50 Prodigious Blog Post Ideas For Beginners

by Liberty Stembridge, Lifestyle Columnist

Published in Lifestyle and Viral on 31st October, 2019

By far the hardest part of blogging for many newbie bloggers, is creating a constant stream of new content. Coming up with ideas for things to write about is difficult for any writer, but it's even tougher when you're trying to keep to a strict weekly schedule!

So to take the pressure off, here's a list of 50 blog post ideas for beginner or veteran bloggers alike. Each idea can be applied to your blog, no matter what kind of blogging niche you're in.


An Introduction

Who are you? What do you do? Why are you starting a blog? If people are going to get invested in your work, they need to know who you are and what you do, so write a little introduction post telling them exactly that. You don't need to divulge your entire life's story, but it's nice when your readers feel like they know you.

A Manifesto

By dictionary definition, a manifesto is a published declaration of intentions, motives or views. It's not just startups that need them, your blog does too. A manifesto serves three important functions: it helps you to clarify exactly what your own intentions with your blog are, it helps your readers to understand what you're doing, and it helps potential sponsors understand what they could be working with.

Your Favourite Recipes

You don't have to be a cooking blog to share your favourite recipes - everyone eats, and even if you're no kitchen aficionado, you probably have at least a few favourite recipes to share. It could be your grandma's secret brownie recipe, or that crazy ramen concoction you discovered in college. Whatever floats your boat.

A Life Update

People love to get the inside scoop on a bloggers life, so give it to them every now and again. Write about your career, your family, your travels, your achievements, your highs and lows - the juicier the better!


A Letter To Your Younger Self

Everyone has memories that they look back on and cringe. We've all made mistakes as young uns, and we all have wisdom to share from it. Think back to what you wish someone had told you as a 12, 15 or 18 year old and start writing from there.


What better way to connect with your readers than to answer their questions directly? A Q&A not only stokes engagement in the form of readers submitting questions (which you could gather through your blog or through other social media channels) but also gives you a chance to offer advice relevant to your niche directly.

Share A Life Lesson

People love to hear about other people's mistakes, and how they can avoid them. So share your most recent or profound life lesson, be it in business, blogging, friendship or relationship.

Share Your Favourite Products

Are there any products related to your niche that you absolutely love? Share them! Even if you blog about minimalism, there are probably some products that help you along the way right?

What Do You Like / Dislike About Your Job

Share the ups and downs of your job, and what advice you'd give to someone looking to do the same. This can be very helpful to readers that are looking to follow in your footsteps in terms of career, or just insightful for anyone interested in learning about your life.

Talk About Your Relationships

Humans are built to be social, we love to gossip and get the inside scoop on other people's lives and relationships - so share a bit about yours!


5 Shops You Like, And Why You Like Them

What are your top five retail outlets related to your niche, and why do you like them? Would you recommend them to your readers, why or why not?

A Topical News Piece

The great thing about the news is that it's always changing, and there's always something new happening for you to talk about. Find something relevant to your niche that's happening at the moment and talk about it!

Share Your Goals and Intentions For The Next Year

You can do this post at any time of the year, but of course at New Year's it's going to be a bit more relevant. Share your goals for the next year and how you intend to achieve them.

One Thing That Helps You Get Relaxed / Get Prepared

How do you wind down and get ready for big events, or stressful situations? It's likely that other people in your blogging niche will also feel scared or stressed about similar situations, so share how you go about dealing with this stress and what they can do to combat it too.

A Photo Journal

A picture's worth a thousand words, and can provide a different perspective into your life and work - so create a photo journal. Write an explanation for each photo, and why it's relevant to your niche.

Something you've changed in your life recently, and how it's affected you for better or worse

Change is uncomfortable, but it propels us forwards. Everyone can relate to going through big changes in life, so it's a great topic to talk about within your niche. Whether it's parenting, careers, art or travel, there's always some big change happening - so talk about it, and how it's affected you.

A gift guide for a holiday, or birthdays

I know that I for one am always desperate for more gift ideas, and it's likely your readers will be too. If you can, pick gift ideas that are relevant for people in your niche, but you can branch out too, especially around big holidays such as Christmas or Easter.

Respond to a Negative Comment or Feedback

The minute you start putting yourself out there into the world and gaining some traction, you can be sure that some of it will be negative. Such is life on the internet.

