Nintendo Switch Guide (Best Nintendo Switch Games)

by Kahlia Meeuwsen, Gaming Columnist

Published in Gaming on 13th January, 2020

Its the season for receiving brand new devices! If you've been gifted a Switch for the holidays, or treated yourself to one, then you're in the right place! Some of the features offered by these devices can seem a little more complicated than they are.

Luckily, we're here to walk you through using a Nintendo Switch. We'll even offer some excellent game recommendations to get you started!

nintendo switch guide

Carry on and you'll be gaming like a pro in no time!

What Is The Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch is the latest in handheld gaming devices. Whereas in the past, many of us have experienced the Nintendo DS, Gameboy SP, Advance, Color or Original, the Switch takes this portable capability and improves the experience a great deal.

Not only can the Switch be used in portable play, it can also connect to your TV when you want the full console experience. Consequently, it's absolutely a device that leaves other handheld gaming devices in the dust.

Nintendo Switch Versus Nintendo Switch Lite

If you're new to owning or buying a Switch, it's important to know the differences between the Nintendo Switch and the Switch Lite. Both are exceptional devices that can play the same games and provide a wonderful handheld experience.

However, the Switch Lite isn't able to connect to a TV like the regular Switch can. It's designed for portable play only.

Additionally, the Switch Lite does offer a little more battery power and a slightly smaller screen. Because of this, it's a device you'll want to take on the go, while the regular Switch is great for using at home or on shorter outings. Due to the differences in size and ability, the Switch Lite tends to come at a lower cost.

Using A Nintendo Switch

In order to get the most from your Nintendo Switch, you'll need to be able to set it up, charge the device, controllers and more. Within this section, we'll take a look at everything you need to know to enjoy your Nintendo Switch!

nintendo switch

How To Charge The Nintendo Switch

There are a couple of ways that you can charge up the Nintendo Switch. The first is to simply plug the adapter directly into the bottom of the Switch and connect the other end to a working outlet. Typically, the Switch will let you know that it's charging with a small symbol in the upper corner.

Another option is to use the Switch holder. To do this, you'll need to get that back cover opened up, attach the USB plug to it and then rest the Switch in the holder.

How To Connect The Nintendo Switch To A TV

This is a process that definitely seems more complicated than it is. Just follow these steps and you'll be enjoying the Switch on your TV in no time!

  • Connect the dock and USB as mentioned earlier.
  • Make sure that USB is attached to an outlet.
  • Connect an HDMI cord from the dock to your TV.
  • Take the controllers off the screen portion of the Switch.
  • Power your TV on and choose the input that matches the Switch.
  • Pick your game and enjoy!

Keep in mind that the controllers need to be charged for this to work.

How To Charge A Nintendo Switch Controller

The easiest way to get your controllers, or Joy Cons, charged is to just attach them to the Switch. Make sure both Joy Cons are locked in and the Switch is plugged in to get everything powered up at once.

If you have Switch Pro controllers, then you can also connect them on their own with the help of a USB cord or the Switch dock.

Finally, grips that offer charging abilities can give you a greater amount of play time without having to connect the controllers back to the Switch. If you like longer gaming sessions, these are worth checking out!

How To Set Up A Nintendo Switch

Your first step will be to make sure the entire device has a full battery. Connect it to your Switch dock, or just plug it in with a USB cord to let the battery charge. You'll also want to make sure the Joy Cons are connected to the sides of the Switch so that they can charge as well.

set up nintendo switch

When the battery is ready, all you have to do is turn it on and the Switch will guide you through the rest. You'll need to set up aspects like the language on the device, your internet options, and time zone. If you want to be able to play the Switch on your TV, this is also a good time to set that up as well.

Best Nintendo Switch Games

If you're going to invest in a Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite, you're going to need games to go with it. Where do you start? Which games are the best? Never fear! Below are a list of some of the best Switch games out there today, and they come at a variety of pricing levels.

Untitled Goose Game

For those who like to cause endless problems for other people in video games, the Untitled Goose Game has proven to be a great time. It's a smaller, sandbox game that allows players to wander just about anywhere they may want to within a town and annoy all the NPCs they come by.

Whether you want to rob NPCs of their items, prank them with elaborate setups or just honk at everything that moves (or doesn't), this is the game to do it in! If you're still uncertain what you'll be getting yourself into, you can consider this to be somewhat like Goat Simulator but with its own unique style.

