Throwback: Huge List Of 80s Horror Movies That Will Keep You Up At Night

by Kahlia Meeuwsen, Entertainment Columnist

Published in Entertainment on 4th November, 2019

While there have been some great modern horror films, it's hard to beat the tones carried by horror films in the 80s. Some of them may seem silly, but the fear they create will linger with you long after you've finished watching them.

If you're looking for some new horror movies to watch, or just want to catch up on some old classics, you're in the right place. The movies on this list are sure to entertain and frighten you. However, they may also keep you from getting some much needed sleep, so watch them with caution!

Killer Clowns From Outer Space

Clowns have been something that have creeped us out for many years. Even before the infamous Pennywise of the 90s, the Killer Clowns From Outer Space terrified viewers. Using their strange powers, they're able to transform humans into cotton candy and drink a gelatin-like form of their life essence. This is an ideal film for those looking to combine cheesy and creepy!

Bad Taste

It's frightening enough to imagine aliens coming to Earth to eliminate mankind. Now, imagine that their purpose for doing so is to provide fast food to other beings within the universe. What may surprise you even more is that this film is a representation of Peter Jackson long before the Lord Of The Rings films came about. Bad Tase may not be quite as expertly made, but it is certainly a creepy ride!

American Werewolf In London

Exploring a new land is such a fun thing, except when you're attacked by some kind of rabid creature. After the attack, the surviving American tourist begins to have visions of his friend who was killed by the beast. The living corpse of this friend continues to remind him that he too, will soon become a beast. Unless he can be stopped before then.

Monkey Shines

Most of us are familiar with service dogs. Whether they're leading the blind or helping those dealing with a condition or disability, they're certainly great help to have around. Choosing a monkey over a service dog is one mistake that changes the life of the protagonist in this film forever. When man and monkey begin to share the same memories and thoughts, things start to become really brutal for those around him.


There are many films out there that aim to combine horror and comedy, but how many combine horror and action? This cult classic is one that has gone down in history as a thrilling and terrifying adventure. Not only that, but it stars everyone's favorite action-star-turned-governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Just how do you fight a creature that you cannot see, but that can see you perfectly well?

Silent Night, Deadly Night

Few things will destroy your psyche quite like watching your parents be murdered by someone who is supposed to bring everyone joy, Santa. Having spent years in an orphanage after the event, Billy has struggled with what took place. When he comes of age and is able to leave, he decides that maybe Santa wasn't in the wrong, and decides to take on the role himself.

Fright Night

These days, many of us wonder about how trustworthy our neighbors our. However, we don't often find ourselves concerned that our neighbors might be vampires. In this film, the young protagonist is worried about exactly that. Young women in the area have begun to disappear, leading him to believe that his attractive new neighbor is doing something nefarious with them.


Even today, there are those who want nothing more than to climb the social ladder as far as they possibly can. However, one boy discovers that the social elite may have more going on than fancy dinners and country clubs.

Even his own family members seem to be hiding something he can't quite put his finger on, but it might have something to do with people disappearing from time to time.


If there's one thing we've learned about horror, it's that sometimes a house is a lot more than just a house. In this one, an author decides to make himself at home. Having once belonged to his late aunt, he finds the space to be a suitable and inexpensive option to write in.

However, when nightmares, strange monsters and wartime flashbacks begin to plague him, he starts to think otherwise.

April Fool's Day

It may seem like such a treat to be invited to stay at the estate of a wealthy friend, but sometimes it may be worth thinking twice. Being a huge prankster, this friend begins tormenting her college friends with various pranks.

At first, it's all fun and games. However, it isn't long before those pranks are combined with the deaths and disappearances of group members.

My Bloody Valentine

For the vast majority of us, Valentine's Day is a day to spread love and appreciation. However, in this small town, the holiday is often avoided due to the legend of a murderer who attacks those celebrating.

Using a pickaxe, the killer removes the hearts of his victims. This film follows a group of young adults who decide to ignore the legend, and the consequences they earn.


If there's one thing we can learn from this movie, it's the importance of taking care of your pets. When a teenager receives a mysterious and adorable mogwai, he experiences the results of poor pet care firsthand.

A misstep results in the birth of terrifying and murderous gremlins, who wreak havoc on the entire town. The winter holidays won't be quite the same after watching this film.

The Funhouse

Have you ever been on one of those funhouse rides at the fair? You ride through, and lights flash, cardboard or plastic creatures pop up to scare you. Generally it's a cheesy, but entertaining experience. That isn't the case in this film, where a group of teenagers go onto one of these rides only to find that there is no escape, and something terrible after them.

Friday The 13th

When a young child meets his end at a summer camp lake, the camp and the counselors who work there gain the attention of something horrific. A ghostly being seeks revenge against any who decide to become counselors there, regardless of whether or not they were those who allowed the death of young Jason. You'll have to watch to find out just who the killer is.

The Blob

Those of us who have heard of The Blob but haven't seen the film may picture it to be something akin to "Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes". However, this is one film that is much more frightening than it may seem. In this movie, a disturbing gel-like material is rolling through the sewers of a small town. When it finds ways to get out, it feasts on anyone it happens to run into.

Day Of The Dead

We've all seen films about how a zombie outbreak can occur, but what happens when they've all but taken over the planet? Here, a small number of survivors exist within a specially-made bunker. That said, disruptions ensue when the military members discover that scientist are using their own zombified people for awful experiments. Is everything about to fall apart for them all?

Brain Damage

How far will a human being go in order to receive feelings of intense pleasure? The man in this film comes face to face with a parasite caple of providing exactly that. However, the cost of these feelings is something horrific, the lives of other human beings. Will he be able to escape this parasite, or will his killing rampage go on forever? This is one that will surely creep you out!

