Best Google Play Pass Games You Probably Didn't Play (And A Couple You Did)

by Goran Damnjanovic, Gaming Columnist

Published in Gaming on 29th November, 2019

Google Play Pass features more than a hundred of games at the moment. We've found the best ones you probably didn't play by now. Check them out!

Google Play Pass launched shortly after Apple Arcade and the service is a sort of an answer to Apple's mobile game subscription. But while Apple meticulously curated their games list, adding lots of exclusive games and new titles that are exclusive to the iOS Google sort of grabbed the best games on Android at the moment and offered them all for $5 a month.

google play games

The advantage Google Play Pass has over Apple Arcade is the fact that with Play Pass you also get lots of premium apps, some of which can be really handy.

Apps like Accuweather, Moon+ Reader, along with a selection of premium photo editors and productivity tools should prove as an advantage for many users. But when it comes to video games selection Google Play Pass is noticeably below the quality of Apple Arcade despite the fact it has more games in its lineup.

Sure, you have super popular titles such as Mini Metro, Star Wars KOTOR, 80 Days, Sorcery! series, Monument Valley titles, Game Dev Tycoon, Agent A, Lumino City, Limbo, Thimbleweed Park, Evoland, or Old Man's Journey which are all great games in case you didn't play them.

But most of us did, either on Android on some other platform. The trouble is that Google Play Pass lacks original, less known games that are super fun to play despite being relatively unknown or new.

Well, we inspected the current lineup of games in detail and found 15 cool titles you probably haven't played by now. And while most of the list is made of hidden gems there are still a couple of blockbuster titles that simply cannot grow stale.

We had to include titles such as Bridge Constructor Portal, Reigns games, or Stardew Valley because those are must-play even in case you already tried (or played them to death) them before. So, without further ado check out the 15 best Google Play Pass games you didn't play before!

Bridge Constructor Portal

Yeah, this is one of the titles you've probably played already but Bridge Construction Portal is a masterpiece and one of the few must-play titles on Google Play Pass. Developers at ClockStone nailed the mix between complex Bridge Constructor and Portal gameplay and gave us probably the best constructor game currently available.

Puzzles are expertly designed, there's plenty of levels to keep you engaged for weeks and the signature awkward humor from Portal series is here and is funny as ever. Forget about Bridge Constructor and dive into Portal Constructor, it's so much better at everything.


ELOH is an interesting beast. A rhythm game and a puzzler, a title for chilling out but also capable to engage players and steal the totality of their focus. All that wrapped into one of the best visual packages you can find on Android at the moment.

In ELOH you have to find your groove, to get into the rhythm and then to find out the exact placement of each spirit tile in order to solve one of the game's 98 puzzles. Each puzzle is a world in itself and each requires a new and fresh approach in order to solve it.

Puzzles are enjoyable to solve and while ELOH can feel a bit hard at times this isn't a game that will make you bang your head against the wall after trying (and failing) to solve a level for three straight days. A puzzle perfection and Google Play Pass title that was made both for lazy weekend mornings and busy morning commutes.


Grimvalor is available in free form on Google Play but in order to play the whole game, you have to shell out some cash. Luckily, the full version of the game comes with Google Play Pass and this one's a real treat for all action aficionados.

This is a pretty game that plays great and offers a stupendous amount of content with zero filler. Controls are surprisingly good for a mobile action-adventure title. In other words, you won't need a controller to enjoy Grimvalor in its fullest.

The game offers plenty of simple yet enjoyable combat along with lots of cool boss battles. There are abilities to unlock and upgrade as well as new weapons to discover. On top of all that the game offers a solid story and its length is just enough to keep you wanting for more after you see credits roll. An amazing action game perfect for hardcore mobile gamers.

Hidden Folks

Another mobile hit that simply has to be played again and again. Hidden Folks took the classic Where's Wally formula and perfectly adapted it for mobile screens. The game's black and white visuals are far from being simple; you'll discover that as soon as you start playing once the whole painting starts to come to life in response to your touch.

