No Fly Holiday Ideas To Travel The World

by Liberty Stembridge, Lifestyle Columnist

Published in Lifestyle and Entertainment on 12th September, 2019

No-fly holidays are becoming more and more popular as travelers look for alternatives to the stressful flight experience and the more eco-conscious look for a less carbon-heavy way to enjoy their holidays.

If the idea of going on holiday without catching a plane seems impossible to you, I invite you to broaden your horizons. Often we don't realize how much beauty there is to discover right on our own doorsteps, and a no-fly holiday can give you the opportunity to travel a little closer to home, but still feel like you're on the vacation of a lifetime.


Road Trip

What better than the classic road trip? The road trip vacation has been a staple for a long time because it's affordable, accessible and a lot of fun.

There are many different ways to take a road trip too, whether it's staying at cheap motels, splashing out for something more bougie or going completely off-grid and camping, there's something for everyone. If you're stuck for ideas, look up local road trip itineraries or ask around amongst friends and family for recommended hot spots.


Camping has been a family favorite for many years, not only for its frugality but for its ability to bring everyone together. When there's no distractions like TV, phones or even running water, there's not much else to do other than sit around and chat.


Set up a little campfire, get the s'mores going and settle in for a night of gazing at the stars.


Spending the summer holidays at home might not sound like the most thrilling -or relaxing- idea in the world, but hear me out. Rather than seeing a stay-cation as simply bumming around at home, see it as an opportunity to rediscover your area, and create new memories in your own home.

Go explore local tourist attractions, venture out to new shops or markets, find a hike you've never done before or take your camera out to photograph a day discovering all the delights you never knew were hidden in your own city. A stay-cation doesn't have to be boring by any means and can help to give you a better connection to your own community.

Canoe Trip

Feeling adventurous? Canoe trips are becoming an ever more popular way to experience the outdoors, have an authentic adventure and relax away from the stress of everyday life.

canoe trip

There are many companies now offering self-guided canoe trips, where you can simply hire a canoe (or kayak in some cases) and set off with your camping gear in tow. Spend your days floating down rivers, getting up close and personal with the local wildlife and disconnecting from the rest of life.

Bike Trip

Another great option for anyone who wants to get outdoors and test their strength, biking holidays provide an exciting, adventurous vacation for anyone who wants to really get to know the landscape of an area.

Strap your bike onto the back of a car, or simply set off from your own home. Strap on some camping gear and food to the back and you'll be able to stretch it out to a multi-day adventure.


Sailing is becoming more and more accessible for the everyday man, and is no longer a vacation reserved solely for the wealthy. There are a huge variety of sailing holidays available, from charter boats to crewing holidays to sailing experiences.

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If you're looking to travel further abroad but don't want to catch a flight, why not consider crewing on a sailboat or yacht in exchange for passage to your chosen destination? Alternatively, if you just want to relax, find a sailing holiday service and sign up for an all-in-one vacation package. Or, if you know some of the ropes already, why not charter your own boat and enjoy the freedom of the open ocean?

City Trips

Chances are, no matter where you are in the world you live within reachable distance of a city without having to take a plane. If so, why not take a city-break to your home city. Pretend to be a tourist for the day and see all the sights, take a tour, visit a museum and try out some of the hottest bars and restaurants.


If you're looking for a holiday to remember, a way to give back to your community and a chance to make a difference, a volunteering holiday might be the perfect option for you.


Sites like work away and WWOOF offer volunteering opportunities all over the globe, so there will likely be some in your own country. Or, if you've got some money to spend, why not work with a volunteering organization who can offer you the chance to make a more tangible difference.

A Cruise

The cruise-ship holiday is a classic for those afraid of flying, and still a very popular option. A week at sea, stopping off to explore different towns and harbors, and spending the rest of your time relaxing on board with every amenity you could ask for provided.

Cruise ships can often take you to the same exotic destinations a flight could, but the process is far more enjoyable.

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