Amazing Minecraft Potions And How To Craft Potions (Minecraft Potion Chart)

by Goran Damnjanovic, Gaming Columnist

Published in Gaming on 13th December, 2019

Learn what you need to craft potions in Minecraft and how to craft them. After you learn all about brewing Minecraft potions check out the best potions available in Minecraft.

Minecraft is a game of limitless possibilities. You can do whatever you want in it. Whether that's exploration, survival, building your dream house, or maybe trying to craft literally every item in the game, Minecraft's got you covered.

minecraft potions

One of the craftable (or better to say brewable) things in Minecraft are potions. They can help those who like playing survival but they can also be helpful for people who are more into exploration and crafting.

There aren't too many potion recipes out there since potions are based on just a handful of ingredients. But the number of combinations is pretty large since you can add various effects to basic points.

In this guide, we will teach you what you need in order to brew potions (and how to craft items needed for brewing) as well as how to brew basic potions. Finally, we will list the best potions you can craft in Minecraft. Let's begin.

What you need to craft Minecraft potions

Let's explain how to make Minecraft Potions and which items you need in order to craft them.

Brewing Stand

First of all, you need a Brewing Stand. It can be crafted by combining one Blaze Rod with three pieces of Cobblestone. Cobblestone pieces are to be placed on the bottom row while the Blaze Rod goes in the center since it acts as fuel for your Brewing Stand.

You also want a Cauldron in case you aren't near a body of water. The cauldron can hold enough water to fill up three Glass Bottles.

Blaze Rods can be looted from dead Blazes. You have to visit Nether Fortresses in order to find Blazes so try packing up with as many Blaze Rods as you can since reaching Nether Fortresses isn't something you want to do on a regular basis.

brewing srand minecraft

Remember that in case you play Creative Mode, Blazes can be spawned from a Blaze Spawn Egg. Just enter the Creative Inventory menu, go to Miscellaneous and there you should find a Blaze Spawn Egg.

And remember that in Creative Mode, you can get spawn eggs to spawn most creatures in the game, allowing you to kill and loot them in order to get other ingredients needed for brewing various potions.

brewing stand

The next ingredient, Cobblestone, can be obtained by mining stone with a pickaxe. Just dig into the dirt and about four blocks below the dirt you'll find the stone. Hit it with a pickaxe and you'll get Cobblestone.

minecraft brewing chart

Water Bottles

Water Bottles are made by crafting Glass Bottles and filling them with water (just go to a water source and use the bottles or use a Cauldron).

You can craft a glass bottle by placing three pieces of glass on the crafting table. Place one in the middle-left, one in the middle-right, and one in the bottom-middle part of the table.

Nether Wart

Nether Wart is a base ingredient of every potion. By combining a water bottle and one piece of Nether Wart you'll get an Awkward Potion, which is a base potion without any effect.

Adding ingredients to an Awkward Potion creates all other potions in Minecraft. In order to brew Awkward Potions first add three Water Bottles to the stand (you can add less but you'll waste Nether Wart by doing so) and then place a Nether Wart into the Brewing Stand.

Remember to place Blaze Powder in the far-left box of the Brewing Stand each time you craft a potion otherwise nothing will happen. Once the brewing process finishes (you know it's finished when bubbles become white, the arrow becomes fully white, and the base ingredient placed in the top box disappears) you have three base potions to combine with other ingredients.

Nether Wart can be found in the Nether but it can also be farmed by laying down Soul Sand to the ground and then planting Nether Ward to the Sand. Soul Sand is also found in the Nether so make sure to get as many Nether Wart and Soul Sand and then farm Nether Wart so that you don't have to visit the Nether every time you want to brew a potion.

This is all you need to brew potions. Remember that Nether Wart creates Awkward Potion that doesn't have any effect. Instead, it is a base potion needed in order to craft any potion in the game.

Now that you know how to brew potions and how to brew the Awkward Potion it is time to learn how to create base effect potions.

