Summer: The Best Time For Building Self Esteem (Self Respect)

by Kahlia Meeuwsen, Lifestyle Columnist

Published in Lifestyle on 12th July, 2019

Self esteem is a tricky thing to deal with. It's so easy to compare yourself to others or dwell on your flaws and end up dragging yourself into a depression. However, there are things you can do to start building better self esteem, feel better and enjoy summer to the fullest extent.

Carry on, and learn how to take great care of your body and help yourself to feel your best every day. Then you can spend time in the summer sun knowing that whatever flaws you may have, you're still winning.


Summer Is A Great Time For Bringing Up Your Self Esteem

Summer is the perfect time for building self esteem. It brings to mind the idea of slimming down in the winter and spring to reach that "summer body".

However, most of us don't end up reaching that perfect body we dream of, whether it's because we slipped a little on the way there or because we're aiming for perfection that cannot be reached.

That said, it doesn't mean that you can't use summer as the perfect opportunity to learn to love your body as it is. Anyone can enjoy the summer sun, no matter what height, weight, skin tone or body type.

It's not always an easy thing to accomplish, but there are steps you can take to help with improving your self esteem and gaining confidence overall.

We're here to help you with learning how to do that on your own terms. In no time at all, you'll be feeling great physically and mentally with help from the tips you'll find here.

Tips For Developing Great Self Esteem

Building positive self esteem is often more work than it may seem to be. However, it's something that is incredibly worthwhile and beneficial for those who are looking to live their best possible life. These tips can help you to be more confident and truly rock the whole summer!

Nourish Your Body

There are far too many diet trends these days that rely on cutting out certain food items entirely. Not only is this only a temporary solution, it's just not good for your body.

nourish your body

The only time you should be cutting something out of your diet entirely is when you have an allergy or other medical reason.

Aside from that, it's really best if your primary focus is in nourishing your body and giving it what it needs rather than what you may want. Plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables are key, and enjoying different foods in moderation can help to create a healthy balance and keep you feeling great.

Embrace Your Flaws

Even the most successful and attractive humans have flaws. Human beings are imperfect creatures, and it doesn't do you any good to be unkind to yourself about those flaws. This is especially true when those flaws are ones that you cannot change.

Instead, learn to enjoy those flaws. While it may seem hard, they are exactly what makes you an individual. You have your own story, and no one has a story that is perfectly smooth and happy. It makes no sense that we would expect our bodies to be perfect either!

Dress For Your Body

No matter what shape your body is in, you can find clothes that will flatter it. There are too many people who are taught that they need to hide their body away if it isn't in perfect shape. Those kinds of messages are just ones that leave people feeling worse and unworthy of comfort and clothes they enjoy.

dress for your body

Ignore those nasty messages and wear what you like and what makes you look and feel great. You'll feel better in clothing that flatters rather than hides. No one can tell you that you can't enjoy shorts or tank tops in the summer, no matter what the numbers on your scale say.

Make Being Active Fun

There are no rules when it comes to getting active. Humans have a tendency to restrict things more than we need to. It's often the case with food and certainly true for exercise. However, you don't have to jog, bike or play a sport in order to get some quality exercise time in.

Instead, find what you actually enjoy doing. Exercise doesn't have to be painful. You can dance, stretch, hike, swim or engage in any combination of different activities on a regular basis.

Think about what you have fun doing and what leaves you feeling great. That's the activity to spend more time on going forward.

Picture Your Ideal Self

None of us can be perfect, but we can all strive to be the best possible versions of ourselves. Take some time to think about what that means to you, and what the best version of yourself looks like in your mind's eye.

who you are

Don't Look Back

There may be some period in your past where something about you felt better than it is today. Maybe you were thinner, maybe life was easier. No matter what it is, it's not healthy to dwell on a past that no longer exists. You are who you are in the present, and it's up to you to learn to love that person.

Sure, maybe you were a size 2 in high school, but high school is over. Your life is different, maybe you've had children, or maybe you've just changed a whole lot since then. It really doesn't matter what the past looked like.

Take a look at yourself as you are in this moment, and start from there if you decide you want to make any changes. Be gentle, and you'll get there.

Think About What You Like

This might seem like a cheesy tip, but it pays to remember the features you love about yourself. These might be physical, mental, emotional, whatever you want. You might find that this is harder to do than you'd think.

what you like

Not because there are few good things about you, but because humans are so good at remembering the negative aspects while ignoring the positive.

Because of this, it helps to make the concentrated effort to remind yourself of those positive features more regularly. It's especially helpful when you're struggling with your self esteem. While that might be the hardest moment to find the positive features in, it's also the most worthwhile.

Use Affirmations

Affirmations are a helpful way to start generating a more positive view of yourself. They generally include a series of statements that are designed to give you a boost and show you the kinds of statements you can choose to make about yourself.

Some examples might include "I am healthy and strong" or "I feel that I am surrounded by love" and the like. When you use these phrases, you may notice at first that they feel kind of silly.

However, in time they will feel natural and start to become part of your internal re-programming.

Avoid Comparisons

One of the quickest ways we can cut ourselves down is by comparing ourselves to others. Whether it's our level of success or our personal fitness, it's just a really efficient way to make yourself feel terrible.

As a result, my advice to you is to just spare yourself that pain and keep trucking along.

avoid comparisons

Instead of using comparisons, try to practice being genuinely happy for others and thankful for the positive things that are going on in your own life. You never know when that person you're envious of might be envious of you for something that you are taking for granted.

Pamper As Needed!

From time to time, we all need a little bit of pampering. If your skin is breaking out, you have a sunburn, or something is troubling you, then take some time to give yourself the extra care you need.

That can mean doing some skincare, going to a spa, getting a massage, or just relaxing with a good book and a delicious drink.

When we're feeling badly about ourselves, we can have a hard time investing in ourselves. However, you're sure to find that it will help you to feel better.

When you give yourself higher quality of care, you can put more out into the world in return, creating a cycle of positivity. Besides that, everyone enjoys feeling good!

Allow Yourself To Be Bold

Don't hold yourself back when it comes to being the version of yourself you truly want to be. We can get a lot of messages from others around us that tell us to be quiet, avoid taking up space, and to blend in at all costs. However, you don't have to obey those messages by any means.

Instead, enjoy being yourself in whatever form that may be. No matter what your body shape, skin tone, or level of fitness, you can turn this summer into your time to shine. Find ways to become active, nourish your body and enjoy who you are today.

Just make sure to bring along your sunscreen for added sparkle!

Learn how to be more confident here.

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