Simple Things You Can Do To Change The World

by Zara Mohammed, Lifestyle Columnist

Published in Lifestyle on 8th January, 2020

Is it your New Year resolution to start leading a more meaningful life, and make 2020 a year of positive personal changes in order to help change the world we live in for the better? That is a great resolution!

There are plenty of brilliant things you can do to change the world. Keep reading for some inspiration...

save the planet

Do Something About Your Water Wastage

Water is something we tend to take for granted because it is free, and it comes out of our taps, ready to drink, without any limits. But it might not always be like this.

In fact there are many places all over the world where water is being rationed because there is not an endless supply of it. You can help make a difference to water wastage by evaluating how you use water, and encourage your friends, family and colleagues to do the same.

Here are some ideas:

  • Turn the tap off - There is no need to switch a tap on unless you are using all of the water that comes out of it. Observe how much water you really need to brush your teeth, have a shower etc. and ask yourself, does the tap really need to be running right now, or can I switch it off while I am brushing my teeth, shaving or washing my hair or the dishes?
  • change the world
  • Reuse Water - Use barrels or buckets in your garden to save rainwater. You can use it to water your houseplants, garden and lawn instead of using water from the tap unnecessarily. You can also reuse used water from boiling pasta or rice by letting it cool and using it for your plants of garden. Leftover ice can also be left to melt and then used in the same way, or drunk by you, your family or your pets.
  • Reduce Your Laundry - Your clothes don't always need washing after being used once or even a few times. Often you can refresh a garment by spraying it and hanging it out to air. Also, only do a wash when your machine is full.
  • Thrift & Mend Your Clothes - Did you know that it takes a lot of water in the production of clothes? One pair of jeans takes 7,600 litres of water! When you avoid purchasing new clothes you are avoiding contributing to a huge amount of wasted water.
  • Fix Leaks - Leaks are not only annoying, but they also add up to a surprising amount of wasted water. Let's say you have one drip per second, a whole day's worth of drip would mount up to 19 litres of water. Check your household for any leaks or dripping taps and you could be making an important difference.

Rethink What You Eat

Most people are concerned with what they eat for selfish reasons. They want to look good, feel good, and be healthier. But what about how your food choices are affecting other people, other countries, animals, wildlife, and our planet as a whole?

Consider making some of the following changes in your diet and to the way you shop for your food, and make a difference not only to your body and health, but also to the bigger picture...

  • Cut Down On Eating Meat - You don't have to commit to being a vegetarian or vegan, but if you significantly cut down on how much meat you consume, and what kind of meats you buy, you will stop supporting the industries that are causing so much destruction and cruelty to the planet and animals.

    You might end up paying a little more for your meat, but if you are consuming less of it then you won't necessarily be spending more.

  • Shop Locally Sourced Foods - Farmers Markets are great places to get access to fresh fruit, veggies and meats.

    shop locally

    You will have peace of mind knowing that family-run businesses are treating animals ethically, that your food is organic and healthy, and isn't being flown in from overseas, wasting fuel and contributing to pollution. You will also have more control over the amount of plastic you use.

  • Cut Down On Plastics - If you shop in a chain supermarket it can be near impossible to avoid plastic, even if you bring your own re-usable shopping bags.

    This is because so many foods are wrapped in plastic for preservation purposes. If you shop in local, eco friendly, and health shops, you may be able to avoid more plastic by bringing your own glass containers for things like pasta, rice, spices etc. And freshly baked bread usually comes in paper bags.

    It is also important to support your local independent food shops as much as possible, so that they can afford to keep doing business alongside the chain brands. It goes without saying now I think, that recycling is also a great way to help the environment, so don't forget to recycle any packaging you acquire that you can't find a use for.

Educate Yourself & Others

It s becoming more and more important to seek out knowledge and the truth about what is happening in our world, both globally in other countries and the environment, and locally in our own communities.

Because it is only equipped with that knowledge that we can then go out into the world and share what we know and care about with others, so that they can be aware of what is happening too. The more people who know, the more people there are who can do something about it.

educate others

That is when great changes happen. So if there is something that you feel could be improved, whether it is what you feel could be done for the elderly or youth in your local community, or whether it is raising money or awareness for big issues such as poverty, animal cruelty, or the rainforests, find out what you need to know, and get out there, gather your people!

Check out these fun ways to help make a difference to issues in your local community:

  • Give inspiring educational talks, put on a thought-provoking performance, or run fun art workshops in local shoes that bring more awareness to young children about important issues in the community.
  • Set up a local "green project" to get the local community involved in a teamwork based activity such as clearing our canals, cleaning graffiti, or planting trees.
  • Run a community gardening project where children, families, and schools can get involved to find out more about growing their own vegetables.
  • Team up with a local playgroup or after school club, and get the kids to make colourful posters to remind people in the community to look after the environment by picking up litter, cleaning up dog poo etc.


Changing the world may seem like a daunting prospect, and you may even feel so overwhelmed that you think you can't make a difference.

The fact is that collectively we are already making huge changes in the world, we always have and we always will, as long as we have individuals like you who are passionate and empower yourself with positive thinking and a can-do attitude. I hope that you have enjoyed these tips, and that you share some ideas with the people in your life.

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