Earth Day Tips To Save The Planet

by Liberty Stembridge, Lifestyle Columnist

Published in Lifestyle on 30th July, 2019

Every year Earth Day is celebrated all over the world, raising awareness of the important role we play in saving our planet by protecting the environment. Many people are not aware of serious environmental issues, and Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to share insight and help everyone to gain a better understanding of what is happening to the planet and how we can all help to make a difference.

Keep reading to find out how Earth Day started, and discover some great Earth Day tips to help you play your part in saving the planet.

save our planet

How Did Earth Day Start?

Earth day started out as a political movement, and it has now evolved into a fun way to encourage communities to get together and get involved in helping to clean up litter, plant trees, and spend more time reflecting on nature.

The very first Earth Day was on April 22nd 1970, and it's intention was to raise awareness about our role in protecting the natural world. Attention was brought to serious environmental issues such as air pollution, pesticides, and toxic dumps and declining wilderness.

Earth Day Tips

Join a local park, river or beach clean up

Helping to clean up your local natural environment is a great way to get involved and participate in Earth Day activities. Getting together with other people in the community can be fun and it is always meaningful to achieve things as a group because it demonstrated that everything cares about the same things, and that when we all support the causes we care about together, the impact is greater.

clean your local beach

Even kids can get involved in picking up litter, just make sure they are well supervised and that they aren't picking up anything dangerous.

Donate old clothes or home goods

Donating the things you don't want or need any more can be a fulfilling family event. Get the whole household to join in and clear all the clutter out of your home, knowing that it will be going towards a good cause, not only to be recycled and put to a second use by someone else, but also helping to raise money for charities.

Grow Your Own Organic Garden

Growing your own vegetables can be a very rewarding experience, helping you to be healthy and teach your children the importance of being green.

It is a great way to put your garden to good use, and if you don't have a garden you can always try out container gardening on a balcony or patio, or get involved in a local community allotment project. Gardening is therapeutic, social and great fun for all ages.

Save more energy in the home

Educating yourself on how to use less energy in your home can make a real difference to the planet, and also to your bills! Remembering to turn lights off when you leave a room, and only put the tap on when you are actually using the water, rather that letting it run into the sink for no reason can have a massive impact.

save energy

Good habits are easy to form, so this is a really easy way to play your part in making the world a better place. You could even go further and look into replacing things in your home with greener alternatives.

For example, water saving showerheads, and solar panels on your roof. These sorts of things are great investments if you are serious about making a difference.

Buy Local Food

Check out your local farmers markets, buy straight from the farm, or join your local food co-op. Any way to help reduce the distance of transporting food from farm to fork is well worth looking into. The food you eat will be fresh and your conscience clear.

Switch from paper to online billing

It helps to save trees of course, not to mention the fuel it takes to deliver your mail. You'll have the added benefit and convenience of having instant access to your records online, with everything in one place.

Bring nature into your garden

You can attract more nature into your garden by planting plants that attract birds, bees, butterflies, and other important insects. Your garden will also thrive and look even more natural and beautiful, a true sanctuary for you to enjoy, and a garden with a bigger purpose.


You can also conserve rainwater to use for your plants instead of wasting water from the tap that isn't good for your plants anyway due to the high amounts of chlorine in it.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Why drive when you can ride a bicycle or scooter? Even better, walking is much better for you when a shorter distance simply doesn't require the car.

Many people take the car because it's more convenient to go shopping and put the bags in the boot, but you can use shopping trolleys to save your back and shoulders, and you can do your shopping as a family so that you have more people to carry the shopping home.

Then you all get your exercise, and you get to enjoy spending quality time together. If the supermarket is too far for you all to walk, get bicycles and make it a weekly event. Young kids will love playing their part.

Replace disposables with reusables

Invest in reusable products to use in your home so that you don't have to constantly buy single-use disposable plastics that are destroying the planet.


There are the obvious things like shopping bags and drinking bottles and cups, and less obvious things like reusable food container caps to cover leftovers in the fridge instead of using cling film or foil.

If you do have to use single use products like bin bags try to go for biodegradable options. Being more mindful in the supermarket can also help to significantly reduce plastic waste, by going for loose fruit and veg and bread instead of packaged food.

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