Best Careers For Millenials (In Demand Jobs

by Liberty Stembridge, Money Columnist

Published in Money on 8th October, 2019

The Millenial generation comprises a significant portion of the modern workforce - but what careers to millennials actually want? Here are some of the top career options that millennials are looking at, or should be looking into for the future.

Nursing / Midwifery / Doula

As an increasing number of men enter healthcare professions as nurses, midwives and more, there are also an increasing number of jobs available in this sector. The healthcare industry is only growing as the population grows and more and more people need access to doctors, nurses and midwives.

coach pregnant

If you're not so keen on the idea of going back to school for a few more years, many millennials who are inclined to work in the healthcare professions, particularly midwifery, are looking at a career as a Doula. Doula's essentially coach pregnant women through the pregnancy and birth process, providing support, care, advice and encouragement.

Benefits of a career in this field include flexible working hours, job satisfaction and the ability to truly help others.


The term "producer" is a pretty vague term, but it generally applies to most creative fields, in particular - media. Producers work in film, TV, commercial and social media roles. In order to build a career in production, you will likely need to start out as a production assistant, learning from more senior producers.

Freelance work as a production assistant is possible, as is freelance work as a senior producer. The higher you climb the ranks and the more experience you gain, the more money you can expect to earn per day.

Working in freelance or as a contractor means you can earn a lot more, plus you can create your own schedule and have more control over your working hours. The TV and film industry is continuing to grow at an impressive rate, meaning more and more production jobs are popping up that need to be filled.

Makeup Artist

Makeup artists apply cosmetics and can work in a variety of industries, from film and tv to theatre to private events and weddings. Many makeup artists work as freelancers or run their own businesses, allowing them more control over their working times and earnings.

makeup artist

There is a continued need for makeup artists as the film & TV industry expands, and of course, people continue to get married, go to prom, and so on. Highly experienced makeup artists with an impressive portfolio will be able to book bigger clients and get paid a lot more.

Fitness / Wellness Instructor

The health and wellness sector continues to grow, and as more and more people are living in cities, more of us want access to yoga classes, fitness classes and more.

As such, there is an increased demand for fitness instructors for everything from Zumba to Pilates to Yoga to Personal Training. Fitness instructors may run their own business, taking on private clients, or they may work through a gym or studio.

Social Media Manager

Millennials saw the birth of social media, and many grew up with it as a part of their daily lives. As such, there's no better a generation to work in social media.

If you're a millennial, you likely already have plenty of experience with social media and how it works. Of course, you need more than just a mild twitter addiction to work in social media, but it helps. Some social media managers complete undergraduate degrees in areas such as PR or marketing, but many are either self-taught or take a private course.

Many social media managers work on a freelance basis, but there are plenty of companies hiring full-time social media managers to expand their brand's presence.

Software Engineers

The tech industry continues to boom, and software engineers are in high demand. An increasing number of millennials are finding themselves dissatisfied with their careers and looking for a way to combine their creativity with problem-solving and technical skills, whilst still making a good wage.

software engineers

A career as a software engineer can provide this - software engineers design and build software from scratch, collaborating as part of a team but also working independently. Plus, the pay for software engineers is generally pretty high, particularly if you are a contractor.

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designers communicate a brand's ideas or message visually to the appropriate audience. They tailor their designs to meet a person or brand's needs and apply design principles to make stunning works of art that are as functional as they are beautiful.

They may be responsible for the entire creation of a brand, its advertising, logo, business cards and more. Many graphic designers work as freelancers, which gives you more control over when and where you work, but many are also employed full time.

In general, you will need some kind of qualification, be it a tertiary qualification or an undergraduate degree, but some designers are self-taught. Ultimately your employability rests in the quality of your portfolio.

Data Scientist

Data is becoming more and more important. Companies collect it, study it, sell it and manipulate it. Data scientists extract, analyze and interpret data for a variety of causes and companies.

They work across a broad spectrum of industries, from finance, academia, research, health, marketing, government, retail and more. Data scientists can expect good graduate earnings and considerable opportunities in terms of pay, with chief data scientists earning upwards of $100,000 per year.

data scientist

You'll typically need a degree in computer science, mathematics or data science and be expected to be proficient in some coding languages such as Java and Python.

Financial Analyst

Financial Analysts provide guidance and advice to individuals or businesses as to how they can optimize or improve their finances. They evaluate the current data and past trends, keep up to date with current economic or business trends, write reports and meet with business investors.

In short, they are financial wizards, and as such are a very valuable asset to many businesses, meaning the sector is only growing. If you have a keen eye for maths and budgeting, a career in finance might be for you.

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