How to create base effect potions along with the base effect ingredients list

Effect potions are brewed by combining Awkward Potion with any of the ingredients listed below, thus creating potions with various effects.

potions minecraft

In order to craft effect potions just place one to three Awkward Potions into the Brewing Stand and then add ingredient based on the effect you want. Remember that the Brewing Stand has to be light up with Blaze Powder before you start crafting potions.

Here's the list of effect ingredients. We also explained how to get each ingredient.

Blaze Powder

Blaze Powder is used to brew the Potion of Strength. It makes you stronger by increasing your melee damage.

Blaze Powder can be crafted by placing one Blaze Rod in the middle of the crafting grid. One Blaze Rod gives you two Blaze Powders. Remember, Blaze Rod is needed for crafting potions in Minecraft.

So, if you want to both craft potions and brew Potions of Strength, make sure to kill and loot lots of Blazes in the Nether. Or if you're playing in Creative Mode, just spawn Blazes from Blaze Spawn Eggs.

Ghast Tear

Ghast Tear is used to craft Potion of Regeneration that regenerates your health over time. This is one of the most important potions in Minecraft.

In order to get Ghast Tears go to the Nether, find Ghasts, kill and loot them.

Glistering Melon Slice

Glistering Melon Slice is used to brew the Potion of Healing. This potion heals you instantly instead of regenerating your hearts over time.

You can craft a Glistering Melon Slice by combining eight Gold Nuggets with one Melon Slice in the Craft menu. And you get Melon Slices by finding and breaking melons (they can be found in the Jungle Biome).

Another way to get Melon Slices is by farming melons. First, you need to find a melon seed. They can be found within chests located inside abandoned mineshafts.

Find an abandoned mineshaft (they are commonly found in ravines, so visit ravines to look for them), locate a chest within it and open it. Once you find Melon Seeds, plant them on farmland and wait for melons to grow. Once farmed melon can yield 3-7 Melon Slices.

Golden Carrot

Golden Carrot is used for crafting a Potion of Night Vision. It helps you see in the dark and it works underwater.

To obtain a Golden Carrot you need to combine eight Gold Nuggets with one Carrot in the Craft menu. Carrot can be found in villages. First, find a village, and then locate a garden.

Gardens are where carrots are at. Also, carrots can sometimes be looted from Zombies you killed. Finally, you can farm carrots by planting them in farmland and waiting for carrots to grow.

Magma Cream

Magma Cream is the ingredient used for brewing the Potion of Fire Resistance. The potion is great for exploring the Nether. By drinking it you can literally swim in lava and nothing will happen to you!

magma cream minecraft

You can get Magma Cream by hitting Magma Cubes in the Nether.

Phantom Membrane

Phantom Membrane is the ingredient with which you can craft the Potion of Slow Falling. The Potion slows down your falls and removes fall damage, making it pretty handy for exploration.

Phantom Membrane can be looted from Phantoms. These enemies appear when you skip sleeping for three days or more so get ready to spend a couple of nights awake in order to farm this ingredient.


Pufferfish brews Potion of Water Breathing. The name says it all; the potion allows you to breathe underwater. Pufferfish can be caught in any large body of water. All you need is a regular or enchanted Fishing Rod.

Rabbit's Foot

Rabbit's Foot is the ingredient used for crafting the Potion of leaping. It increases your jump height and can be really handy during exploration.

Rabbit's Foot can be obtained by killing rabbits. The problem is that the lucky foot is a very rare item to find. In order to increase your chances of looting a Rabbit's Foot from dead rabbits you should enchant your sword with Looting III.

For details on how to enchant swords visit this page.

Spider Eye

Spider Eye can be used to craft the Potion of Poison, which depletes health over time. It isn't something you'd want to use on yourself but combined with the right special item that alters potion effects (scroll down to find more about them) you can create a Poison Potion that splashes upon impact. Great for killing enemies from afar.

You get Spider Eye by killing spiders and cave spiders. Simple as that.


Sugar is used for brewing the Potion of Swiftness. It increases your speed allowing you to explore the world at a faster pace or to escape from nagging enemies.

