How To Tell If A Girl Is Falling In Love With You

by Zara Mohammed, Relationships Columnist

Published in Relationships on 25th October, 2019

Isn't it a wonderful thing when you learn that someone is falling for you? The trouble for guys of course, is that girls can be confusing. Is there a girl in your life who is giving you mixed messages? Don't get frustrated.

Keep reading to find out how to tell if a girl is falling in love with you with these common tell tale signs.

couple in love

You Keep Hearing Her Use The Word "We"

When a girl repeatedly refers to you both as "we" and "us" it is a sure sign that she is developing feeling for you. She thinks of you as a team now, which means you are becoming an important part of her life. Congratulations - You have graduated from being just some guy she's dating to her potential long term partner.

She Has A Grin On Her Face When She Sees You

Have you ever really liked someone and found that you always have an uncontrollable cheesy grin plastered to your face every time you see them or they call you? Well, that giddy feeling you get is the same giddy feeling that she is getting, and it doesn't just mean she's happy to see you. It means she's falling for you - Yay!

grin on her face

She Deleted Her Dating Apps

Major clue here guys! If the girl is drawing a line and cutting off all other options of finding love, it's probably because she's already found it. Yes my friend, you could be the one. Don't get freaked out now... If you feel like deleting your dating apps too, then it's definitely a good thing. You both feel ready to make a commitment, how awesome is that?

You're The First Person She Shares News With

Usually a girl's first port of call when she has news to share is her girlfriends. So if she's coming to you first, whether it's good news or bad news she wants to share, it means something significant. It means that you mean something significan, to her.

When it comes to sharing news we usually want to share it with the people we feel close with. If you are the one she is sharing her news with first, then you must be the person she feels closest to.

She Asks You For Your Advice

When a girl asks a guy for advice, she clearly feels something for him that is stronger than just butterflies or lust. Girls go to the people they trust, and whose opinion they value, when they need advice.

asking for your advice

If there is a girl who you are involved with, who comes to you for advice over the other people in her life, she clearly respects and appreciates you. She wants to know what you think because your opinion is important to her. You are important to her.

Conversations Are Getting Deep

When a girl opens up to you it is a very positive sign, and a significant development in your relationship. At the beginning of relationships when you are both just getting to know each other, the focus is more likely to be on having fun and enjoying any sexual chemistry.

As soon as a girl begins to confide in you, whether it is talking about past relationships or expressing her feelings towards you, it means she feels comfortable and trusts you enough now to let you in. She is no longer being reserved or cautious because she is not afraid of getting hurt. This is a real compliment, so enjoy it.

She Talks About The Future

If a girl is talking about her future, and you feature in it, it's plain to see that she has been thinking about you on a more serious level. You only start to think about involving someone in your fantasies or ideas about your future when they really mean something to you, and you can see the relationship lasting a long time.

Talking about the future doesn't necessarily mean a conversation involving marriage and children though. It is the smaller things, like what you are planning to do in the summer or for your birthday.

These are things that show she has a desire for commitment and more involvement in your life, which means she cares about you and wants to spend even more quality time together.

She Likes Your Weird Quirks

We all have things about us that others might find a little odd. When a girl you're seeing shows appreciation for your weird quirks it means she quite likes you! I mean, if a girl is basically saying that she likes you despite your flaws, and even possible that she likes them, it must mean that she's falling for you, right? No girl in their right mind would find your funky habits endearing unless they were falling in love.

She Buys You Things

It's given that the guy buys the girl gifts. But when a girl starts buying things for you, it's a very good sign. I'm not talking about expensive watches or designer clothes here, but if she buys you small things here and there it shows that she is thinking about you when you're not around.

she buys you things

Little gestures like a pick-me-up bar of chocolate when you have had a bad day, shows you she really cares about you.

She Gets Her Kicks Out Of Teasing You

When a girl seems to love to tease you it isn't because she wants to make you feel bad. It's a bit like when you were at school and you used to punch the girl you fancied in the arm. It's meant to be an awkward show of affection, although the girl probably didn't think so at the time.

Being teased is totally a compliment, and you should take it that way, because she is trying to tell you that she likes you, a lot!

She Shows No Interest In Other Guys

Most girls tend to be a bit tunnel vision when they are genuinely falling for a guy. So if a girl you're seeing has stopped talking to other guys, or even seems offended when another guy approaches her or shows any interest, it's because in her mind she's already taken.

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