The Best Nicole Kidman Movies Ever

by Kahlia Meeuwsen, Entertainment Columnist

Published in Entertainment on 1st July, 2019

If you're a fan of Nicole Kidman, you're in the right place! We've put together a list of the very best Nicole Kidman movies for your enjoyment. Whether you're looking for comedy or drama, you'll find something here.

So get out your movie list, read on and discover any films this great actress is involved in that you may have missed! Or, perhaps you'll re-discover an old favorite that you had forgotten about. Either way, you're going to have a good time!

Practical Magic

The Owens family has been imbued with magical abilities for many years. However, sisters Gillian and Sally have refrained from using that magic. Unfortunately, a strange situation in which they are cursed with unlasting love drives them to tap into the family magic.

When Gillian's abusive boyfriend passes away as the result of an overdose, the sisters pair their abilities to work on bringing him back to life. Instead, they find out just how nasty he can be when a terrible spirit enters into the body instead. Meanwhile, someone is hot on their tracks and getting close to discovering their secrets.


This is a story that depicts some important messages with regard to racism and interracial relationships. It follows Danny, who heads off to an all-male boarding school. Nearby the school is a prep school designed for all-female attendance. As you can imagine, it's already a tricky situation for a blooming romance.

Things only get more complicated when Danny meets Thandiwe, a female student from Uganda, and falls for her rapidly. Through awkward encounters and racial struggles, the two find a way to open the minds of those around them and accept themselves. This classic reminds us that love is love, regardless of race.

My Life

With an ideal life, Bob couldn't possibly be happier. He's got a decent job, nice house, and lovely wife who is months away from giving birth to their first child. However, he experiences a huge shift when he receives a cancer diagnoses that leaves him only 4 months to live.

In an effort to leave a piece of himself for the child he'll never be able to meet, he starts developing a video diary. In the process, he makes some in-depth discoveries about himself and his life. This is one that is sure to take you on an emotional ride you'll never forget.

Boy Erased

It can be a dangerous thing when those around you try to make you erase your identity. Jared experiences this issue when his parents find out that he's gay. With a father who is a small-town pastor, he finds that being accepted isn't an easy thing.

Instead, he's pushed into conversion therapy, where leaders seek to pressure him into the lifestyle they determine to be normal. Instead, Jared learns to create his own acceptance while pushing back against the leader of the conversion program. This is a film that will remind you to be who you are, no matter what people around you may say.

I Have Never Forgotten You

This film portrays a look into the life of Simon Wiesenthal, an architect who managed to survive the disastrous trials of the Holocaust. Having experienced the evil of the Nazi regime himself, Wiesenthal dedicated his life to seeking out those who managed to escape without punishment.

Paired with the American War Crimes Unit, he uses his expertise to ensure that those who deserve to be punished get what's coming to them. This is an ideal film for those who are both fans of Nicole Kidman and history. It portrays an important look into an extremely dark time in history.

Cold Mountain

Fans of history may also enjoy this movie, as it takes place around the Civil War. It follows the story of a Confederate soldier and his wife, separated by the war. Having been wounded, he leaves behind his comrades in an effort to get back home.

Meanwhile, his wife, played by Kidman, is having a tough time keeping the farm and household running smoothly. As she waits and worries for her husband, a stranger shows up seeking to help her out. Is this just a helpful drifter, or is there something more to the situation?

The Others

Grace, a mother of two, is a highly religious woman with a lot on her plate. Her husband is missing, signs of World War II are everywhere, and her children have a rare condition that results in them experiencing negative reactions as a result of being in the sun.

When her daughter, Anne, starts to make claims that she is seeing ghosts, Grace initially thinks it's all a joke. However, when things start to get more serious, she begins to hear and see things that lead her to believe there is something beyond the natural going on.


Things seem to fall apart when India Stoker's father is killed unexpectedly. As she tries to work through the grief alongside a highly unstable mother, a previously-unknown uncle shows up to aid them. It doesn't take long for India to become suspicious of the man's intentions.

However, things take a turn when India begins to fall for him rather than fearing him. When the two find that they have more in common than they may have expected, the sparks begin to fly. It's everyone else around them who have something to fear. This is a real thrill ride!

Dead Calm

Sometimes, you just have to get away. John and Roe experience this after the loss of their young son. In an attempt to leave the world behind and get through their grief, they head out on a long trip on their yacht. It seems like the perfect way to escape, until something unexpected happens.

