Trendy Sneakers For Men With Retro Design (Cool Shoes)

by Zara Mohammed, Lifestyle Columnist

Published in Lifestyle on 3rd January, 2020

Old-school kicks are the best! If you agree that cool shoes like the retro classics will always be in style, keep reading for our top picks of trendy sneakers for men with a retro design. According to industry experts, these classics are the ones you will be able to enjoy wearing forever!

Gola Harrier 50 Leather Sneakers

The Gola Harrier 50 Leather Sneakers offer a beautiful slim silhouette that is classy comfortable, and unmatched for classic retro style. Their unfussy glove-like design is perfect for the minimalists of today, making these sneakers a great choice for a casual office shoe, and strolling around the city at the weekend.

gola harrier 50

With 50 years under its belt, not to mention over 500 colorways, the Gola Harrier is still leading the way, and will cast a shadow over all of the other sneakers in your collection time after time. They just make sense!

Nike Air Tailwind 79 Sneakers

The simple, classic, retro design of the Nike Air Tailwind has stuck around over the years, and for good reason. They just look good! The design is clean and bold, with a variety of colours to suit every personality or situation.

nike air tailwind 79

And of course, there's that iconic Nike tick that pops on your feet with that flattering and highly recognisable curve. You can never have too many of these sneakers, one for every day of the week I say.

Versace Cross Chainer Mesh Runners

If you're looking for some retro vibes mixed with modern street style these neon statement sneakers certainly fit the bill... or should I shay - foot? Neon has been taking over the runway, and it will always have that fun retro vibe.

versace cross chainer

The sporty runner silhouette and gum sole of the Versace Cross Chainer Mesh Runners will suit a younger generation too. Grab a pair of these to brighten up your wardrobe and add a playful and youthful edge to your outfits.

New Balance 990 Running Sneaker

These boast classic American dad styling, but in an unquestioningly good way! The New Balance 990 brings this retro gem up to date with their latest technology, giving you a new and improved retro favourite whose looks and function as a running shoe are top of the class.

new balance 990 running

ASICSTIGER Gel-Lyte III Sneakers

The Asicstiger Gel-Lyte III Sneakers are an athletic styled staple for every wardrobe, injecting a clean pop of colour to any outfit.


This shoe's retro design may seem basic on the outside but let's not overlook the unique split tongue, providing a welcome extra bit of flair, not to mention the convenience of being able to slip the shoe off and onto your foot with ease and wear it with comfort all day long.

Who doesn't love convenience when it's paired with beauty? It's a win-win situation.

Veja Low-Top Sneakers

White-on-white with the contrast of that thick gum sole merges the classic charm of these sneakers with a modern exclamation mark. The Veja Low-Top sneakers are clean and elegant, but at the same time trendy and up to date, with a retro vibe added in for pure measure.

veja sneakers

You can wear these with anything, but a pair of dark denim jeans will be sure to set them off in any situation. Look after these babies though, because they look their best when they are out-of-the-box crisp, clean white. You can tell everything about a man by looking at his shoes, didn't you know?

Adidas Men's Continental 80 Leather Low-Top Sneakers

Adidas have nailed it with the Continental's re-release. The shape of them is retro to a T, but they are sleek enough to maintain a clean and modern feel. Who doesn't love that perfectly round perforated toe box? And what about the clean strip of blue and red on the sides? For anyone who has a soft spot for a crisp white tennis court sneaker, these guys were made especially for you.


Vans Old Skool Checkerboard Sneakers

The Vans Old Skool Sneaker made its very first appearance all the way back in 1977. If you are looking for a cool-guy shoe, you'll be pleased to know that the comeback of these sneakers has regained its popularity, and the shoe is now a go-to choice for the lusted after cool-guy retro look. What's not to love about checkerboard sneakers?

vans old skool

I mean, they will go with anything! You can even wear these with a suit and you will look effortlessly cool. Go for classic black if you want people to think you're too-cool-for-school, but that checkerboard design just has a little something about it. Know what I mean?

Nike Air Force 1 07 LV81 Sneaker For Men

Originating in the 80s, but still going strong, the Air Force 1 sneakers are another cool retro addition to your collection. There is a great choice of colours and design, so you can go for the retro look or a more updated one if you prefer.

nike air force 1

The new updated styles stay true to the originals too, so go for whatever speaks to you, in the knowledge that all options will work for that look you are going for!

Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 Sneaker

The red, blue and white design of this awesome sneaker made their debut in pre-Olympic trials before the Mexico Olympic games in 1968. Do you know what that means?

onitsuka tiger

Yep, these sleek babes are the perfect choice for any champion, including you! The design is dynamic and transcends decades of style. They are truly iconic, and wearing them, you may just feel like the winner you really are! Okay, maybe that's going overboard, but look at them. Pure class.

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