Cool Apps To Have Fun When Bored (New Apps)

by Zara Mohammed, Entertainment Columnist

Published in Entertainment on 5th July, 2019

It's hard work being an adult, having to work long hours, and be serious all day long. Plus, we're not robots, so we can't just sit at a desk for hours without going insane. Sometimes we need something to break up the monotony.

Some people chat to colleagues, but not all of us are sociable souls. Others stretch their legs and go for a walk around the office. But have you ever noticed that one guy that disappears to the loo every hour or so and comes back with a smile on his face? Well, he's probably been sitting somewhere, killing time on one of these apps.


Fun apps can help to break boredom by providing you with short breaks and mindless activity, helping you to relax and then focus better when you go back to your desk. Download a few of these apps to take to work with you, and see what I mean. Some of them are for solitary entertainment, whilst other are great to have some fun with friends on your lunch break.

Toilet Time (IOS, Android)

Seeing as we have been talking about your colleagues nipping off for mysterious toilet breaks, let us start the list with this aptly named app. Toilet time offers a variety of mini games that are conveniently short enough to be played in just a few minutes. So if you do feel the urge to take your phone with you to the ladies or the gents, this is the app for you!

9GAG, Cheezburger, The CHIVE

If you would like a bit of humour to break up your day then these are some great apps to check out for memes, GIFs and videos that will make you chuckle. Don't forget to read to comments as it is other people's reactions that make them even funnier.


If silly humour isn't really your thing, you might prefer this app which as more than 10,000 intriguing facts. The app is simple too, so all you have to do is read, and swipe, read and swipe. Think of all the amazing nuggets of random knowledge you could acquire throughout the day, and how awesome you're going to be sharing your crazy, weird facts with colleagues at the pub after walk. Interesting facts can make great conversation starters.


Bubble Wrap

Everyone knows the weird addictive pleasure of popping bubble wrap. Now you can do it using an app and not have to feel guilty about using plastic or having to wait until your delivery arrives so that you can wade through the packaging to see if there is any bubble wrap. With the app it's not just about popping bubbles either, you can also score points, which adds a wee sense of purpose to the game, not that you need a reason to pop bubble wrap other than boredom, of course.

Voice Changer Apps

When I was a kid, my sister and I used to record ourselves singing on tape, back when cassettes were a thing, and then we'd play it back in high speed dubbing so that we sounded like crazy smurfs. It had us in fits of laughter. Nowadays there are apps that can change your voice into a much wider variety of fun options, for example, a robot, monster, or even a bee!

Ugly Camera

If changing your voice isn't enough, you can also change what you look like! This app takes your photo but shows you a nightmare version of yourself. We spend a lot of time ironing out our imperfections for attractive Instagram Selfies, so adding filers to make your self look ugly can be strangely interesting. You can also record videos of your ugly twin and post them online - if you dare.

ugly camera

There are different filters to choose from, and you can unlock even more with in-app purchases, not to mention get rid of ads. A similar app is called French Girls, it allows you to take selfies of your friends and then either turn them into portraits or deface them. Ever wondered what your boss would look like with a double chin? Yeah, that kind of thing.

Perfect365: One-Tap Makeover

If you would prefer to play around with making yourself look better on the other hand then this app might appeal to you more than the previous one. This isn't only for the appearance-conscious though it can also just be fun to try out new looks, without actually having to try them out for real. All you have to do is upload your photo, and then check out all of the cool filters. See what you look like with a different haircut and try out new makeup looks without having to spend money in the salon or on products.


A popular brain game for people who like numbers, but not so popular if you don't. Basically the main objective of the game is to make "2048" from numbers in a grid. The game takes the form of a block puzzle and you must slide the numbered tiles around on the grid, combining them to make the target number. Once you have reached this goal you can choose to make even higher numbers.


Words With Friends

If you are more of a words person than a numbers person you should try this scrabble inspired game. This app helps to sharpen your vocabulary and satisfy your competitive streak by allowing you to play against other people from all across the world. You can also play solo whilst developing your killer word skills. What better way to kill time?


This is an app for those of you who have a bit more time to pass and you would prefer to do something productive with it. Ted talks offer a variety of categories and you are sure to find a topic that interests you or discover something new. The content is easily digestible, informative and entertaining. What more could you ask for?

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