Top New Horror Games To Look Out For In The Rest Of 2019

by Kahlia Meeuwsen, Gaming Columnist

Published in Gaming on 4th September, 2019

Horror movies may be frightening, but there's something a lot more terrifying about having control over the characters involved. This is a large part of the reason why horror video games have become such a popular choice over the years. They have the ability to tell a scary story you can really get involved in.

While you might think the most iconic horror games of 2019 have already been released, this list is here to prove you wrong! When you're looking for a good scare you can enjoy in the remaining months of 2019, turn to these games. They're sure to keep you on edge until the new year!

Visage - PC, XBox One, PS4

In this game, you'll be forced to wander through a house filled with terrible secrets. As you move from room to room, you'll learn stories of suicide, familicide, and insanity. It's currently available to play on early access, so you won't have to wait to at least try out this game!

What makes Visage even more terrifying is that you have no chance of fighting back against the ghosts that haunt the house. There are no weapons. All you can do is run and hide. If you can handle what the dead throw at you, then maybe you stand a chance of solving the secrets within the home once and for all.

The Beast Inside - PS4

Sometimes the place you go to in order to find peace may not be peaceful at all. This is what CIA cryptanalyst, Adam discovers as he seeks some peace to work on a military code that needs to be solved. Upon exploring the building, he finds that it's not such a safe place after all.

After finding the frightening diary of a man named Nicolas, things only get more and more strange. You'll play as two different characters as their stories come together in a way that is sure to shock you. As you play, you'll unearth of the secrets that Blackstone has to offer, and you might wish you hadn't.

Blair Witch - PC, XBox One

If you're a fan of the Blair Witch movies, then you'll leap for joy as you watch a trailer for the Blair Witch game. The game follows the story of an ex-cop, who enters the infamous Blair Witch forest in search of a missing child. Alongside your trusty canine, you'll have to unearth clues about the boy while dealing with the horrors of the forest.

When a combination of supernatural-type horrors, cults and black magic combine, you get a recipe for some serious fright. As you explore the terrifying forest, abandoned buildings and a whole lot more, you'll have to remember that the game is watching you as you play. While you move through the experiences, it tests your reactions to both stress and life-threatening danger.

Man Of Medan - XBox One, PC, PS4

There are few things more isolating than being stranded on a boat alone. Especially when angry supernatural haunts have arrived to correct a wrong done to them. In this game, a group of divers head out to explore the ocean and come across some peculiar wreckage.

A downed plane lost at see tempts the group to grab a souvenir, but they'll soon learn just what punishments await in doing so. Because it shares some of the same creators, you can expect this one to be as unnerving and enthralling as the Until Dawn games.

Someday You'll Return - XBox One, PS4, PC

The disappearance of a child is one of the most terrifying things a parent can experience. However, what if you had the ability to track your lost child? There's no doubt most parents would travel to the ends of the Earth to find their loved one. In this game, you can do exactly that.

As you search for your lost child, you'll be forced to return to a place the protagonist has sworn never to come back to. Face the secrets of the forest, try to survive the horrors that pop up and try to track down your daughter.

The Last Of Us 2 - PS4

Fans of The Last Of Us have been clamoring for a quality sequel, and Naughty Dog has finally shown that a promising new game is really in the works. In this game, Joel may not be the intense presence he was in the previous game. Instead, you'll move through the game as a now-older Ellie.

In a post-apocalyptic world where a cult has begun making its presence known, Ellie seeks to get her revenge on the group. While it isn't yet clear why she is seeking revenge, we look forward to finding out once this game is released!

The Peterson Case - PC

Strange experiences appear to be abundant in this game. It starts with the crash landing of a space craft and becomes a search for a missing family, who happened to live near the crash site. If you've got an interest in UFOs, this is a game you'll definitely want to try out.

In the shoes of detective Reinhardt, you'll have to search the home of the missing individuals for clues. As you explore the area, the atmosphere will get creepier and a great deal less welcoming. Will you be able to handle where the story leads?

Scorn - PC

If there's one message you should consider about this game, it's that it's not one intended for the faint of heart. Set in a nightmarish living landscape, you'll have to travel a world where everything is strange (and potentially disgusting). Even your weapons seem to be made of flesh.

As you journey through this horrifying world, you'll meet new beings and solve difficult puzzles. Just keep in mind that the game won't give you a pass if you happen to forget something important. You'll need to play carefully and thoroughly to make sure you acquire everything needed to continue on.

Moons Of Madness - PC, PS4, XBox One

There are few places more frightening to lose your mind than in space. On board Orochi's Invictus, an outpost designed for the purposes of studying a strange signal on Mars, you'll learn exactly that. Playing as a technician named Shane, who knows nothing of this signal.

As you strive to keep the place running, strange things begin occurring around the outpost. It's not long before you're left wondering if your time spent away from Earth is driving you mad. When outer space meets Lovecraftian horror, that's where you'll find Moons Of Madness!

Unholy - PC

Child abduction is a terrifying thing, and even more so in a world that is already bringing about the end of the human race. As you search for the child, you'll be playing the role of the missing child's mother, Saidah. On the planet's last city, you'll have to search the streets for clues.

However, keep in mind that you won't be the only one on those streets. By night, beasts and maniacs alike see to eviscerate anyone who crosses them. Additionally, you'll have to single-handedly fight to disrupt a system that gives or denies human rights based on a person's social caste.

World Of Horror - PS4, PC, Switch

Serious business is going down in a small town next to the sea in Japan. As the residents peacefully went about their lives, they soon discovered that something horrific was happening in the town. Many lose their minds as terrible creatures wreak havoc on the entire area.

In this game, you'll be able to play from the perspectives of five different characters as you move through their various stories. Over time, you'll learn just how those stories connect, and which ones may end sooner than you'd like. Make sure to watch out for this unique game!

Daymare: 1998

There's a certain quality in the horror games of the 90's that just can't be re-created, or can it? In Daymare: 1998, you'll discover a 90's horror game look with fresh graphics and a modern story. Playing in the roles of 3 unique characters, you'll have to get to the bottom of the problem a small town has been having.

This isn't just any problem. No, there isn't a power outage, riot or natural disaster. Instead, there is a plague turning the citizens of the town into horrifying monsters.

Atomic Heart

While it may appear less frightening than the games that feature zombies, psychopaths or horrific creatures, those who fear the progress of technology may still find this game to be rather frightening. It takes place in an alternate version of the USSR, where technology and robots have become abundant.

Playing as an officer in the RGB, it's your job to locate a robot-building facility that has seemingly lost contact. Moving through unique landscapes, you'll piece together what really happened to those who worked there. On top of that, you'll have to prove to the technological creations that flesh isn't weaker than metal.

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