They come across a schooner, sinking and alone. A single survivor exists on it, claiming that everyone else on the boat succumbed to food poisoning, leaving him the last person alive. The couple pick him up, but he quickly becomes more and more suspicious.

The Upside

When you're looking for a heartwarming, modern comedy, this is a film worth checking out. When a rich, quadriplegic man decides that he needs to hire help, he turns to an ex-convict who has recently been paroled by the name of Dell.

Although this may seem like an unlikely pairing, the two quickly find that they have more in common than they might have believed. Coming from completely separate worlds, they build a unique bond that allows both sides to learn to become more accepting. This is an ideal film when you want to laugh, feel good and see the lighter side of the world.


As a newer cop, Erin Bell went on an undercover job, seeking to take down a rampant Californian gang. However, rather than a successful endeavor, the task ends in failure and tragedy. As a result, Bell is left filled with guilt, anger and self-loathing at her inability to get the job done.

However, when the gang leader makes his presence known again, she begins to obsess over finally finishing the task. As she tracks down gang members and associates on her way to the top of the ladder, she finally learns how to bring peace to her past and bring the gang's crimes to an end.

The Hours

This film shares the stories of three women in their own places and times, looking for purpose. While the story of each woman is unique, all three are bound together by similar desires and fears. The live out their lives trying to seek more and create meaning for themselves.

Although the stories may play out very differently, you'll find that they come together in a surprising way. This is a great experience for those looking for something uplifting to watch. It's a great film to watch when you're feeling like you need your own sense of meaning in life.

The Railway Man

Although Eric and his wife live a generally happy life, he is struggling with the effects of torture he experienced during his time in war. At the hands of Japanese captors, he experienced pain beyond the realms of the human imagination, leaving his life and personality changed forever.

When he finds out that the man responsible for his torture is still living, he can't help but want to seek revenge for the wrongs committed against him. Alongside his wife, he sets out to find the man. This is a thrilling ride, based on true events, and it's sure to keep you on your toes!

To Die For

In this film, Nicole Kidman plays rising news star Suzanne, who is a small-town weather reporter with an ambitious nature. Although she seeks to create the ultimate success, she feels that her less ambitious husband is keeping her from reaching the highest heights.

She decides to hire bad boy Jimmy to make sure that the job gets done. However, plans don't exactly work out the way she had hoped for. This leaves her open to criticism and suspicion from others who believe she was somehow involved in the death of her late husband.

Rabbit Hole

Not everyone handles the loss of a child the same way. Becca and Howie learn this in the months following the unexpected death of their young son. On top of the grief itself, the couple can't seem to agree on how to promote healing and allow themselves to find happiness again.

Howie wants to hang on, while Becca seeks a fresh start. Through helpers outside of the relationship, they find ways to begin the healing process and build a happier life. This is a story that will likely pull at all of your emotions and show you that happiness can be found again after a loss.

Eyes Wide Shut

From the well-known Stanley Kubrick, this film brings to you the story of a man named Bill. After a revealing discussion about his wife's desire to enjoy people outside of the relationship, he seeks to do the same, looking for ways to create an adventurous, exciting night for himself.

Through an old friend, he learns about the opportunity for a risque party, where the men wear masks and the women are gorgeous. However, it's not long after he reaches the party that he realizes he's gotten into something deeper than he had imagined.

Moulin Rouge

Christian, a young writer in 1899 Paris, falls for a gorgeous singer working in the Moulin Rouge club. While she's quickly falling for him too, she's also arranged to marry a duke in return for funding for the club, as well as the next show that she is to star in.

Sneaking around ensues, and Christian seeks to prove to her that true love can get through even the most dire of circumstances. However, there's something that neither the duke, nor Christian could possibly know about the lovely Satine. This movie is a fun, musical ride with an ending that will surely shake you.


In her attempt to evade dangerous criminals on her trail, Grace finds herself seeking refuge in a small town. Surrounded by citizens who find her to be more of a burden than a welcomed guest, she is forced to earn her keep by working for several different people in the town.

When the only other option is to be caught by the very criminals she hopes to escape, she's stuck taking on the abuse citizens lay upon her due to her status as an outsider to the town.


At the age of 5, Saroo finds himself stuck on a train heading thousands of miles from his home. With no way to get back, he is forced to figure out how to take care of himself alone on the streets, until finally he is taken in by an Australian family.

After a long twenty-five years, he seeks to use advancements in modern technology to discover what he lost so many years ago. This is one that is well worth the watch!

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