What Is Instagram And How To Start Using It

by Kahlia Meeuwsen, Entertainment Columnist

Published in Entertainment on 21st November, 2019

If you've never used Instagram before, it can seem like a confusing site. However, due its rising popularity in comparison to other social media sites, it's worth learning how to navigate.

To begin with, Instagram is a social media website and application that functions primarily through the use of pictures. Those who use the site post these pictures in combination with various forms of customization. They may choose to add music, make changes to the pictures themselves or add words.


You're in the right place when it comes to learning how to use Instagram like a pro. Below, you'll find a variety of guides that can assist you in whatever you're trying to accomplish on the site, from creating perfect posts to booting someone off your page and out of your inbox.

Continue on and learn more about this great site!

How To Get Verified On Instagram

While not everyone really needs to be verified, those with a lot of notoriety will want to be able to do so. For example, have you ever noticed how many non-official social media profiles there are for celebrities, bands, films and more?

Step One

Getting verified means that you're able to prove that you're the one and only, and it means no one will be able to pretend to be you. This isn't typically a concern for most of us, but those who are representing brands or people that are going to be highly popular will want to make sure they get verified as soon as possible.

To do this, you first need to have an understanding of the requirements needed to be verified. Naturally, not just anyone can be verified or even needs to be. The profile being created can represent a company or person, but there must be someone real behind it.

On top of that, the profile needs to be a fully-stocked one. That means a biography section, profile pictures and anything else an actual person would have on their account. Consequently, people can't just roll in calling themselves by the name of a celebrity, but without any real information, and expect to receive verification.

Step Two

Once you've taken a look at the requirements, you'll be able to decide whether or not your profile is one that can be verified. Assuming it is, it's time to move onto the next steps.

On your profile page, you should be able to see three lines placed together. Often, they may be located in one of the corners. From here, you'll need to locate the "settings" option and select it. Once you're in the settings, look for "account".

create a instagram profile supreme soul

When you reach the account page, you'll be able to select an option to request verification of your account. You'll want to make sure that you have some form of government ID, as the process often requires this. After submitting the ID and other needed information, you'll move onto the next step.

Step Three

This step is probably the easiest one you'll have to engage in. It simply involves waiting to learn whether or not your verification has been approved. Instagram will let you know when they've made a decision, and at that point you can either enjoy the approval or consider what to do next.

What Happens If My Verification Is Denied?

If for some reason your verification has been denied, it might be worth taking a look at the requirements and rules again. Make sure your profile is one with a decent amount of notoriety and that all of your information is correct.

When you're certain that your profile is as it should be, you can then re-submit the verification request after 30 days has passed. Your information and profile will be looked over again, and Instagram will let you know what the results are. If it is denied again, it may be worth contacting customer service to find out why.

How To Block Someone On Instagram

Most of the time, Instagram is a lovely place. However, that doesn't mean you won't ever stumble across people you just don't want in your life or on your page. The good news is that there are ways to keep them from bothering you further.

If someone has been causing you problems, you can always block them. This will keep them from seeing your profile or messaging you. Your social media experience can become an enjoyable one again once you've cleared away whoever is bothering you.

To block someone, just head on over to their profile or select their username. Depending on how you're accessing instagram, you may either see three horizontal dots, or three vertical dots. Select this row of dots, and it will bring up a small menu for you.

block on instagram

When you've reached that manu, the option to block the person should be right there. Go ahead and select it to get them away from your profile. Additionally, it always helps to know that they will not be notified that you have blocked them. From their end, it will simply be as though your profile no longer exists, making it easier on everyone involved.

How To Tag Someone On Instagram (In A Post)

When you're taking pictures with family or friends, you may just find that you want to be able to connect their Instagram profiles to those pictures even though you're the one posting it. This is really a simple process, and not unlike other social media sites out there.

If the photo you want to tag someone in is a brand new post, then you can easily tag them in the process of making it. Start by making any other adjustments you want to the post, such as adding music, filters and more. Make sure it looks exactly as you want it to.

tag someone in a post instagram

Then, you'll see a button that says "tag people". Select it, and then pick the person in the picture you want to tag. After you've marked them, you can type their username or name and you'll see an option to tag them. Once you've selected them, you can finish and publish the post.