Sugar can be obtained by crafting sugar cane. Just place the sugar cane on the crafting table. Another way to obtain Sugar is by killing and looting Witches.

Sugar Cane can be found near water in multiple biomes. You can also farm Sugar Cane by planting it on grass, dirt, podzol, and sand blocks. Just remember that the block you're planting Sugar Cane on has to be directly adjacent to water.

Turtle Shell

The last effect ingredient is Turtle Shell. It is used to brew the Potion of the Turtle Master. This potion increases your defense but at the same time decreases your speed.

Turtle Shell can be obtained by combining five scutes in the Crafting grid menu. Scutes can be obtained by finding baby turtles in the wild and then feeding them Sea Grass in order to grow.

Once they grow up enough, they will drop one scute. You can also breed turtles (this is much more efficient than searching for them in the wild). First, find two turtles. Next, feed these two turtles with Sea Grass, one at a time. Feed them with Sea Grass until you see hearts appearing over the two turtles.

That means they entered love mode and will soon breed. Once they are done breeding one of the turtles will lay eggs. It will take some time for baby turtles to hatch. Once they hatch, repeat the process (feed them with Sea Grass) to make them grow and to collect more scutes.

Modifier (Secondary) Ingredients for Minecraft Potions

Once you create an effect potion you can combine it with a secondary ingredient to alter its effects. These effects include extended duration, enhanced potency, creating splash potions that explode on impact, etc. Here's every secondary ingredient.

Glowstone Dust

Glowstone Dust is used to enhance the potency of a potion. It can be combined with certain potions to create more powerful versions of those potions.

You can also first brew a base Glowstone Dust potion (called Thick Potion) and add the desired effect ingredient later. Not all potions can be combined with Glowstone Dust. Potions that can be made more potent include Potion of Healing, Potion of Regeneration, Potion of Strength, Potion of Swiftness, and Potion of Leaping.

Glowstone Dust can be obtained by breaking glowstone, which can be found in the Nether. The alternate way to obtain it is by killing and looting a Witch.

Redstone Dust

Redstone Dust is used to increase the duration of potion effects. It can be combined with every potion except the Potion of Healing.

Redstone Dust can be obtained by mining or smelting Redstone Ore, by destroying jungle temple traps, it can be crafted from blocks of Redstone, or it can be looted from killed Witches. Another way to get Redstone Dust is by trading with villagers.

Redstone itself can be found in the Overworld in any biome, from altitudes 0 (the surface) to 16 (16 blocks below the ground).


Gunpowder allows for potions to become Splash Potions. They explode on impact and then apply their effect. For instance, you can throw a Splash Potion of Poison on an enemy and it will then deplete its health for a period of time. This is basically a health-depleting bomb.

Gunpowder can be combined with every potion but some combinations don't have any meaningful effect, at least in single player. For instance, creating a Splash Potion of Water Breathing can work only in case you play with a friend and want to give them the power to breathe underwater.

Gunpowder can be found by killing and looting Creepers. Ghasts and Witches can also contain Gunpowder but less frequently than Creepers.

Dragon's Breath

Dragon's Breath can be combined with Splash Potions to create Lingering Potions. They explode on impact and also create a cloud that spreads the effect of the potion.

Dragon's Breath can be obtained by using an empty bottle on the Ender's Dragon fireballs. These are left behind after the Ender Dragon attacks with their breath attack.

Fermented Spider Eye

Fermented Spider Eye is used to create the Potion of Weakness that lowers the melee attack by 4. It is also used as a base potion to create potions with opposite effects.

For instance, combining the Potion of Weakness with Potion of Healing will create Potion of Harming that instantly damages the recipient by 6 or 12 (enhanced version) points of damage. These effects don't have to be negative. You can create a Potion of Invisibility by combining Potion of Weakness with the Potion of Night Vision.

Fermented Spider Eye can be obtained by combining Spider Eye with Sugar and a Brown Mushroom in the Crafting menu.

