20 Finest Fortnite Characters

by Goran Damnjanovic, Gaming Columnist

Published in Gaming on 28th November, 2019

These are the 20 best looking Fortnite character skins you can wear right now. They are cool, they look awesome, and they will make your character look better than ever!

Fortnite is one of the most popular games on the market and one of the main reasons for its stellar fame is the fact Fortnite is completely free to download and play.

fortnite skins

Of course, with the game being free Epic had to introduce ways for the game to make profit and character skins or outfits are one of those. Your character can wear a plethora of cool skins some of which are available in the in-game store, some being part of limited events, and some being rewarded as prizes in seasonal Battle Passes.

Over the years we've gotten dozens upon dozens of cool Fortnite character skins and today there are tons of cool skins to choose from. You can become anything from a banana man to a giant shark to a mysterious astronaut to John Wick himself.

While you have a wide selection of Fortnite character skins from multiple sources, some skins were only available during limited events and if you didn't get them when they were available chances are you won't be able to get them again.

On the other hand, we've seen many limited skins (either from limited events or from old Battle Passes) returning for a limited time, so chances are that some of the coolest skins will return to the rotation, if only for a short time.

Now, since there are so many cool Fortnite skins to choose from the problem arises. Either you have a problem to decide which skins your character should wear or which skins you should look for in case they return to the Fortnite store.

There's also the problem of finding the best Fortnite skins in the current Chapter 2: Season 1 Battle Pass. No worries because we've made the ultimate Fortnite character skin list that includes 20 of the best skins found in the game.

Some of them can be bought from the store, some are awards in the current battle pass and some are no longer available (and these are the ones to keep an eye out in case they return to the rotation).

Just remember that one of the best ways to track which skins will return to the Item Shop is either following FortniteBR subreddit of the official Fortnite Twitter account. And now without further ado check out 20 finest Fortnite character skins of all time!

8-Ball and Scratch Fortnite Character Skins

Let's kick things up with a dynamic duo available in the current Chapter 2: Season 1 Battle Pass. These two can be found in the Chapter 2 Battle Pass and both skins are pretty slick. In order to get them, you have to reach level 60 of the Chapter 2 battle pass which isn't too hard given the new XP system that shaves off the grind.

8 ball fortnite skin

The first version is a black 8-Ball skin that looks like some sort of a Sci-Fi ninja who's also an assassin. It seems that 8-Ball really likes playing 8 Ball Pool because his helmet is well, an 8-Ball. To us, this Fortnite character looks like Zero from Borderlands 2.

The alternative skin of the duo is called Scratch and it presents another futuristic ninja/assassin who this time is a cue ball, the complete opposite of 8-Ball and their mortal enemy (at least in the 8 ball pool world). We like them both but the 8-Ball is the winner, at least for us.

Axiom Fortnite Character Skin

Axiom is one of the coolest looking Fortnite characters, at least when it comes to superhero-like skins. This unique combination between Cyclops from X-Men and Captain America looks intense and is perfect for all of you who want to have a superhero skin that doesn't look too futuristic.

axiom fortnite skin

Big Mouth Fortnite Character Skin

This is one hella scary Fortnite Character. Big Mouth is a part of the latest Halloween Fortnite skin pack called Fearsome Freaks Set. And the main part of the set is the Big Mouth skin. The looks are amazing. The creature looks like some monster found in the deepest part of the ocean that somehow laughs its face off!

big mouth fortnite skin

Just look at the picture, we really think it actually laughs! The skin was available in the Item Shop until a few days ago but it seems that it isn't available anymore. Anyway, chances are Big Mouth will return at some point since it's one of the coolest skins we've seen in Fortnite so keep your eyes on the Item Shop in case you want to get your hands on this one!

Black Knight Fortnite Character Skin

This is a cult classic Fortnite skin and we can bet you've seen numerous players wearing it during shootouts. And we can't blame them for non-stop wearing Black Knight skin because it looks awesome! Sleek and menacing, with lots of small details such as the coin pouch or those eerie red eyes radiating behind the helmet.

black night fortnite skin

Black Knight Fortnite skin is a fan favorite but sadly, it's extremely hard to come by. It was being handed as a reward for reaching tier 70 of the Season 2 Battle Pass and it was lost in action ever since. Chances are that this one will eventually find its way into the Item Shop, if only for a few days so check it regularly in case you want one!

