Amazing Top Summer Outfits & Ideas (Cute Outfits)

by Zara Mohammed, Lifestyle Columnist

Published in Lifestyle on 20th August, 2019

Touch up your style this season with some awesome summer outfits tips.

Stylish Sheer Blouse

Add a sheer blouse to your wardrobe this season, for a breezy, not to mention classy summer evening look. For dinner go for a sheer black blouse tucked into high-waist loose black trousers or culottes, and don't forget to wear a matching chic bralette underneath.

sheer blouse

For a more casual beach bar scene try sheer white instead, and don't forget your heels!

Top Style Tip: For a more daring edgy summer look wear a splash of neon underneath your sheer top, a neon green bra or bright pink bikini top will add a sense of personality to your outfit.

Slip Dress

Slip dresses will always be in style. This summer look out for a boldly coloured full-length number that you can dress up with heels and a clutch bag, or down with flip-flops or flat strappy sandals and a cardigan or scarf to keep the sun off your shoulders whilst walking about town.

Top Style Tip: Don't be afraid to go for a shiny satin material to make this outfit really pop.

Neon Accent

Be adventurous with a random splash of neon in your outfit that screams summer.

Playful neon pink boots or a neon green headscarf will make your outfit pop and make people think you are great fun to be around! Summer is about experimentation and living life to the full, so go ahead and express yourself.

Top Style Tip: Seek out a huge pair of neon-coloured earrings! And make sure that they don't match anything else that you are wearing, to make them into even more of an outfit statement.

Waist Bag

For a trendy and casual way to keep your personals on you and secure at all times opt for a hands-free leather waist bag - in a fun colour of course, because coloured leather is sunny and easily jazzes up your summer daywear.

waist bag

You can wear it around your waist like a belt, as intended, which looks especially stylish with high waist skirts or trousers, or try something a bit more original and wear it over your shoulder and across your body.

Top Style Tip: Turn your waist bag into an evening bag simply by wearing it draped on one shoulder like an ordinary handbag.

Shirt Dress

For that effortless chic, timeless just fallen out of bed look, always have at hand a shirt-dress that you can just pull over your head and instantly look cool.

A shirt-dress should be a staple in your wardrobe because not only is it a super simple no-fuss outfit, it is also super versatile. You can wear it as it is, or nipped in at the waist with a belt for a more put together look.

shirt dress

You can also wear it unbuttoned as a top or jacket over jeans. Don't forget to roll the sleeves up to give your summer look some extra style and class, and a bangle or two wouldn't go amiss.

Top Tip: If you don't have a shirt-dress in your wardrobe, it is so easy to steal an oversized shirt from your boyfriend's closet to use instead. It's all about the accessories and the footwear!

Chunky Sneakers

Yes they are still very much still in style! The chunkier the better, and bold colours are great too. Bring your chunky sneakers out of the gym and turn them into a fashion statement by teaming them with a long skirt and a casual T-shirt.

Top Style Tip: If your sneakers aren't chunky enough, or not enough of a statement piece, jazz them up with neon-coloured or patterned laces, and make a statement out of the way you tie them.

Head-to-toe Mono-colour

If you simply aren't feeling at all creative and nothing is standing out in your wardrobe at all, but you still want to look like you have made an effort, try wearing the same colour from head to toe. You will instantly look put-together, because everything matches!

Top Style Tip: For some contrast, make sure that you wear different coloured shoes though.

Contrast Your Accessories

The best way to draw attention to all of your accessories so that they are each appreciated and admired in their own right, is to contrast your colours. The colours will draw attention to each other both contrasting and complimenting each accessory at the same time.


Top Style Tip: The easiest way to contrast your accessories is to focus on your handbag and your shoes.

Silk Dress

Silk is a beautiful, flowing and breathable material, which is perfect for summer. Choose a block coloured silk dress and wear it with flat Celtic strappy sandals for a classy but casual summery bohemian look.

Top Style Tip: If you are wearing simply flip-flops instead you can add some bohemian flair with some pretty ankle bracelets.

Maxi Cardigan

Everyone has a maxi dress for the summer, but if you want to stand out from the crowd try a maxi cardigan instead. Go for floor-length and pair it with denim shorts and a crop top.

maxi cardigan

Top Style Tip: Full the full summer effect opt for a short sleeved maxi-cardigan with a sheer and flowing material, and wear it mostly open or buttoned once or twice underneath the chest.

Dressy Tie-Dye

Tie-dye screams summertime. For a modern twist, dress up your tie-dye T-Shirts this summer by styling them with midi skirts or sarongs and strappy heeled sandals.

dressy tie dye

Top Style Tip: Any T-Shirt can get an elevated dressy look by turning it into a tight crop top. Try knotting it at the back or slightly off centre and the front for an asymmetrical slant.

Vibrant Bright Yellow

A big trend this summer is a strong vibrant yellow. It says sunshine! Go for a midi wrap skirt in block yellow and team it with a simple white crop top to keep things nice and breezy.

Top Style Tip: Large blocks of bright colour are a great summer look, so choose a colour that suits your skin tone!

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