voyageurs national park

Glacier National Park, MT

This is the place to be surrounded by mountains, forests and magnificent meadows. Furthermore, it's an ideal spot for those who love hiking and cycling, as there are around 700 miles-worth of trails to wander and explore. Additionally, you can stay in any one of 13 different campgrounds, or choose to spend your vacation in a cabin.

Crater Lake National Park, OR

Another fantastic natural landmark exists at Crater Lake National Park. Created as the result of a large explosion, Crater Lake is now considered to be the United State's deepest lake. You'll be able to camp in either the Lost Creek or Mazama campgrounds and enjoy going on a tour by boat or trolley, or go for a walking tour in the rim village.

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