Immense Selection Of Scarlett Johansson Movies

by Kahlia Meeuwsen, Entertainment Columnist

Published in Entertainment on 7th November, 2019

There are so many different actresses in Hollywood today, and they all bring to the table different looks, talents and overall tones. Yet there are few who stand out quite like Scarlett Johansson.

Whether she's playing a rowdy teen or a stunning superhero, Scarlett is among the greats when it comes to anyone in the acting field. However, odds are I don't need to tell you how great she is, since you're here looking for her best movies!

Below, you'll find a wide selection of the best films Scarlett Johansson has been involved in. New and old, these are all greats that you're sure to enjoy. Don't forget to add them to the list for your next movie night!

The Black Dahlia

Few people out there don't know the story of the Black Dahlia, a lovely young woman murdered by an unknown assailant. This movie takes that story and focuses on the lives of those who are investigating it.

A pair of cops soon find that this murder may go a little deeper than they'd like to believe. For one, it results in the sacrifice of time with his wife. Meanwhile, the other learns that the woman he's seeing might be more connected to the situation than is comfortable.

The Perfect Score

There were many of us in high school who wanted nothing more than to make it into a great college afterward. This is exactly how the teenagers in this film feel, and they're willing to do something a bit more deceptive than studying hard to do it.

Instead, they choose to make an attempt at getting into the testing facility to find the SAT questions. It ends up being more complicated than they expected, and you'll have to watch to see if they're able to pull it off!

The Nanny Diaries

When a college student takes a job as a nanny, she learns just how difficult juggling life can be. This is especially true when she discovers that the children she's meant to look after are intensely spoiled and her employers are a bit dysfunctional. On top of that, a new boyfriend thrown into the mix both complicates things and makes them a little more wonderful.

Under The Skin

Men begin to disappear when they are led into a van by a mysterious woman. However, that woman may not quite be what she seems. All of Scotland is entirely unaware that what appears to be an attractive lady is instead an alien being, and she's sending the missing men to an entirely new dimension, where they can never escape.


In this film, Lucy discovers that sometimes even those closest to us cannot be trusted. After being convinced to deliver a suitcase for her boyfriend, Lucy is kidnapped. Those who have stolen her away seek to use her as a mule for drugs.

Instead, a chemical implanted within her begins to leak, resulting in some intense powers including both telepathy and telekinesis.

In Good Company

The business world can be ruthless, and it only gets worse when work life and home life become interconnected. This is what Dan learns when he is demoted and subsequently replaced by a man who's business practices he does not agree with, Carter.

To make things even more difficult, it's not long after that he also finds out that Carter and his daughter are involved.

He's Just Not That Into You

Several love stories weave together in this delightful film. Each strives to give some light to the different kinds of issues that can develop in relationships, including everything from trying to find a relationship to handling infidelity and divorce.

In this film, Johansson plays Anna, a yoga teacher and aspiring singer who becomes involved with a married man. Her story is one that teaches women on both sides of the equation the importance of self love.

Just Cause

There are few things quite as debated-over as the death penalty, and Paul is a man who firmly believes in abolishing it. Through his career as a law professor, he finds himself in a courtroom, defending a man named Bobby who's confession was believed to be coerced.

In time, Paul begins to suspect just who actually committed the murder that Bobby was accused of.

Don Jon

A bartender who has never had an actual relationship dream of the ideal one. He even meets a wonderful woman that he would like to be involved with. However, his addiction to porn is a huge obstacle, keeping him from being able to truly connect with any woman.

Though the road is a bumpy one, he strives to defeat his addiction to be with the woman of his dreams.

Manny & Lo

When they just can't take the endless stream of foster homes anymore, a pair of sisters decide to run away. It's not long before they realize one of them is pregnant, and both are uncertain about how to make their way through the world alone.

In a desperate attempt to gain the help they need, they decide that kidnapping a clerk in a shop is their best option. It isn't long before the clerk realizes just how much they need her, and she needs them.

An American Rhapsody

For those who are looking for a truly intense story, this is one worth checking out. It follows a family making an attempt to escape from Hungary, which is being controlled by communism.

As they make their way towards freedom, they discover that they're missing something incredibly important. Their infant daughter somehow didn't end up making it with them. Make sure to watch to find out how the story ends!


When a story needs to be covered, it can take a whole lot more than death to keep the information from getting across. This film follows a woman named Sondra, who learns that she has a connection with a reporter who has since passed named Joe. With Joe's guidance, she is able to unlock secrets behind someone known as the Tarot Card Killer.