Rather than burying your head in the sand and ignoring it all, try picking out one or two negative comments and responding to them. It shows that you're self-aware, and gives you a chance to defend yourself to the nay-sayers.

Of course, not all negativity is worth responding to, but sparking some friendly debate in response to criticism isn't a bad thing.

Celebrate other bloggers in your niche

Who inspired you to start blogging? Who have you found to be the most interesting and informative out of your niche? Talk about them! Lifting other bloggers up is a sure fire way to make friends and create a social group of bloggers that you can use to cross-promote and empower each other.


Talk about your other social media platforms

Make sure your readers know that you exist elsewhere? Cross-promoting all of your online platforms is super important not only for engagement, but for growth. So let everyone know what you're up to on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter etc etc etc.

A Book Review

Have you read any books in your niche recently that really left an impression on you (positive or negative)? Talk about them! I know I love reading book reviews to determine whether I should read something or not, and so will your readers.

A Roundup

Roundup posts are always a great idea, you might even want to consider making them a weekly / monthly feature on your blog. They're fun to make and fun to read.

Simply find and collate all of your favourite niche-related articles, pictures, accounts, quotes, tweets, books and memes from around the web into one blogpost and publish!

Rant about something that makes you angry

We all have something that makes us irrationally angry - so talk about it! Opinions make great content, so share some of your more fired up one's. Brownie points if it's related to your niche in particular.

Something you've learnt from blogging

By now you've probably learnt a thing or two from blogging - so talk about what you've learnt. Whether it's how to be a better writer, how to tackle criticism and hate, how to use social media to your advantage or how to engage better with the people who like your work.

Try Something New And Talk About It

Is there's something you've always wanted to, or been scared to try? Do it, and talk about your experience, whether good or bad. It could be public speaking, going to an event, trying a new skill or taking on a new kind of project. Give your readers the inside scoop on what went down.

Invite Someone To Talk On Your Blog

Guest posts are great, not only do you get a fresh voice on your blog and hopefully someone interesting to interview / talk to, but you may also attract some of the readers from their blog onto yours. Invite a blogger friend to do a guest post on something they're passionate about or particularly knowledgeable in.

A How-To Post

Ideally, your niche should be something you're particularly experienced in or knowledgeable about, so you should have some tips and tricks up your sleeve that you can share with your readers. How-to posts are always a good idea, because they not only showcase your knowledge, but they're helpful for the reader too.

A Quiz

You only have to look at the success of Buzzfeed to see the appeal of quizzes on a blog. They are fun to make, fun to do, and potentially insightful for your readers. If you want to be a bit silly, you can do a buzzfeed-style "pick a cake and I'll tell you what kind of couch you should buy" or you could make it more useful - it's completely up to you.

An Open Letters

An open letter is simply a letter you've written to someone, that you publish for all the public to see. They usually get a bit heated or personal, which is what is so great about them. For your readers, it's like a little insight into your mind an opinions.


They don't have to be negative either. You can write one to an influential figure you love, or someone you don't love quite so much. If you want to get personal, you could write one to an important figure in your own life.

Debunk Some Myths

No matter your niche, there's always going to be myths and misunderstandings. So debunk some, whether it's the moon landing or using pink tiles in a bathroom - there's always something!

Three Wishes

Talk about your three greatest wishes at the moment, be they blog-related, life-related or niche-related. This is a good way for readers to get to know you, and inspire them to think about what their priorities in life are right now.

The Best & Worst Advice For People In Your Niche

Think back to some of the best and worst advice you've seen when working in and researching your blogging niche - wouldn't it have been great if someone had sorted through all those opinions and categorize them as "worthwhile" or "trash" to save you the time of having to figure it out yourself? That may not have been available to you, but you can certainly provide it for your readers. Be it parenting, cooking, DIY or travelling!

A Stand-Out Post

Talk about what makes you different from other bloggers in your niche. While having a set niche makes it easier for people to engage with your blog, you don't want to be a copy-and-paste of the next blogger - so talk about what sets you and your blog apart from the rest.

Write About Your Biggest Fears

We all have fears, so talk about yours. Opening up and getting a bit vulnerable about the things that scare you, whether it's just in life, or niche-specific, can be really helpful for readers. Remember to also talk about how you're overcoming those fears for a bit of inspiration at the end of the post.


