How To Book Cheap Flights To Anywhere (Cheapest Days To Fly)

by Zara Mohammed, Lifestyle Columnist

Published in Lifestyle on 21st June, 2019

Have you missed out on cheaper flight tickets because you have been flying on the wrong days of the week? Keep reading to find out what the cheapest day of the week is to fly, and how to book cheap flights.

It is common to book a flight ticket on impulse for a weekend break on a Wednesday.

how to get cheap flights

A nice little getaway is very tempting when you are halfway through a gruelling week at work. But because Wednesdays are a popular day for bookings you are always going to end up paying more for your ticket than if you use this insight to plan ahead and choose a less popular day, when most people aren't necessarily thinking about booking holidays.

Cheapest (And Most Expensive) Days Of The Week To Book Flights

According to new research, and an article published on The Independent Website earlier on this year, you should aim to book your flight on a Sunday for the cheapest tickets, and to fly on a Friday, which is the cheapest day of the week to fly, according to data released on the 7th January 2019.

In fact, you can save up to 21 per cent by flying on Friday instead of on Sunday when departing from the UK.

Avoid purchasing your tickets on a Wednesday and instead save up to 4 per cent if you book your flight tickets on Sunday, according to data taken from the Skyscanner's 2019 Flight Insights Report.

cheapest days to flight

4 per cent may not seem like a lot, but don't forget, the more you spend on your tickets the higher the amount you save, which is perfect if you are purchasing tickets for a group of people.

Cheapest (And Most Expensive) Days Of The Week To Fly

In the past it has been common knowledge that flying midweek is where the savings are at, but this little fact has now been turned on it's head, and you may be surprised to find that midweek flights are taking more out of your holiday spending money than you'd like.

Conveniently the cheapest day of the week to depart from the UK these days is a Friday - how perfect is that for those of you who are looking for a long weekend break? You can save a massive 21 per cent by flying out on a Friday than on a Sunday, which is said to be the most expensive day to fly.

best days to flight

It can be useful to think about your options and perhaps consider flying on the day before or the day after you had originally planned to, for some considerable savings. You could save enough to add an extra night to your trip!

How To increase Your Overall Flight Savings

If you are clever and like to think outside of the box, you could benefit from even more savings. Here are some extra money-saving tips from savvy travellers.

  • Don't assume that tickets will cost the same amount at different airports, because they all have different overheads, which means their ticket prices can vary significantly.

    The size of the airport also has no impact on how much you could save. So don't be lazy, and always compare your flight prices.
  • Keep in mind that the location of an airport can still impact how much you spend on your trip overall if you end up having to pay more for transportation costs. Make your flight ticket savings count by weighing up all the financial factors of your decision.
  • Loyalty will get you nowhere if you are looking to save money. Don't think that booking a return ticket with the same airport is going to be cheaper, because it most likely isn't. You may be able to save much more money by booking your return flight with a different one.
  • Take advantage of unpredictable deals by being patient and waiting to book your tickets. Just because you are super organised and know exactly where you want to go, how long for and when, doesn't mean you need to steam ahead and buy your tickets in advance.

    You don't have to wait until the last minute to book your tickets though, instead you can set up a price alert when using a service like Skyscanner, and you will be sent notices when prices increase or decrease.

  • Did you know that when you start doing searches online for a particular route, the cookies in your browser are sabotaging you, and you will find that the flight prices start to increase?

    book flights incognito This is in a way the website's way of intimidating you and piling on the pressure to book quicker before the prices get too high. To avoid this you can search for flights incognito, which will enable you to view the lowest prices available.
  • Look into travel rewards credit cards and start collecting points towards a free flight.
  • Sort out your priorities and try flying with a budget airline. You may have less legroom, but you'll have more room in your budget to enjoy during your trip. When booking with budget airlines don't forget to read the fine print and avoid any hidden fees or unwanted surprises.
  • Take the initiative and book connecting flights yourself in order to make extra savings. Just be careful not to book tight layovers that are hours apart. It's best to put this tip to use when you want to create an additional destination of a few days.
  • Here is clever little tip - Check to see if it might be cheaper to pay in another currency, and if this is possible, always use a credit card in order to avoid foreign transaction fees.

There are plenty more hidden tips and tricks to discover that can help you to be a thrifty traveller and save plenty of money on your flights that can be spent on ways to make your holiday more comfortable or enjoyable. So always do your research and keep your eyes open for opportunities.

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