The Other Boleyn Girl

When Henry VIII's marriage is on a bumpy road, he convenes with the Boleyn family. As older sister Anne seeks to make her way into a royal marriage to the king, Henry finds himself infatuated with her younger sister, Mary, though the girl is spoken for. This situation will result in a whole lot of family drama, and plenty of difficulty for the young Mary.

The Island

This is a film that takes place as what can only be described as a dystopia. Generally, people are expected to work in mundane jobs day-to-day, living lives that may appear to be oversimplified and empty.

Their one motivation is the opportunity to win a lottery that will allow them to move away to a paradise known as "The Island". However, they may learn that this paradise isn't quite what it seems to be.


Many of us see the fame and bright lights involved in creating a hugely popular film, but we may not see what goes on in the background.

This film follows the life of Alfred Hitchcock as the film "Psycho" was being made, including the trouble his marriage went through in the process.

As his wife drifts away from him, Alfred finds that his thoughts and dreams are consumed by the "Psycho" story.

Girl With A Pearl Earring

This film comes from the imaginations of those interested in the famous painting by the same name. While the actual story of the woman in the painting is unknown, this movie imagines her to be a peasant woman working as a maid for the painter who created the work of art.

It plays out her imagined life, and the complications and drama that may have existed therein.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

While spending a wonderful holiday in Spain, a pair of friends come into contact with a carefree, charismatic painter. As one becomes more infatuated with the painter, the other is a bit more cautious.

In time, things get even stranger when one friend's fiance, and the ex-wife of the painter, become embedded in the story. How will this twisted knot come undone?

We Bought A Zoo

A fresh start is something we all need from time to time. This is something that Benjamin discovers after the passing of his beloved wife. In an effort to give his life new meaning, he purchases a house that is attached to a zoo.

As he works to keep the zoo running, he learns that there are some serious financial issues effecting it.

A Love Song For Bobby Long

When the estranged mother of a young woman dies, she returns back to her mother's home in New Orleans to handle her affairs. Instead of finding the home empty, as she had expected, she discovers that two men are residing in the home.

When they refuse to leave, she's forced to stay in the house with them, and it's an experience that results in all three of them learning a lot more about themselves.

Ghost World

When two girls graduate high school, their only dream is to take on the world together. The two have an extreme distaste for the mainstream, and enjoy making fun of a wide variety of different kinds of people.

This includes an older man who has posted an ad in a newspaper. However, things change in some strange ways when they actually get to know him.

The Man Who Wasn't There

In an effort to turn lemons into lemonade, a man tries to turn his wife's affair into an opportunity to start fresh. He attempts to blackmail the man his wife is involved with, her own boss, in order to gain the funds needed for a dry cleaning business.

However, things are unlikely to go the way he imagines, but will rather become quite complicated and dramatic.

Match Point

Things start to get complicated when a man who once hailed himself a tennis professional becomes infatuated with the woman his friend is seeing. To complicate things even more, he's engaged to this friend's sister.

This is one film that will teach you just how difficult it can be to try to juggle two lives, and that it can often be far better to just choose one.

Lost In Translation

Sometimes friendship can be found in the most unexpected places. When a newlywed and an an aging actor meet up in a mellow Tokyo bar, they discover exactly that. Night after night in the bright lights provides them with a bond that will last a lifetime.

This is a great film for those who are looking for something that might boost their spirits and remind them that friendly people are all around.

Captain America: Winter Soldier & Civil War

Both of these films are ones that have received fantastic reviews, so they're worth a look. In Winter Soldier, Captain America seeks to take on a villain known as Winter Soldier, with the help of Black Widow.

In a later film, political difference create massive problems between Iron Man and The Captain himself, resulting in an all out war.

The Avengers

If you haven't seen this movie yet, it's time to change that. Those who adore heroism will surely appreciate it. Here, we follow the lives of several different heroes as they combine forces for the sake of humanity.

As Loki seeks to take over the entire planet with an army of aliens, The Avengers have to find a way to stop them all and allow life to go on as normal.

The Prestige

There are few things that can effect you quite like tragedy. In this story, a deep tragedy results in a vicious competition between two well-known magicians. Each is driven to sacrifice more and more in an effort to find the one illusion that will stand above all others.

There's a reason this film is so highly rated, so make sure that you add it to your next movie night!

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