Elements for Creating Medicine Potions or Cures

In Minecraft Education Edition and Bedrock Edition that has Education features enabled there are four elements that can be used to brew medicine potions or cures. They can remove certain negative status effects.

Bismuth can be used to brew Nausea Potion, Calcium is used for crafting Blindness Potion, Cobalt is the ingredient of the Potion for curing Weakness, and Silver creates Antidote that removes the poison effect.

Rules for Combining Modifier Ingredients

Modifier or secondary ingredients can be combined in a multitude of ways but there are some rules that govern potential combinations.

You can either use Glowstone Dust or Redstone Dust; you cannot use both to create a potion that has both increased potency and prolonged effect.

Each Splash potion can be combined with Dragon's Breath to create Lingering Potion. Just remember that Splash and Lingering potions have reduced effects compared to their drinkable counterparts.

Enhanced potions of Leaping or Swiftness cannot be corrupted. You can only corrupt their base versions by combining them both along with one Fermented Spider Eye to create the Potion of Slowness. Only after you create the Potion of Slowness you can combine it with Redstone or Glowstone Dust.

Only certain potions can be directly combined with Fermented Spider Eye to receive alternate or negative effects. These include Potion of Night Vision, Potion of Strength, and Potion of Regeneration.

Best Minecraft Potions Recipes

Now that we explained everything there is to know about crafting potions in Minecraft, let's cover our favorite Minecraft Potions!

Extended Potion of Strength

This is an excellent potion for boss battles or just when you want to kill lots of Creepers or other enemies fast. It increases your attack damage by 3 points for eight minutes, which is awesome!

The alternative is the enhanced potion of strength. It does increase your melee attacks by 6 points but it only lasts for one and a half minute.

Extended Potion of Fire Resistance

A must-have potion for every explorer. Completely removes fire damage from fire, lava, magma blocks, and Blaze's ranged attacks for eight minutes. Nice!

Extended Potion of Invisibility

This one makes you invisible for eight minutes. It's great for when you are left without food and other ways to heal while exploring dangerous places filled with powerful foes. It is created by combining Fermented Spider Eye with the Potion of Night Vision and then applying Redstone Dust.

Enhanced Potion of Leaping

You have the extended potion of leaping but it has a weaker effect. It only allows you to jump half a block higher. When we want to jump higher, we want to jump as high as we can.

We aren't interested in increased effect because we need to jump quickly out of harm's way; it doesn't matter if the potion has a prolonged effect. The enhanced version allows you to jump more than one block higher for one and a half minute, which is more than enough to escape any trouble.

Enhanced Splash Potion of Poison

This is a proper bomb in Minecraft. Just combine regular Potion of Poison with Glowstone Dust and then combine that potion with Gunpowder and finally with Dragon's Dust.

Now you are able to hit enemies from afar and the resulting cloud will deplete one health every 0.4 seconds for twenty-one seconds! An excellent way to kill lots of mobs packed in a small area.

Enhanced Splash Potion of Harming

This is a nice weapon to have when fighting bosses. It inflicts 12 damage when hit, which is a lot. In order to brew this potion, you need to combine Fermented Spider Eye with Potion of Healing and Potion of Poison.

Once you create the Potion of Harming, it's time to combine it with Glowstone Dust and then with Gunpowder. A potent weapon that will make every boss fight much easier.

Enhanced Potion of Healing

A potion that instantly restores eight health (four full hearts). What's not to like!?

Extended Potion of Regeneration

This is another useful tool that's great during boss battles. It restores one health (half a hearth) every 2.5 seconds for one and a half minute. The enhanced version restores one health every 1.2 seconds but that one lasts only twenty-two seconds.

Extended Potion of Slow Falling

Another must-have potion, this one's great for underground explorers. It will remove all fall damage for four minutes.

Extended Potion of the Turtle Master

And finally, we have the Potion of the Turtle Master. This one will reduce all incoming damage by forty percent but will also slow you down by forty percent. The effect lasts for forty seconds.

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