10 Fun Things To Do In Minecraft (Things To Build In Minecraft)

by Goran Damnjanovic, Gaming Columnist

Published in Gaming on 23rd September, 2019

When playing Minecraft, a game with virtually unlimited creative potential, there are so many fun things to do. Here are ten recommendations that will keep you entertained for weeks, months even.

Minecraft is a huge sandbox that offers a virtually unlimited number of activities. You can literally live your second life inside Minecraft and that life can be much more fun than your real, everyday life.

fun things to do in minecraft

But, as in real life, we can get bored in Minecraft. You know, we all know that feeling when you suddenly feel like nothing is fun like nothing can make you start up the game and play it.

Well, if you ever feel that way we have a couple of suggestions on activities you can partake in that will turn your Minecraft world into a world of fun again.

But hey, maybe you aren't bored with the game. Maybe you just played it for hundreds of hours and want to continue playing Minecraft but honestly don't know what to do.

Well, these activities aren't only for those who've gotten bored with the game so feel free and read on. Check out ten fun things to do in Minecraft.

Construct treehouses

Have you heard about Minecraft Treehouses? They look amazing, are extremely fun to build, and are a great way to hang out with friends while building something you all will be able to use.

The internet is teeming with interesting treehouse designs, ranging from simple constructions that can be finished in less than half an hour to majestic buildings that require players to build special pillars made of wood in order to support these massive treehouses.

If you're looking for a fun thing to do in Minecraft that will keep you entertained for a long time, getting good at building treehouses is an excellent idea.

treehouse minecraft

Start by constructing something simple, a house that can be built by just one player in less than an hour and once you finish your first treehouse try going for something a bit larger and complicated to construct.

If you don't know which treehouse to build we have a nice list containing some amazing designs. Also, we recommend visiting GrabCraft, a site which offers a staggering number of various Minecraft blueprints.

Set off insane explosions that won't kill you

There are lots of games where we can set giant explosions and stay alive to tell the tale. Just look at Fallout 4. But the king of these sandbox explosion events is definitely Minecraft.

The game allows players to craft literal mountains of explosives. Hell, with enough time and resources you could probably build an entire continent made of TNT. Well, if you get bored or find out you have plenty of free time to kill why not build a TNT mountain and then set it on fire?

There are plenty of mods on the internet that allow players to craft custom TNT crates, packing more explosive power or costing fewer resources.

Then you can destroy a whole village or try taking down an entire island. But the best, and the most intense thing you could do is creating an insane tower of explosives in survival mode, set it on fire, and then try surviving the whole mess.

Build your own secret underground base

What's a Minecraft world without a secret underground base? You can build it on your own but the real fun is meeting up with friends online and then building a huge base for the gang together.

You can come up with a design together; it doesn't have to be super complicated base with lots of rooms, furniture, and various special mods. Just dig into the ground and think about the design while doing it.

But if you want to create something more serious the internet is filled with cool tutorials on creating some seriously awesome secret underground bases.

Just type "Minecraft secret underground base" and you will be showered with YouTube videos as well as some cool mods that, once installed, will place a cool underground base on your Minecraft server.

Check out Minecraft mod sites and mess with mods

Along with games such as Fallout 3, Fallout 4, and Skyrim, Minecraft is a game that has the biggest number of mods. Really, it's insane how many mods are there for Minecraft.

You can get new texture packs, you can completely change the looks of the game, there are literally thousands of buildings that can be imported into your server. Mods offer new adventures, new campaigns with their own stories, worlds, and missions. You can turn Minecraft into a next-gen looking game, or you can simply download a whole new map to explore. The number of things you can do with mods is literally unlimited.

So, go to one of the premier Minecraft mod sites and start messing with mods. We recommend installing mods from one of the following sites: MinecraftMods, CurseForge, PlanetMinecraft, and 9Minecraft.

All those are verified sites that do not contain nasty viruses and other stuff that can mess up with your computer. And here's a great WikiHow article on how to install Minecraft mods. Make sure to read that one before your set to explore the insanely large world of Minecraft mods.

Set on an adventure, alone or with friends

As we already mentioned, there are lots of Minecraft mods that offer standalone adventures for solo players and for multiplayer groups. These vary by difficulty, length, world size, number of missions, and many other variables.