Every part of each picture is interactive and while you surely can play Hidden Folks as an expert, analyzing clues and trying to tap on just the right point, the game's just fun when simply tapping on each character and object and just seeing how they react.

There are plenty of living images to analyze and each hint for finding Hidden Folks is a subtle nudge instead of a crude push. Oh, and make sure you wear headphones while playing the game since it's filled with amazing sound effects. This is a perfect companion for times when you just want to sit back, relax, and have some laughs.

NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits

This is an old game but didn't really become popular on Android. In case you have Play Pass and didn't hear about NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits you have to play it. You control Nyx, the titular character, and follow her over ancient Greece solving puzzles and fighting enemies that come in a variety of flavors.

Nyx is capable of flight but her cannot fly all the time so players have to know when to take her to the skies and where to conserve Nyx's flying energy to be able to avoid obstacles found on the ground.

The game looks solid (it came out for PC back in 2009 after all) and while visuals are nothing to brag about there's the unique feeling of coming apocalypse that is felt throughout the game. And excellent platformer and a solid puzzle game that's short but sweet.


Lichtspeer is a simple yet addictive game, a perfect title for times when you have just ten minutes to kill. The main strength of Lichtspeer is its unique art style. This neon lazer world looks amazing and your titular retro-future Viking coming from the future looks even better. And then you have the amazing music and hilarious voice lines that will surely make you laugh like a maniac during each playing session.

So yes, make sure to have headphones on while playing this one. The formula is simple as it can be. You are equipped with neon lazer spears and have to kill everything that moves before enemies reach and kill you in the most gruesome manners.

Levels are short, stuffed with adrenaline combat, and tricky at times. Not too hard but just enough to keep you on your toes during final moments when your Viking becomes overwhelmed by hordes of enemies.

You can also unlock special abilities that make spear-throwing a bit easier and some special enemies require a bit of thinking before throwing your spear at them. Lichtspeer is one of those games that look like fun for ten minutes only to hypnotize you for hours of end. An excellent title and one of the best ones found on Google Play Pass.

OTTTD: Over The Top TD

OTTD is one of the best (if not the best) tower defense games on Android. First of all, the game looks incredible. It's filled with detailed models of enemies and your own forces as well as variedly designed defense towers.

Lighting and explosion effects are amazing and each level fills with bodies and gore as you kill more and more bad guys.

When you download Discord, the first step you'll need to take is learning how the basic features work in the application. Once you get your profile set up as much as you want, you can start adding friends or connecting to groups.

On top of building defensive installations, you also can recruit special units that can be fully controlled. This adds a nice RTS twist to the game and makes it so much better than your classic tower defense title. Here you have not only to worry about your tower placement but also to guide your troops across the map and make sure they're there where you need them since towers alone aren't enough to stop the enemy force.

This is a sure recommendation because of the game's amazing gameplay, extravagant visuals, and enough content to last you weeks. A perfect game for when you have lots of time to kill since levels can be quite long and the game asks for the maximum commitment the moment the first wave starts marching towards your base.

Pocket City

Pocket City is the best mobile city builder game, period. It caught the lighting in the bottle previously held in captivity by Sim City (well, it shared the lighting with Cities Skylines), adjusted the lighting so that it can work on mobile devices and then released this marvel of a mobile city builder.

In Pocket City all you have to worry about is growing your city until you fill the whole map and that can take weeks. The game isn't so hard and after a few hours you will get the hold of all systems and will be able to secure steady income that will only grow with time.

Sure, you have to worry about traffic, different needs of your residents, and urban zone planning but the main carrot on a stick in Pocket City is trying to build the biggest city you've ever seen on your mobile device. And that's great.