Basket Case

They say there are few things stronger than the bond between twins. This is certainly proven to be true in this film, where twins who had previously been attached to one another work together to get their revenge on those who separated them. What makes this film truly terrifying is that one of the twins has ended up as something altogether inhuman, resulting in the need to be hidden away in a basket.

Dead Alive/Brain Dead

It starts with an overbearing mother, and turns into a cowardly son becoming the slayer of some truly horrific zombie-like creatures. Having been bitten by a Sumatran rat monkey at the zoo, Lionel's spying mother gets far more than she deserves. This film is a ridiculous, frightening combination of The Thing and The Evil Dead, and it's certainly one of the most underrated horror films out there.

Night Of The Demons

What's more appealing way is there to spend Halloween night than at a funeral parlor? The teenagers in this film certainly can't think of anything better. However, they soon find that this parlor isn't one that is willing to let them escape. Instead, it unleashes an evil that would happily take over each and every one of them. Don't leave this one out when you're looking for spooky Halloween-night films!

Children Of The Corn

There are few films that will make you more afraid of children than this one. It follows Burt and his girlfriend as they head through the midwest towards a new job and a fresh start. When they find the body of a young boy on the road, they head into a little town looking for help. Instead, what they find is more children, though it may not be the joyous experience you might expect from a town full of kids.


Though the name might make this movie sound quite silly, it's far more frightening than you might expect. There are many parents out there who might opt to seek revenge when their child dies, even if that death was accidental. Harvey decides to do this through the act of sumoning a horrific creature known as Pumpkinhead.

As the beast hunts down those responsible for the untimely demise of his son, Harvey soon learns that there may be a connection between himself and Pumpkinhead that he didn't expect.

Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer

There are many horrors the imagination can come up with, but in the end they're all fake. Real horrors are those who have actually stalked our streets. Serial killers like Henry Lee Lucas have brought fear, disgust and terror to those around them. In this film, you'll see just how Henry and his friend Otis go about their killing spree. Just remember, it's all based on a true story.

Prince Of Darkness

The Thing wasn't the only decent work that came from the mind of John Carpenter. In this film, a container of disgusting slime is found by a curious priest. In order to find out just what it actually is, the priest calls on the assistance of scientific minds.

What they all find is that this slime is something that should have been left alone. As Satan's essential essence, it begins to take them over one by one.

Nightmare On Elm Street

Most of us imagine that we are safest when we are sleeping comfortably in our beds. However, the killer in this film shows us that we're not.

The infamous Freddy finds his victims when they are at their most vulnerable, and what they don't realize is that their end in dreams also means their end in real life. Those who experience Freddy in their dreams have to learn how to get rid of him before they're all brought to a bloody end.


The confession of an affair can be a heartbreaking experience, and it's even worse when you had no idea it was coming. When Anna decides to leave behind her child and husband for a new man, her husband becomes suspicious. After hiring a private investigator to find out what's going on, he discovers that there might be more to the story than he initially believed.

From Beyond

Humans have long been curious about what exists in other worlds, whether those worlds be somewhere out in the universe or parallel dimensions to our own. Dr. Pretorius finds such a dimension, and it's one designed to provide immense amounts of pleasure. However, when he dies somewhere in this other world, his assistant and two allies have to make their own journey into it to find out what really happened.


From nearly the point of its creation, television has sought ways to gather more and more viewers. In this film, Max Renn, the president of a television channel, is doing exactly that. It isn't long before he discovers visions of awful torture, punishment and even murder that he deems to be a perfect fit. However, he may learn that he may be airing something more than excess television effects and fake blood.


We may think that the ability to return the dead to life is something desirable, but maybe instead it's something to be feared. In this film based on a story by H.P.Lovecraft, a doctor with a less than reputable past discovered the secret to escaping death. Combining horror and crude humor, this is a film that you will surely never forget.

The Fly

In this 1980s remake, Jeff Goldblum stars as a scientist named Seth Brundle. That alone should be enough to entice many. After all, who can resist Jeff Goldblum?

After an unexpected problem occurs with his new teleportation device, Brundle soon discovers that his own cells are being invaded by that of a common housefly. As he slowly changes from man to creature, you'll have to watch to discover whether or not he's able to solve the problem.


There are many of us who fear the possiblity of moving into a house we later find to be haunted. That's exactly what happens to the Freelings in this film. Though at first, the ghostly experiences seem playful, it isn't long before they cause the disappearance of the family's youngest daughter. With the help of some authorities of the supernatural, they'll have to fight to get her back.

The Shining

If you're any kind of horror fan at all, then you're sure to have heard about The Shining, even in passing. This is another film that features a location where reaching help is a daunting task just within itself. Based on the Stephen King story, this movie tells the story of a man and his family who go to care for a hotel in the icy off season. What they soon learn is that the hotel is one capable of driving a loving father mad.


There are few beings more terrifying than the Cenobites. If you don't know what Cenobites are, it's time for you to find out. In the first of the Hellraiser films, we follow a man and his wife as they move into his brother's home, who died under mysterious circumstances. It isn't long before the man's wife realizes he can be brought back, though it will require a great deal of sacrifice.

The Thing

While this might be an older film, it's not one that should be taken lightly. It takes place in a location where you can't simply call the police to come save you, Antarctica. Having discovered a gruesome scene in a nearby Norwegian camp, a group of American scientists soon discover that there's an evil out on the ice that can become anyone at any time, and it's up to them to keep it from infiltrating the rest of the world.

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