Blackheart Fortnite Character Skin

Do you like pirates? How about creepy, skeleton pirates with glowing skulls and cool looking beards? If the answer is yes then you'll want to get Blackheart. This Fortnite character was a reward in the Season 8 Battle Pass and its skin evolved as you climbed Battle Pass tiers, which was really interesting. Sadly, the skin didn't find its way back to the game but, as with every other skin, there's always a chance for that to happen in the future.

blackheart fotnite skin

Chomp Sr. Fortnite Character Skin

This is one of the wackiest Fortnite skins and that's what makes it so cool. It looks ridiculous in the best way possible; you have a faux shark suit that looks like it was found at the thrift shop combined with fins placed on sleeves that are hooked to the hand and they look like you've put a pair of slippers; finally, the head is hilarious with those teeth, huge shark eyes and old school cool glasses. Wacky, but not over the top (well, just a bit!).

chomp sr fortnite skin

One of the best skins in Fortnite and one that returned to the Item Shop a number of times. This means that there's a high chance of it returning again so if you like it, you'll probably have a chance to get it in the future.

Funk Ops Fortnite Character Skin

Return to the funky 70s with the Funk Ops Fortnite skin! This skin is all about shaking what you got while nailing headshots and dancing in the boogie rhythm on top of your opponents. Over the top skin is teeming with stereotype details such as huge afro hair, glossy clothes embroiled in gold and slick fingerless gloves.

funk ops fortnite skin

The funky headband and insane glasses are just the cherry on the top. Funk Ops skin was added during season 2 but it returns to the store on a regular basis so it's only a matter of time before it becomes available for purchase again.

Fusion Fortnite Character Skin

Fusion is the legendary Chapter 2: Season 1 skin that can be snatched by reaching tier 100 of the current Battle Pass. Yes, it will take some time before you reach tier 100 but the skin is definitely worth the grind.

fusion fortnite skin

Ice cold hands that emit strong blue light along with ninja-style outfit and face shrouded in darkness look insanely good and the two additional styles (which can be unlocked by getting various achievements) are great for when you become bored of the classic style.

When you look a bit at it the skin looks like Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat so if you're a fan of the fighting game series be sure to get into the game and start the epic grind to tier 100.

James "Jim" Hopper Fortnite Character Skin

What can we say except that Hopper Fortnite skin looks fantastic! The looks are taken from the official sheriff uniform Hopper wore many times in the show and while it looks badass it would be much cooler if Epic decides to put the famous Hawaiian shirt and jeans combination that was probably one of the top choices for this year's Halloween parties.

james jim hopper fortnite skin

The skin was available during the special Stranger Things Fortnite limited event that took place during July 2019. This means that we probably won't see Hopper skin returning to the Item Store. If you want to grasp at straws in case you don't have the skin and want to get it well, Hopper skin could make a return in case we get another Stranger Things special event in time for Season 4 of the popular show.

John Wick Fortnite Character Skin

Yet another limited event unique skin that lets you play as the most popular assassin in the world, John Wick himself. The skin was part of the limited time John Wick event and chances are the skin will make a return at some point in the future.

john wick fortnite skin

There's a similar skin that was part of the Season 3 Battle Pass called The Reaper and it looks almost exactly like John Wick, only with a more rugged face and without unique Keanu's charm. This one's also tough to get and between the two we would always pick the real John Wick instead of the copycat.

Magnus Fortnite Character Skin

This is the ultimate Nordic Fortnie character and if you want to look like a badass Viking well, there's really no better choice than Magnus. He's big, bad, strong as an ox, and with the coolest looking beard of all Fortnite characters.

magnus fortnite skin

The design follows the classic Viking looks that include thick boots for snowy mountains, shoulder and lower arm pads as protection against swords, chainmail combined with insanely huge golden belt and the horned helmet just in case you didn't realize Magnus is a Viking from the north who will pillage every village and kill everyone who opposes him.

Magnus isn't available in the Item Store at the moment but it should return at some point along with other four parts of the Norse Set. Our advice is to follow closely the official Fortnite Twitter account because in case Magnus does return, he will probably be available for only 24 hours in the store since it is a legendary skin.

Nite Nite Fortnite Character Skin

And here we have an eerily creepy clown that looks like an ordinary clown at first look. But look closer and you'll see eyes of a mentally deranged person who roleplays as a clown only to scare you and make you run for your life!

nite nite fortnite skin

The design is impeccable. We have crazy hair, innocent looking face paint, balloons, and scrappy looking shirt and there's also the alternate headwear that turns Nite Nite into a proper psychopath clown from depths of hell. This skin is on regular rotation in the store and all you have to do is to wait for it to return, which should happen in the coming months.

Omega Fortnite Character Skin

Omega is one of the most famous Fortnite characters and his skin is probably the best looking Fortnite skin of them all. Just look at it, it's more than awesome!

omega fortnite skin

The futuristic, powerful-looking suit made of some black material and something that looks like carbon fiber along with minuscule details and sharp-looking light effects protruding from the suit and helmet show what pinnacle Fortnite skin design looks like.

Omega played an important roll in Fortnite story and was the villain during the superhero season (that was Season 4 of Fortnite in case you don't remember) and his character skin was available at tier 100 of the Season 4 Battle Pass. Yes, that means we probably won't see Omega skin returning to the shop, which is a real shame.

