15 Coolest Tree House Ideas Along With Tree House Building Guide

by Goran Damnjanovic, Gaming Columnist

Published in Gaming on 28th June, 2019

Learn how to build a treehouse in Minecraft and then pick one of the best tree house designs and craft the next dream house for you and your gang.

Tree houses are pretty cool, right? Who wouldn't want to have one in their backyard? It's a perfect place to hang out and simply take a break from the modern world, enshrouding yourself in positive vibes coming out from your wooden miracle that looks so damn cool.

tree houses minecraft

And let's be honest. Out of all the places where you can chill with your friends, a tree house comes pretty close to the first place. But not all of us have big backyards that host large trees, or the time and resources to build one in real life. Luckily, Minecraft is to the rescue.

In Minecraft you can build literally any treehouse you want. You're not bound to limited resources, real-life laws of physics, or the size of a particular tree. Anything is possible in Minecraft, all it takes to build a tree house of your dreams is time and lots of building blocks.

Once it gets finished it can serve as a favorite meeting place for your gang, just like in real life. And the best thing of them all is that the internet is filled with cool tree house designs meaning anyone can build a tree house of their dreams.

All it takes is some time and resources since designs are just a few clicks away. The real problem is finding lots of cool designs in one place.

That problem is solved right here since we gathered lots of awesome tree house designs and shared them here with everyone.

Now, Minecraft tree houses are a bit trickier to construct compared to regular ones. There are some rules and design patterns you need to know in case you don't have hours upon hours to experiment until you construct one.

So, before diving into best Minecraft tree house designs we need to explain the whole process behind constructing a tree house.

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How to build a tree house in Minecraft

There are two popular ways to build a tree house. The first includes finding a tree and then carving and modifying it in order to hold a tree house. The second is more straightforward. You just construct a wood block pillar and attach stairs to it.

Building a tree house on top of an existing tree

This can be a bit tricky in case you want to build a large tree house. If that's the case you have to find a tree large enough to house it. If that's not the case and your goal is to learn how to build your first three house just pick any relatively tall tree.

tree house minecraft

Proceed by creating a staircase made of wooden blocks. It has to go around the tree trunk and be high enough to reach branches. Once you finish it, test it for functionality (you'll have to use on a regular basis once the house gets finished) and then proceed to next step.

Now it's time to remove some canopy and leaves. Just step on the last stair and chop down some leaves, enough to be able to climb into the tree canopy. From then on keep digging around the trunk, just enough to move inside the tree.

Once you get some breathing space start removing bottom side leaf blocks and replace them with a wooden (or any kind you like) floor. Just remember to leave the entrance to the house open.

The floor should go around the tree trunk, to completely encircle it. Once you finished setting the floor it's time for some customizing. Dig some leaves at the side of the tree for windows or a balcony; make space for a bed or other pieces of furniture.

And if the tree is tall enough you can dig next to its trunk and create an entrance to the top of the tree, where you can construct another floor for your house.

Building a tree house on top of a constructed wooden pillar

If you want to build large tree houses with multiple floors and lots of space most trees found around the world map won't be enough. Instead of looking for a perfect tree it's much better (and much less time consuming) to construct a pillar made of wood and then build a house on top of it.

The pillar can be two or more blocks wide (keep it at least four blocks in case you want a bigger house) and height is up to you to decide. Build it until you think it's tall enough. Be sure to add ladders to the side of the pillar, you'll need them.

Once you find a perfect height for your first story, just start adding floor blocks around the base of the pillar and expand the floor until it becomes wide enough. From then on it is all up to you. The base is easy to create and then you can add walls, multiple floors, windows, multiple rooms, etc.

The pillar tree house is much easier to construct and it's a much better choice for those who like to tinker their buildings. Okay, now when you know how to build one, let's check out some cool Minecraft tree house designs.

15 Coolest Minecraft Tree Houses

Adventure Time Three House

Okay, who doesn't like Adventure Time? The show is crazy good and the adventures are insane. And the Adventure Time Tree House is a perfect house for every Adventure Time fan to own.

adventure time three house

It's huge and has plenty of space for the whole gang when you're adventuring with friends and it looks just super powerful. Just look at that front porch and impenetrable base made of tree trunks.

Inside you'll find lots of space, enough for beds and the house also comes with a kitchen and multiple floors where you can build anything you desire. The house can be downloaded here.

Awesome Minecraft Jungle Treehouse By NomadHobbyist

This one isn't really the easiest to build but it sure does look pretty cool. It's a huge building with a spacy veranda and a large room placed on top of the terrace.

This page includes a detailed guide along with resource requirements and once you read the guide the process of building the treehouse should be relatively painless.