If you're looking to tag someone in a post that already exists, you can also do that by traveling to your media. Next, look for those three dots mentioned earlier. They may either be vertical or horizontal. After clicking on that, choose the option to edit and go through the process of tagging.

How To Tag On Instagram (In A Comment)

When you're tagging someone in a comment, the process tends to be a lot simpler. This is a great way to draw the attention of a friend or family member to something they might like on Instagram. That might be a product, style or just a page they don't already know about.

While you're typing up that comment, just start with the @ symbol at whatever point you want to insert their name. From there, just begin typing the name and a little box will pop up with suggestions.

Select their name from that box and it will insert a tag to let the person know you've called out to them in a comment. Consequently, it will be much easier for you to share things with one person in particular without having to re-post it to your page where everyone can see it.

How To Unblock Someone On Instagram

Once you've blocked someone, you won't be able to see their profile any longer. That can make it difficult to unblock them using the same means you used to block them in the first place. However, there is still a method you can use when you want to allow someone to see your page again.

Start by opening up your Instagram menu. This is typically located in the upper right-hand corner. In that menu, there should be an option for accessing your security. If it's not there, it's sure to be located in your account settings.

Within the security area, you'll find the people you've blocked. It's from this space that you can choose to unblock them if you want. If you find that you end up needing to block them again, you can always do it easily through the means previously described.

How To Add Links To An Instagram Story

In some cases, you may want your Instagram post to take people somewhere. When you want that to be the case, you'll need to be able to provide a link to wherever you want people to go. This can seem a lot more tricky than it actually is when you're posting on Instagram.

Start by adding the picture you want to use in the post. Feel free to add any captions or other elements you may want, like music or tags. You'll then need to select the button that says "+ URL". This is the option that will allow you to enter the URL that you want people to visit.

In the box supplied, you can type or copy/paste the URL you want to add to the post. Make sure that it's correct, or you never know where your viewers might end up. When it's all ready, you can add it to your story by choosing "+ Story". Then, you can publish your full post.

How To Add Music To An Instagram Story

Adding music to what you post in your Instagram story can really liven things up. It creates a fuller experience for those who are checking out your posts. Not to mention, Instagram offers the ability to customize the entire experience to suit your needs perfectly.

supreme soul

The best way to guide you through the process of adding music is to start from the beginning. When you're initially creating a post, you'll want to prepare everything else first. Add in your photo, use any filters and captions that you want. Then, you'll start adding your music.

In the area where you're posting, you should be able to see a button for adding music. Select that button, and start looking for the perfect song. You can either search for a specific song or browse through the options that Instagram has available if you don't already have a song in mind for the post.

Once you've selected a song, you can even choose the timeframe you want the song to fit in. If you only want 10 seconds, you can do that. Additionally, you'll be able to choose just the part of the song you want to play for your post. If you just want the chorus, you can select only the chorus.

How To Find Someone On Instagram

Finding people on Instagram is quite easy. Naturally, this is a site that wants people to connect, so they aren't going to make you jump through hoops to do it!

Just look around the page for the magnifying glass. This will be the area you can search from. Select it, and make sure that you alert Instagram that you're looking for a person, if that's the case. Otherwise, it may start searching through other entities.

find someone on instagram

Next, start entering the name of whoever you're looking for. You may have to enter the entire name, or you may not. In either case, once you've found the person then you can select the button to follow them. From that point, you'll be all set to enjoy seeing their posts in your regular feed!


Navigating Instagram doesn't need to be a difficult thing. Once you've picked up these simple basics, you'll have no trouble getting all the enjoyment you could possibly want from the service. You'll be adding music and links to top-notch posts just like the Instagram professionals.

Additionally, you'll know how to get people away from your page as well as bring them back to it. When you want to address someone more directly, the ability to tag them is something that is absolutely priceless. Now, take all of that Instagram knowledge and show the world just how fun and exciting you can make your profile!

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