Top Health, Wellness & Fitness Podcasts To Get You Feeling Your Best

by Liberty Stembridge, Health Columnist

Published in Health and Lifestyle on 2nd August, 2019

Ted Talks Health

Who hasn't had their life changed by a random ted talk that popped up on youtube? I know I have for sure, and now you can experience that every day with the Ted Talks Health podcast.

Rooted in science and innovation, this up-to-date and sometimes controversial podcast takes a look at a broad range of topics in the health and wellness sphere, from migrant mental health, to smoking and veganism. Perfect for anyone who loves to learn, explore and deepen their knowledge.

ted talks health

Sincerely, Hueman

We're half way through 2019 and it already feels like it's been three years and three minutes in one day. No matter where you stand politically or socially, you can't deny that it's been a bit hectic, and a lot of us are feeling demotivated, and losing hope.

Whether it;s politics, climate change or homelessness, there always seems to be something wrong with the world. Sincerely Hueman is the wellness podcast made to combat these feelings. With upbeat reporting on uplifting, inspiring and heartwarming stories happening all over the globe to cheer you up and put a smile back on your face before you got to work.

Although this isn't your typical wellness podcast, I'd argue it belongs in this category sheerly for benefit of your mental health.

Intelligent Edge Yoga

If you love yoga, you'll love the intelligent edge yoga podcast. Featuring interviews with yogi's and wellness experts from all different backgrounds, insights into the ancient science of Ayurveda and much more.

Kathryn Anne Flynn not only has an incredible soothing voice, but a unique, insightful perspective into the world of yoga and wellness, creating a podcast that is not only enjoyable to listen to, but educational and fun.

Nutrition Matters

Want to improve your diet but don't know where to start? Then this podcast is for you. The world of nutrition can be overwhelming and stressful at times, with millions of different opinions and "facts" about what you should and should not eat.

nutrition matters

Hosted by a food therapist, Paige Smathers, who insightfully interviews a variety of health professionals, from Dieticians to Doctors to Nutritionists, covering a range of topics in food & wellness, from eating disorders, fad diets, athlete nutrition and more.

You Can Eat With Us

If you're tired of diet culture, calorie counting and constantly worrying about whether you're eating "right", then this is the podcast for you.

Host Cara Harbstreet is a believer in "intuitive eating" which rejects all the BS of diet culture and says that you should follow your gut instinct (quite literally). On her podcast she interviews fellow experts in the field, discusses research and trends in the world of dietetics and shares personal insights into how to better your relationship with food.

The Food Heaven Podcast

Wendy and Jess are best friends, podcast hosts and experts in nutrition. On their podcast they cover important topics in the world of health and wellness, branching out to discuss more than just what you should and shouldn't eat, but also how to deal with fat-shaming doctors, leading healthy busy lives and how to navigate cooking healthy meals while in a relationship.

the food heaven podcast

Perfect for anyone looking for a podcasts that not only educates, but really gets to the roots of the social problems that can influence our diets and lifestyle.

Work Play Love

Hosted by married couple, Jesse Thomas and Lauren Fleshman, this podcast explores all areas of fitness and life. Jesse is an Iron Man runner and triathlete, whilst Lauren is a marathon runner and coach, so it's safe to say they know what their talking about.

Together they maintain a busy work schedule, training and dealing with the ups and downs of being athletes. Each episode is based around listener questions that could range anywhere from how to deal with injury, training techniques or dealing with body image. Perfect for anyone who loves fitness but struggles to balance it with the rest of their life.

From The Heart Conversations With Yoga Girl

Rachel Brathen, aka "Yoga Girl" is an Instagram sensation, international yoga teacher and successful entrepreneur. Despite having such success online and in business, Rachels podcast "From the Heart" takes a very different approach to life, health and wellness.

Each week consists of Rachel either sitting down to have meaningful conversations with guests of the show, or talking about what's going on in her life - whether it be parenting a toddler, running a yoga studio or even very vulnerable topics such as dealing with the death of a loved one.

Rachels sometimes shocking vulnerability has led millions to religiously follow her journey through the podcast, with each episode inevitably bringing forth some insight or unexpected nugget of wisdom into how we can all live better.

Optimal Health Daily

Not feeling so great? Having more bad days than good? Optimal Health Daily is the podcast for you. With health and wellness being such a saturated market these days, Optimal Health Daily seeks to cut through the BS and provide you with only the best and brightest new information and research in the fields of nutrition, wellness and fitness.

optimal health daily

Each week, OHD scours the internet for the very best content and then reads it to you so you don't even so much as have to open your eyes. Perfect for anyone who wants to become educated about their health and wellness, but doesn't know where to start.

The Rich Roll Podcast

If you need some serious motivation to get your butt into gear and start looking after yourself - then Rich Roll is where you need to go.

According to him, the podcast seeks to empower listeners to live their most authentic, best lives. Rich Roll himself is an ultra-marathoner, and his intimate conversational interview style leads to some seriously eye-opening, gut wrenching chats with guests.

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