Giant Tree House by megavalve

This one can be found on Reddit and isn't really a tree house. Considering its size the more adequate depiction for it would be tree castle or Yggdrasil house since it is a size of a smaller mountain.

giant tree house

The problem with this tree house is that the creator didn't provide instructions on how to build it but they did leave a world download file which can be loaded on the PC version of Minecraft.

So just replace your world file with the one provided and the house will automatically load the next time you start the game.

Cherry blossom treehouse

Cherry blossom treehouse isn't quite tall but it sure is stunningly beautiful. This small and cozy place looks lovely and the added cherry tree makes the house even lovelier. The resident has enough room for a bed and a couple of other furniture pieces and the crafting schematic can be found here.

Giant tree house

Giant tree house is a multilevel monster that would look amazing on any map. Stories are connected with a complex stairwell system and the house is filled with rooms and spots that offer a breathtaking view.

giant tree house minecraft

Its base is a small lake making the whole scene even more stunning. Sure, it takes a lot of time and resources to finish this luxury tree penthouse but it is definitely worth it. Just look at it! Download crafting schematic here.

The Egg - a modern treehouse

An open design tree house with a giant half-egg on its back. It looks ludicrous but at the same time kind of cool. The open design that follows modern architectural trends allows for further improvements and tweaks.

Rooms (located inside the egg) are comfy and wide, excellent for multiplayer adventures. You can't download this one but can go to the public server where the house is hosted by clicking on this link.

Small Treehouse

Yup, Small Treehouse is indeed small but look at its height! Build this one and you'll get the ultimate watchtower while at the same time providing friends with cool ladder system that interconnects various floors featured in Small Treehouse.

small treehouse

Its top has lots of free space, more than enough for the whole party to crash there and to just chill while enjoying the view. No schematic here but a whole map to download.

Swamp Walker

Swamp Walker is a Minecraft tree house luxury at the next level. It's simply magnificent to look at and even better when you actually build it.

The base is made out of four thick and tall legs made of wood, with a wide floor and a house with multiple levels placed on its top. You get plenty of space, lots of swag, and a huge terrace to enjoy the view.

And if friends come by, there's enough space for a full-blown Minecraft party. Download the map (again, no schematic) here.

Custom Tree Treehouse

This one is basically two large treehouses connected with a suspension bridge and they both look amazing! Both trees are huge and thick, enough to support these two mansions.

custom tree house

While too large for a solo player the Custom Tree Treehouse is perfect for large groups of players fooling around in multiplayer. If there's a Minecraft Tree House capable of hosting a full-fledged virtual party this is definitely the one. The whole map including the house can be found here.

Survival Treehouse

A great forward base and a place to spend the night inside, Survival treehouse also has an interesting white and silver design that will surely make it visible from any point of the map. It features multiple levels, a couple of balconies, and an interesting climbing system designed to keep creeps away.

The only negative side is that there's no crafting schematic, you'll have to download the whole map, which can be done here.

Fantasy TreeHouse

Fantasy TreeHouse really is something else. A floating fantasy inspired elf tree house looks unreal. It requires downloading the entire map (which can be found here) but it's worth it.

fantasy tree house

The ultimate cozy place for chilling out or when hanging out with friends this tree house has it all to become your ultimate escape from reality.

Oak Tree House

Oak Tree House is all about being one with nature. It offers a basic design that can be changed and upgraded, with its base being a giant open porch that can serve as the main room.

The fence surrounds the porch and the shade is provided by two large branches filled with leaf blocks. It doesn't look fancy but the Oak Tree House shines in its simplicity and upgrades potential. Download the mod here.

Ultimate Treehouse

Want a postmodern-looking tree house? Well, Ultimate Treehouse provides just that, with its huge living space and marble walls that give it an epic looks. It isn't really complex to build and it doesn't come with hidden rooms, cool looking balconies or complex design but it is huge and looks powerful.

ultimate tree house

The whole map containing Ultimate Treehouse can be downloaded from here.

Happy Treehouse Survival Map

This is a whole survival map mod where the player must survive as long as possible in the jungle. The jungle hosts a massive tree house that is so cool the mod is worth downloading just for the tree house.

It features an interconnected gathering of rooms, with halls and stairs placed all around it for easy access to one of its numerous rooms and porches.

There's enough space for the whole school class here so you can invite friends and instead of trying to survive you can simply enjoy the tree house and its amazing design. Download the map here.

Jungle Treehouse Village

Let's get to the next level with the Jungle Treehouse Village, a proper village located in canopies! The schematic - which can be found here - includes more than half a dozen of treehouses, suspension bridges connecting them, and a small forest that serves as a base for this fairy-like tree house village.

Perfect for multiplayer sessions, this can become your gang's next Minecraft base. And don't try building it yourself; its size asks for a large construction group, solo players would have to spend days building this tree house village.

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