Peely Fortnite Character Skin

Peely is a human-sized banana suit that's cool, over the top, and silly at the same time. In reality, it looks great and the feeling when you get a Victory Royale while wearing Peely skin is priceless. Just imagine the look of your enemies when they realize they've been killed by someone dressed as a giant banana.


It was awarded as a prize for reaching tier 47 of the Season 8 Battle Pass and since it isn't a legendary skin, chances are Peely will return to the Item Shop at some point.

Raven Fortnite Skin

Another incredibly cool-looking Fortnite character and the skin can be bought from the Item Shop. The bad news is that Raven is a legendary Item Shop skin meaning it returns maybe once a year and even then, for a short time (a day or two).

raven fortnite skin

But if you are able to get it to do it immediately because you can't get much better skin than this one. Ultra-detailed suit with black and dark violet colors along with steampunk-like details and raven feathers around the belt and collar looks superb.

Then you have those metallic gloves that impersonate raven claws and of course, there's the shrouded head with glowing violet eyes. Yes, Raven looks like the ultimate steampunk gothic rogue and that's awesome. And if you like Destiny 2 well, you don't have many Fortnite skins that look like characters from Destiny universe (in this case it's Xur, the shady trader who sells the best weapons and armor).

Remedy and Toxin Fortnite Character Skins

Another cool pair of skins from the latest season. Remedy is a healer-like skin that's great for a competitive multiplayer. Why? Well, because it could give you a valuable advantage if only for a half of second or so. Just imagine seeing a player coming at you with a red cross emblem.

remedy fortnite skin

You would probably stagger if only a little before start shooting at them (the other player looks like a healer after all), just enough to give the opposing player that sweet half a second worth advantage.

remedy fortnite skin

The second part of the pair is called Toxin and is a complete opposite. We really like the style with the radioactive green breathing mask, it looks like some evil genius from James Bond movies. Canisters of toxic gas and gloves with sharp green nails only add to the cool factor of the skin. Both skins can be yours once you reach tier 40 of Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 1 Battle Pass.

Rippley and Sludge Fortnite Character Skins

This is probably the best skin pair featured in the current season. Rippley looks so innocent, like some squishy toy. Cute face combined with a body made of Jell-O makes him incredibly sweet. And then there's the clothing that looks like some black-ops spy gear like Rippley is working with Sam Fisher or something.

rippley and sludge

Sludge is the evil twin of the pair, with menacing (but still cute) face and crimson red body that looks toxic and intimidating. We like Rippley more. Both skins are yours when you reach tier 20 of the current Battle Pass.

Turk and Riptide Fortnite Character Skins

Riptide and Turk is the last pair of skins from the current Fortnite Season. The first one (Turk) looks like a grizzled fisherman who goes each winter to hunt for king crabs in Alaska. The outfit just screams Deadliest Catch.

turk and riptide

Riptide, on the other hand, looks like he boarded the crab boat as an agent in disguise, using it as means of transport to reach some malevolent villain hiding in some small island off the coast of Alaska.

turk and riptide

Just look at him; he's like a Fortnite version of Big Boss from Metal Gear Solid V. He wears camo and looks completely badass. Really cool skin. Turk and Riptide can be yours once you complete 2 missions in the current Fortnite season.

Sentinel Fortnite Character Skin

Oh man, Sentinel is silly as hell but we love this Fortnite character. The skin looks like a cross between a Megazord from Power Rangers and a chicken and it's really hard to top this look. And the best of all, this is one scary looking chicken. It's seriously powerful, has nasty, metal-made claws that would probably rip a person in two without any trouble, and those ominous glowing blue eyes look commanding and determined to win every single victory royale of the day.

sentinel fortnite skin

The mech suit only adds to the dominant image the Sentinel skin gives away and we would love to wear this skin while dabbing over lifeless bodies of our foes. The skin was the introductory reward of Fortnite Season 9 and there are slim chances of it reappearing in the Item Shop.

The Scientist Fortnite Character Skin

You have scientists who wear white coats and huge glasses and work in laboratories for 16 hours each day. They aren't really interesting to the world of Fortnite. And then you have the Fortnite Scientist, one of the best looking Fortnite characters ever. This scientist probably works on ways to destroy the whole universe during breaks from killing everything and everyone in Fortnite.

the scientist fortnite skin

The Scientist really looks like an unstoppable force, both in a laboratory and on a battlefield. Metal-made armor (probably adamantium) which cannot be destroyed; an enigmatic helmet that completely hides the identity of the character, and that huge blade on his arm all chant in unison: don't mess with me! He's a beefed-up version of the Visitor and we think that in the battle between the Scientist and the Visitor the former would win without breaking a single grain of sweat.

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