Reigns Series

Reigns, a card game series where every choice might be your last, is a perfect mobile game franchise. Each run can last just a couple of minutes, the game can be exited and returned to without breaking its perfect flow, its controls couldn't be simpler (and couldn't work better on a mobile device), and the constant humor oozing through the game will definitely bring a smile on your face. Well, except when you end with your head on a stick.

This monarch simulation features three games and each one is available on Google Play Pass. Each game is superb and filled with choices that matter.

The best part of the series is definitely Reigns: Game of Thrones where you can pick among many GoT characters and then see which one's best as the ruler on the Iron Throne. And well, no matter how your rule ends it will be better than the last season of the show making the game technically better than the show.

Suzy Cube

Suzy Cube is a charming 3D platformer that features amazing visuals, enjoyable gameplay and more than a solid story. First of all, the platforming is superb. The game has that secret ingredient that makes every level a unique experience feeling much shorter than it really is. It's because the level design is perfect and well suited for a mobile game and because visuals are cute as hell.

There are over 40 levels, cool powerups to unlock, and each level hides a fair number of secrets that are expertly hidden. The game's a joy to play from beginning to the end and controls are so well done you won't reach for a controller. Really, Suzy Cube is probably the best platformer on Android and definitely the best platformer on Google Play Pass. You simply have to play it.


Yes, we all played Terraria before, on PC or some console, but this one's a game that can be played for all eternity. Like Stardew Valley or Minecraft. A perfect game to pick up and play anywhere and anytime.

Have a small break at work? Play Terraria. Waiting in line at the local grocery store? Play Terraria. Have to wait for your date since they're late, as always? Play Terraria.

The game looks and plays amazing on a mobile device and it hides so many possibilities it's insane. Sure, the mobile version isn't the best one (that goes to the PC version and its many mods) but this one at least can be played anywhere you want.

Space Marshals

Space Marshals is the best tactical shooter you can play on Android. Its relatively high price kept many people from experiencing it but now that the game's part of Google Play Pass you should definitely try it in case you've subscribed.

This is a top-down shooter perfection, marvelously tuned for mobile devices and touch controls that looks amazing and plays even better.

space marshals

The gameplay is remarkable and controls are excellent. Each level is filled with many enemies and it's up to you to decide your approach. You can jump at them like some Texas Ranger or you can be stealthy as Sam Fisher.

And that's the best thing about Space Marshals; the fact each level can be completed in many ways. Sure, some are harder, some are easier but each one is extremely rewarding.

Stardew Valley

Another game with infinite replay value. Grow your farm, take on many quests, and simply enjoy the beautiful world of Stardew Valley. Even if you played this one to death it's always nice to start a new farm and try making it even better than the last one.

And once you get hooked this will become your only game so you won't worry anymore what to play next on your phone. Perfect ending if you ask us.

The Bug Butcher

This is a side-scrolling shooting extravaganza pumped with adrenaline and featuring hours of superb shooting action. The Bug Butcher is one of the hidden gems of Google Play Pass, a game that's been in the shade of other, more popular titles. And that's a huge shame because The Bug Butches is among the best action games currently on Android.

the bug butcher

You have lots of levels filled with hideous bugs, your exterminator hero, and his collection of guns that will squash and kill every bug in your sight. The action is superb and boss battles are some of the best in mobile gaming.

The cherry on top is hand-drawn visual style that is among the best in the indie games scene. Do yourself a favor and play this one. Just make sure you have plenty of time on your hands because this one is an extremely addictive title.

Wayward Souls

And for the end of the list, we have a cool action RPG with near-unlimited replayability. Wayward Souls is a game where you lead seven different heroes in their quest to reach the top of the tower and find why it's filled with monsters and demons.

The game's fast-paced and really enjoyable because each hero is unique and they all feature different powers, attacks, and play styles.

The story is one of the best we've seen in a mobile RPG game and it will keep you interested till the end. The game's perfect pixel art makes it cute but also makes it excellently optimized which is important because of its high-speed gameplay. You'll play this for a long time since each character features their own story and since the game is a bit on the trickier side.

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