What Your First Job Taught You

If your blog is career specific, then this one will be excellent for you, but it could work for any type of blog. Simply talk about what you learnt in your first real job, be it the waitressing job you had as a teen or your first corporate office job.

A Niche-Related Dictionary

Talk about all the weird words and phrases that are specific to your niche, that newbie readers might not know about. This is a great way to have a bit of fun and test your knowledge, whilst also providing some helpful insight to your readers.

A Best Of Your Blog

Best Of's are awesome, especially when you're busy and don't want to write a blog post. You can use them when you're in a pickle, uninspired or need a nice way to round up the year.

Of course, they should be used sparingly, but there's no harm in chucking them in once or twice a year. It also gives new readers a chance to view some of your best posts, rather than having to dig through a back-catalog.

Simply go through your archives and compile a list of your favourite blog posts, and one's that have done really well in terms of popularity and engagement.

Dissect Someone Else's Work

Limber up and get ready for an opinion piece, it's time to criticise (or praise!) someone else's work. These are usually great ways to attract readers and engagement, and are usually a bit of fun. Simply talk about someone else's work, in your niche and why you either liked or disliked it.

A Travel Guide

If you're a travel blog, you've probably already done one of these, but if you're not, don't rule one out. Niche-related travel guides are awesome. For example, if you're an artist and blog about art, perhaps you could to an "Artists Tour of XYZ" visiting the local art galleries, monuments and exhibits.


Talk About Your Favourite and Least Favourite Parts Of Your Niche

Nothing is perfect, so talk about what it's like living the life you do, and what you like/dislike about it. People appreciate honesty over a false pretense that everything's always going to be sunshine and rainbows, so give them it.

Motivation Tips

How do you stay motivated and inspired to keep talking and working in your niche? What do you do when you don't feel inspired and start procrastinating? Share your experiences and tips with your readers.

Talk About Learning Materials

When you were starting out in your niche (or even if you're still starting out) what learning materials did you find most useful. It could be anything from youtube videos, to books, to online courses or pinterest boards. Collate them in a blog post for your readers to look over and learn from too.

Talk About How You've Found Blogging So Far

You've written a fair few blog posts by now, so talk about it - how has blogging been for you, what are the ups and downs, anything you would change? Write a few inspiring words for anyone looking to start a blog too.

Podcasts For Your Niche

Podcasts are all the rage at the moment. Their great, you can listen to them in the car, in the shower, whilst going to sleep. It's like a constant source of inspiration and entertainment, with thousands of them available just by tapping your phone. So talk about the best podcasts for people in your niche, and the ones you enjoy if you listen to any.

Write A Checklist For Your Readers

"Write a checklist" is a little vague, but it's up to you to decide what the checklist is for. I know i for one, love a good checklist, and so you can tailor it to whatever suits your niche.

If you're a parenting, make a checklist of things you need for a newborn, or if you're a travel blog, talk about what you need to backpack south east asia - it's totally up to you.

Review Your Manifesto

Look back at the manifesto you wrote? Did you actualise your intentions? Do you feel like your blog represents what you were aiming for, or even more? Why or why not? It's good to remind yourself every now and again of your overall goals with regards to your blog, both for yourself and for your readers.

Your Biggest Mistakes

What are some of the biggest blunders you've made, with relation to your niche? How have you learned from those mistakes and how can your readers benefit from your trial-and-error too?

talk about mistakes

Your Morning & Evening Routines

Letting your readers in on your daily routines is a great way to build up a relationship and add a more personal touch to your blog. After all, it's the daily motions of our lives that end up becoming life itself. So give your readers the scoop and show them how your routines help or hinder you.

X Thing's You've Learnt By X

The "30 things i've learnt by 30" format is a great way to get your writing juices flowing, while also creating an interesting and informative piece for your readers. It lets them in on your life, while also hopefully giving them a few words of wisdom they might not have had before.

Your Favourite Materials

What do you use to do what you do, and why do you use it. If you're an artist, talk about the materials, paper and mediums that you use. If you're a parent, talk about the toys, books and baby appliances you use.

If you're a recipe blogger, talk about the different cooking equipment you use and so on and so on. It may seem boring at first, but these types of blog posts can end up being the most interesting and informative to your readers, and are great for attracting new subscribers.

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