Best Youtube Channels That Will Make You Smarter

by Liberty Stembridge, Entertainment Columnist

Published in Entertainment on 23rd October, 2019

Sure the internet is great for catching up with friends, looking at memes and watching Jimmy Kimmel clips at 3 AM when you can't sleep - but why not use it to advance your own knowledge, and expand your horizons?

There are literally hundreds of educational channels on youtube that could probably teach you just about anything you want in life, but to save time I've collated some of the most popular ones, so you can happily attend your next quiz night knowing that you stand a chance of getting at least one of the questions right.

PBS Digital Studios

PBS digital studios is a youtube channel and network through which the Public Broadcasting Service distributes a variety of different educational shows, all for free consumption through youtube or their website.

All the PBS shows are high-quality, well-researched videos with helpful graphics, animations, and teachers who are experts in their fields.

In addition to this, you can find online communities associated with each show in which you can find others who enjoy the show and engage in discussions about the show topics.


Explore the history of the earth through PBS Eons - a show that takes you through the entirety of the planet's past, from the very dawn of life, to the age of dinosaurs, to the dawn of human civilization.

These videos help you to visualize what life millions of years ago looked like, how it evolved and why it eventually ended.

PBS SpaceTime

One of PBS's most popular shows, PBS SpaceTime has millions of views and a devoted fanbase of inquisitive amateur astronomers. Explore the mysteries of the universe, the challenges currently facing modern physics and the many theories of how we came to be.

From the multiverse to string theory and quantum tunneling - there's always something new and slightly insane to be explored.


Not to be confused the elixir of truth found in the Harry Potter universe - Derek Muller's youtube channel named "Veritasium" comes from the combination of the Latin word for truth "Veritas" and the suffix "ium" - essentially meaning "Element of Truth".

On his channel, Muller seeks to enlighten viewers on the weird and wonderful world of science. On his channels he conducts experiments, interviews industry experts and creates educational videos.

CGP Grey

Collin Gregory Palmer Grey shortened his name to C.G.P Grey and shortly after created one of the most popular educational channels on youtube.

His quirky animations, dry humor and easy-to-digest explanations of topics make his videos endearing, informative and fun to watch. Grey covers a range of topics from geopolitics, world history and plane boarding to his long-held hatred of the penny.

Crash Course

Want to learn about something? Crash Course probably has a video for you to learn about it from. With hundreds of videos garnering millions of views and an entire production team behind each one - Crash Course is one of the best places on the internet to go to learn stuff.

Whether you're revising for a test, want to discover something new or have challenged yourself to learn Computer Science in a week, Crash Course is here for you.

With enigmatic hosts, excellent graphics and a clear, easy-to-understand explanation style, Crash Course makes it easy to learn, for free.


Money makes the world go round, and yet so few of us actually understand how economics works and how it influences our own lives.

Dive into the world of economics and learn how money interacts with the most basic elements of life such as happiness or death, as well as more abstract concepts such as inflation and taxes.


Speak to any high school biology student and they will probably cite crash course biology as one of their revision aids.

Crash course biology takes an in-depth look at what makes up life itself, from the production of ATP inside the mitochondria of your cells to the transfer of oxygen through the membranes of your lungs or the systems by which we classify all life on earth.

Study Skills

Stepping away from advanced science for a second, Crash Course also has courses to actually help you learn.

If you're a mature student looking to get back into education, or just a struggling high schooler wondering how you can perform better on tests, Crash Course has your back with their Crash Course: Study Skills. You'll learn how to take notes, revise, get over test anxiety and much more.


Henry Reich is a theoretical physics graduate who studied at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics before leaving academia to focus on creating awesome physics-based educational content for youtube after realizing his love for film.

His catchy, informative and sometimes mind-blowing explanations of physics caught on quickly, and he now has almost million subscribers on his youtube channel, where he continues to describe the wonders of the universe in bite-sized format (although not all of his videos are under a minute).

Smarter Every Day

Want to get smarter every day? Then, boy, do I have a youtube channel for you! Destin Sandlin is a Ph.D. student and aerospace engineering graduate from Alabama who wants to help you do exactly that.

In his informative, fun videos he covers everything from social media algorithms to how you can split a playing card in half with a bullet.

The channel now has over 7million followers, a devoted fanbase and is great to watch if you're looking for lighthearted fun but admittedly very nerdy content.


Like maths? Hate maths? Just want to get better at maths? This is the channel for you. Numberphile is all about numbers and the people who love them. If you want to truly gain a new perspective on mathematics from some of the leading experts in the field, then Numberphile is the right place to be.

It might sound uber-geeky, and it kind of is, but it's creator, Brady Haran, does an incredible job of showcasing the wonders of the mathematical world, for even the layman to understand.

Haran himself is a former BBC journalist, and many of the videos are in an interview format, questioning some of the top mathematical minds of the modern age.


Created by Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown, asapSCIENCE explore all the realms of science, and aims to simplify them in videos that are fun to watch, and easy to understand.

Many of their videos are frankly slightly ridiculous, but all of them are informative and well-researched, so you won't even realize that you're learning anything.

The channel now has over 8 million subscribers and continues to grow and upload regularly.

Ten Minute History

Want to learn about history but can't bring yourself to read through the mountains of overly drawn-out history books in the library?

Ten Minute History brings you the answer in the form of ten-minute videos teaching you about some of the most important historical events from all over the world, that ultimately ended up shaping the world we have today.

How To Adult

Ever wanted to know how to adult, but never been able to figure it out? This is the channel for you.

Whether you're a baby adult trying to figure out how to survive, or a veteran adult wondering how you still don't know how to do your taxes, How To Adult can help.

With topics ranging from how to communicate in relationships, how to find a therapist, how to change your car oil, how to find a new job or how to find a place to live, How To Adult is the online guide you never knew you needed.

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