But the common thing for lots of them is that they're fun to play and that they can make you invested and entertained for a long time.

adventures in minecraft

There are classic adventures, those that ask you and your friends to save the world again. There are smaller adventures with emotional stories that will make you laugh and cry and there are completely insane custom Minecraft adventures that will take you to unbelievable worlds. Hell, there are even adventures set in space, proper Minecraft space operas.

Once you dive into the world of custom Minecraft adventures you can be hooked for months. And some of those adventures are really awesome, as good or even better than the official Minecraft content.

YouTube is filled with videos showing cool custom adventures and the mod sites we've written above are a great source for downloading custom Minecraft adventures. Further, MinecraftMaps, a site filled with custom Minecraft maps has its own list of top-rated adventure maps so make sure to check that one out.

Recreate your favorite movie or TV show scene or set

We all have our favorite movie, or movies, right? And we all have our favorite TV show. And most of us have a favorite scene from a movie or a TV show, or maybe just love the setting and the world of a specific movie.

Well, Minecraft creative mode is there to let your dreams come true. And if you ever had a dream of recreating your favorite movie scene or movie set Minecraft creative mode is a perfect tool to do just that.

This is a job for one person but if you have a friend (or multiple friends) who also like a certain movie or a TV show well, it's always better to work together than alone!

While the internet has lots of guides and tutorials on how to create famous scenes or movie sets (you can build Central Perk from Friends, Dunder Mifflin building from The Office, Tatooine from Star Wars, or any other scene or a movie set, just type the one you want and add "in Minecraft" to get the guide on how to build it) we recommend to first try building your dream set on your own.

It's more interesting and once you finish it you will feel amazing because you made something on your own without the outside help.

And if you create your favorite movie set in Minecraft with friends, without outside assistance, you and your friends will feel like kings of the world. So, go into creative mode and build some cool movie and TV show sets like, right now!

Use creative mode to build your favorite real-world building

Once you get bored of recreating your favorite movie and TV show sets and scenes you could always set to recreate your favorite buildings in Minecraft. Start with something small and simple, like building your own house.

real world buildings

And then try building something a bit more complex; maybe your favorite Sims house, or some cool building found in the place you live. And once you become crafty well, then it's time to partake in serious projects, projects that can be done with friends!

There's a huge number of tutorials on how to build world-famous buildings and since those are really tricky to build even with having a tutorial open the whole time we recommend reading or watching guides and not trying to construct a huge building on your own. What we are suggesting is creating a whole city made of your favorite buildings, that would be a pretty cool thing to see!

Role-play with your friends or join a role-playing Minecraft server

You've probably heard about GTA IV roleplaying servers, custom multiplayer servers where people get into their alter ego personalities and live someone else's life while having tons of fun. Well, the same roleplaying servers are available in Minecraft, only they aren't as popular as GTA V roleplaying scene.

You can scourge YouTube to find cool roleplay servers, you can look for the best ones on Google, or you can set up your own server with friends, which could end as a great time waster. Really, if you have enough friends who're into roleplay scene you can set up your own server and then have lots of fun for years!

Construct a working ship and then sail into the sunset

Ships are a bit tricky to construct, especially those that can actually sail and keep their head above the water. This can be a great thing to do when you don't know what else to do when playing Minecraft. As always, the internet is filled with suggestions and blueprints, so feel free to search the web for cool ideas.

working ship minecraft

There are tutorials on how to build all kinds of ships, from simple one-person boats to massive pirate ships that can host the whole gang of friends. But if you want to have real fun try building one on your own. It doesn't have to be much, just a simple skiff that can host one person without getting sank. And once you get good at building boats well, it's time to gather friends and build a proper ship, with sails and everything.

And if you really want a challenge well, just take a look at this working plane built in Minecraft. A Reddit user going by the name of MrCatFace8885 has built a working plane (it can fly and all!) in Minecraft by using Redstone, slime blocks, and pistons. So, if someone can build a working plane that really flies you can definitely build a small boat that can stay afloat when you board it.

Tame every single tamable animal

Tamable mobs are aplenty in Minecraft and most of us tamed a couple so we can keep them as pets. But, what if you had to tame every single tamable animal found in Minecraft?

Well, that would certainly be a cool goal to have, one that would take months to accomplish. And, while at it, make it a bit trickier. Set a goal of taming every single tamable animal in Minecraft without having any animal die until you tame them all. Well, now you have something to do for a foreseeable future. You're welcome.

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