Super Mario Odyssey

When you're looking for a light-hearted adventure, it's hard to go wrong with a Mario game. The concept of this one might seem a little bit goofy, but it's still very enjoyable to play. As Mario, you seek to rescue Peach, as can be expected, with the help of magical hats!

These hats will allow you to take control of other creatures in the game. With each new creature comes new abilities that make the game even more fun to explore. You'll need to use as many new forms as possible to get enough Power Moons to complete the game!

Hollow Knight

Those looking for more of an Indie adventure are sure to enjoy Hollow Knight. In this unique side-scroller, you'll be able to explore an immense world and take on a huge variety of enemies. Those who enjoy the work of smaller groups will also love the 3D figures that are all drawn by hand.

With the ability to select your own path, each adventure is sure to be a little different. Each path holds unique stories and enemies that will tailor the experience to your choices. You'll also love the music created to bring this game to magical life!

Link's Awakening

This adorable remake is a great choice for those who enjoy games with unique graphics. The world of gaming is ever-growing, and it's so great to see how we can take older games and adapt them for today's audiences and old fans alike with bright, new looks!

In this game you'll play as the familiar protagonist, Link, as you find yourself in a completely new land. As you travel the area, you'll have to face new enemies, learn more about where you've ended up and meet a plethora of adorable characters! This edition even adds the new touch of designing your own dungeons!


Celeste is another unique indie game in which you'll go through the combined journey of climbing a mountain as well as facing darker experiences from within the protagonists own psyche. Some games set themselves apart with a fantastic story, and Celeste is one such game that is sure to draw you in.

With characters you're sure to enjoy and a story that will bring you to a truly meaningful ending, this is an experience you won't forget. It's a great way to break up the time spent playing games that are more passive, or for those who just want to experience something new!

Stardew Valley

There are few things more addicting than simulators, and Stardew Valley does the farming simulator right! Even if you aren't a fan of farming, the game contains a multitude of other things you can do like fishing, dungeon-diving, collecting and raising animals.

You get the freedom to play the game however you want. You can experiment with different farm settings, focuses and methods of play. Furthermore, there are a number of interesting townsfolk you can get to know, each with their own unique story to share. Just keep in mind that some of those stories can get a little more adult than what you might find in something like Harvest Moon.

Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

You can't go wrong with a classic, and this game provides an updated take on the Super Mario games that millions of people enjoy. Additionally, it includes two games in one, where you can either play Super Mario Bros. U or Super Luigi U.

The design of this game is largely the classic side-scroller that you'd see in the older Mario games. Because of that, it's a great way for players to enjoy the older style in a newer way. When you want an easy, fun way to kill some time, this is it.

Super Mario Maker 2

Those who want the Mario they love with a touch of creativity, Super Mario Maker is a game that many people enjoy. Due to the popularity of the original, this second version was created to allow Switch players to play and make their own Mario levels.

One thing that sets Mario Maker games apart from standard Mario games is that the levels created can be much more difficult. Because there is so much freedom for those designing the levels, what they create can be far more challenging and creative.

Breath Of The Wild

Even if you've never played a Zelda game before, you can get a lot of enjoyment from Breath Of The Wild. This gorgeous open-world game allows to you explore, cook, fight, collect and even enjoy some time in your own home. There's so much to do, you're sure to get lost for hours!

Ultimately, the goal is to take on 4 unique guardians that have all been taken over by Ganon. As the princess Zelda fights to keep Ganon from achieving his ultimate goal, you'll need to aid her by bringing the guardians back to the side of good - but definitely expect to get wrapped up in some side quests along the way.

The Witcher 3

There are few things that make a game more enjoyable than a massive open world and plenty of things to do. More and more, game designers are learning that this is exactly what gamers want. With The Witcher 3, the designers really nailed the concept of an in-depth world and a great story.

Playing as a mercenary who's primary goal is taking out monsters, you'll receive contracts that need to be handled and meet some great characters along the way. If you like games that give you an immense amount of value for the cost, this is one to invest in.

Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield

One way to know that a game franchise has truly succeeded can be found by taking a look at how long that franchise has been popular. With over 20 years of beloved games, movies, shows and toys, Pokemon definitely knows how games are done, and that is absolutely proven in the latest generation.

With brand new Pokemon, regional Pokemon with brand new looks, unique gym battles and a fantastic Dynamax raid battle system, there's a lot to experience in these games. You can't go wrong with these games, whether you're an old fan or a brand new trainer!

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