10 Amazingly Decisive New Year Resolutions Ideas

by Zara Mohammed, Lifestyle Columnist

Published in Lifestyle on 7th January, 2020

The New Year is here and everybody has just two things on their minds - January Sales... and New Year Resolutions!

If you still haven't set any for yourself, here are some amazing New Year Resolution ideas to inspire and motivate you into creating your own list for 2020!

new year resolutions

What Were My New Year Resolutions Last Year?

If there is one thing that New Year Resolutions are known for, it's the fact that most of us never seem to be able to keep them! So why not take a look at your list from last year and see if there was anything on it that you feel more ready or able to tackle this year instead?

Think About What You Are Passionate About And Not The Way You Look!

We all have at least one thing on our list of New Year Resolutions that relates to how we feel about the way we look. Maybe we want to go on a diet, keep to a fitness regime for a better body, eat healthier for better looking skin or hair, learn how to do make-up properly, start a Youtube Channel and become famous online for beauty tips... The list goes on.

If this sounds like you, why not take a completely different approach this year and focus on something you are genuinely passionate about, like learning a new skill, or putting aside time to help towards a cause that you believe in?

Practice Gratitude

Many New Year Resolutions are about gaining something we want or getting to somewhere we want to be. We are not really stopping to think about where we are now or how far we have come.

What if instead of creating a list of New Year Resolutions, you create a list of all the things and people in your life that you feel grateful for, and then build your resolutions around showing and sharing your gratitude.

Spread the love this year!

Ditch The Social Media

Don't freak out - I don't mean entirely, I know that you think you can't live without it, or maybe your just don't want to. But just take a moment to think about how much of your life is connected to social media.

Are you the kind of person who likes to share everything? Why do you do that? You can enjoy doing things without sharing your experience with the world online, and your experience will be just as valid, perhaps even more so.

So this year when you eat an amazing breakfast, or go on an awesome holiday, consider what it might feel like to just enjoy it for what it is, instead of making it into something else completely by sharing every moment of your life in pictures, videos and tweets. Your experiences and memories of your moments are enough.

Buy More Plants

If you haven't discovered how wonderful houseplants are yet, you need to put the hashtag #crazyplantlady into Instagram right now and discover a whole knew world of beautiful green hues. I'm telling you, make it your New Year Resolution to buy a new houseplant with every paycheck you receive.


Plants have amazing healing qualities. They help to reduce stress, they increase productivity, they improve air quality, and they look so stylish!

A plant is an awesome investment for your home or office, and I think we should all have more of them. Plants make you feel good, and they look great in your environment. It's a win-win situation.

Reduce Plastic

Seriously, scrap your entire New Year Resolutions list and write this on it in bold...

"This year I will be more conscious with my habits and purchases in order to reduce the amount of plastic I use."

We are killing our planet with this stuff. It's horrible, tragic, and yet so easily resolved if only we were all on board.

If you love the ocean, the forests, and the animals we share this planet with, do something about it. Even if it's the only meaningful thing you do this year.

Recognise What Makes You Feel Good And What Makes You Feel Lousy

It's amazing how much control we have over the way we feel, and yet so many of us continue to do things or be around people that ruin our good vibes.

Make it your New Year Resolution to be more conscious about who brings you down instead of lifts you up, who is negative about everything, who complains a great deal but never seems to do anything positive about it.

Be aware of so-called friends who do nothing to boost your self-esteem but always seem to be able to crush it with a single comment or look.

Sort through your wardrobe and get rid of all the clothes you hate because they make you feel fat or uncomfortable, but you still wear them - why?

Love yourself more this year, and surround yourself with people who love you, and the things that you love.

Minimalize Your World

Minimalism is super-trendy and popular, and for good reason too! Clearing the clutter from your life really does clear space in your mind so that you can think more clearly and put more of your energy into the right things.

Did you know that clutter is officially bad for your health? According to research it contributes to your stress levels.

So learn to let go of anything and everything that you don't absolutely love or that has a genuine purpose in your world, and you will be helping yourself in more ways than your think.

Its amazing all of the things we own, and how much of it we need, or even really use. Why not write up a month-by month plan in order to totally de-clutter your world this year?


For example, January you can focus on your wardrobe. February you can focus on minimising your online presence and technology, so that the only social media networks, apps, software and other technology-related things are cut down to what you really need.

Ideas for other months might include de-cluttering rooms in your home, your office or workspace, your make-up and hair routine, your food shopping.

There are so many ways to incorporate minimalism into your life, and the best thing about it is that it is highly personal, and looks different from one person to the next.

Keep A Journal

This is another thing that has gained popularity over the past few years with people being able to share their journaling passions online via Instagram and Facebook groups.

The great thing about journaling is that there are so many different styles that there is something to suit everybody. Journaling is a great way to express your self, and everybody does that differently. So think about the different ways you enjoy being creative and putting down your thoughts.

Here are some of the most common styles of journaling that have become so popular online:

  • Traveler's Notebooks - A simple system of using a refillable leather journal cover to hold several notebooks using string and elastic. The system has gained a cult following online. People use this system to incorporate their preferred style of journaling. So whether you just like to simply write, and write, and write, or whether you have a more creative approach, Traveler's Notebook can be a great tool for your journaling adventures.
  • Scrapbook Journaling - It is what it says it is - a scrapbook of thoughts with pictures and cuttings stuck in all over the place to make a wonderful and beautiful, not to mention inspiring book to look back on in years to come. If you ever enjoyed keeping a scrapbook as a kid you will love the freedom of indulging in this hobby as an adult!
  • scrapbook
  • Junk Journaling - Sometimes confused with scrapbook journaling, junk journaling is the act of making or buying a handmade journal that is comprised of "junk" - for example, old envelopes, book pages, receipts etc. There are pockets and secret hideaway elements that fold up, pull down or slip out. The vibe is usually, old and used, and often with a vintage feel about it. Junk journaling can appeal to the romantic journal keeper who likes to hold onto old love letters and ephemera from forgotten times.
  • Art Journaling - For the more artistically inclined, the art journal is a wonderful and often colourful expression of a person's everyday life, told though painting and sketches in a sketchbook journal. There can be writing too, but this is often incorporated into the artworks so that they merge as one.

Resolve NOT To Make Any New Year Resolutions This Year

Why not go against the grain. Instead of doing what everyone else is doing right now, you may find it much more useful to simply live in the present, and not look back into the past at all the things that have already happened that you want to change, and not to look forward into the future at all of the things you want to achieve.

Being mindful of where you are right here and now can sometimes make the most sense. So just breathe, and enjoy the moment. That's what we're all here for anyway.

Happy New Year!

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