Amazing Things To Do In Iceland

by Zara Mohammed, Entertainment Columnist

Published in Entertainment on 26th June, 2019

Discover unique things to do in Iceland to make your trip more exciting and memorable.

Why Visit Iceland?

Iceland is one of the most magical places to visit. It is often known as the land of ice and fire. The country's name invokes a vision of landscape covered in a sheet of cold white ice, snow and freezing temperatures, but the reality is that Iceland offers a surprisingly diverse range of landscapes including beautiful greenery, majestic volcanoes, and breath-taking waterfalls.

visit iceland

People often visit Iceland to see the Northern Lights, get awesome video footage and photography for social media and other creative projects, and embark on an epic adventure with friends to see awe inspiring scenery and other natural phenomena.

Keep reading to find out some of the amazing things you can experience on your journey to Iceland.

The Northern Lights

Let us start with the most obvious reason to visit Iceland. Aurora borealis, the technical name for the Northern Lights, is an enchanting and mystical display of lights that illuminate the sky at night. The phenomenon looks like pure magic or a glowing heaven.

The cause of the lights are said to be supercharged electrons, which are caused by the solar wind, striking against the upper section of the atmosphere.

September to April is the most common time for people to travel to Iceland to view the Northern Lights, and often people view them on the Jokulsarlon lagoon, which is located in the South of Iceland.

Top Tip: Aim to visit the Northern Lights on tour and take advantage of expert tour guides who will be able to offer you an insightful and memorable experience. They will know what to look for and be able to tell you when to expect it.

Blue Lagoon

The most recognisable images of Iceland are photographs taken of the Blue Lagoon, a supernatural and mystical looking scene of people bobbing up and down in misty blue waters. The Blue Lagoon is one of several hot springs in Iceland that you may like to visit, but it is the most internationally famous one.

blue lagoon

The geothermal heated water is warm all year round, and therefore taking a dip is on pretty much every tourists to-do list when visiting Iceland. People have commented that a dip in the pool is not only refreshing, but also healing for the skin and the soul.

Top Tip: Choose to visit one of the alternative natural hot tubs in Iceland if you would prefer a more private and intimate hot pool experience.

Volcanoes & Mountains

Iceland has numerous active volcanoes that have not erupted for quite some time. Adventure seekers will enjoy taking a tour that takes you right down into the heart of a volcanic mountain such as Thrihnukagigur volcano. What you will witness inside on the stained walls can only be described as natural art!

Keen hikers will also enjoy exploring the multi-coloured mountains found in Landmannalauger. You will feel like you are walking on rainbow coloured glass. And for the less adventurous there are even mountains located close to the city.

Top Tip: Hire a rental car for the best way to discover the mountains, or join a tour if you would prefer to sit back and enjoy the views from your seat.


There are many beautiful waterfalls to discover and admire during your trip to Iceland, and they are easy to find. The water tumbling over lava rocks and through greenery makes the most inspiring getaway pictures for you to treasure, post on social media to show your friends and family, or sell to publications as stock photography, or as prints and artwork.

Top Tip: Try to visit the Svartifoss waterfall, one of the main tourist attractions in Iceland.

Glaciers & Ice Caves

When you walk through the ice caves in Iceland you may feel like you are on a movie set, and you wouldn't be far from the truth, as these icy settings have featured in many major movies.

glaciers iceland

These breath-taking natural wonders are usually located nearby or inside glaciers. Glaciers can be found all over the country, as 11% of the land is covered in them. They also attract wildlife, which can be wonderful to witness.

Top Tips: Visit the Langjokull glacier, one of a few manmade glaciers, with crystal walls and light effects that offer a memorable spectacle. And don't forget that the best way to enjoy and view the glaciers is via a cruise, leaving the wildlife undisturbed.

Midnight Sun

One of the most unique experiences you are likely to encounter during your trip to Iceland is the bright summer nights. These never ending days occur because of Iceland's location, just under the Arctic Circle, and can be experienced between May and late June.

Top Tip: Visit Iceland during the summer solstice from 20th to 22nd June when the midnight sun sets a few minutes past midnight and rises before 3am and witness some awe-inspiring different perspectives on major landscapes.

Adventure Trails

For those with a Traveller's spirit, adventure trails can be a fun and exhilarating way to enjoy Iceland's landscape. The open land with its hilly sections and slopes provides the perfect challenge for hikers and cyclists. Some might even describe it as an adventurer's paradise.

Top Tip: Iceland is also perfect for people who enjoy exploring in the jeep, so why not hire one to journey in style?

Black Beaches

The main reason people are so attracted to Iceland is the vast variety of landscapes, natural phenomenon and exquisite scenery, and the country doesn't disappoint when it comes to its black beaches.

black beaches

These totally unique beaches are covered with a layer of black pebbles. One of the most famous black beaches is Reynisfjara. It is also surrounded by black basalt cliffs and has gigantic rock formations.

Top Tip: Don't forget to check out the "Diamond Beach" of Breioamerkursandur.

Icelandic Horses

And let us end with a truly unique animal that many tourists have travelled to Iceland to see - the beautiful Icelandic horses. They are small pony-sized animals with gentle characters. They are also skilled four-legged hikers equipped to cross Iceland's rugged terrain.

Top Tip: Why not sign up for a horse riding tour and experience the landscape on horseback?

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