Fantastic 2020 New Best IPhone Apps

by Zara Mohammed, Entertainment Columnist

Published in Entertainment on 15th January, 2020

Welcome to the brand New Year. I am sure that many of you have treated yourself to a brand new shiny iPhone and you are having a whale of a time playing with it!

Or perhaps you didn't get what you wanted for Christmas and so you are looking to freshen up your current iPhone model with some fun new apps.

iphone apps

Well, keep reading for a modest list from us of 2020's new best iPhone apps. We have a random selection for you here, instead of the generic app list you will usually find in such an article, so hopefully you are bound to find something that piques your interest!

The five iPhone apps we will be taking a peek at are:

  • Moderation
  • Darkroom
  • Don't Forgeter
  • SPDR
  • Grammar Fix


Let us kick off with a rather fitting app, in line with your New Year resolutions, fresh starts, and the desire to be a better and more beautiful or healthy version of your 2019 self.

Introducing the Moderation app. It does what it says. It helps you to practice some of that dreaded moderation that is required for your number one New Year resolution - to lose weight, and be more beautiful or health in 2020. (Do not deny that this is not secretly all you want to achieve this year.)

moderation app

Thankfully Moderation is an app that has decided to turn its back on calorie counting (phew!) and instead focus on helping you to stay consistent in your efforts to stay fit.

How does it do this? It lets you tag all of your meals as healthy or unhealthy, which is kind of different because the app is essentially letting YOU decide what you think is healthy or unhealthy.

How about that for a bit of self-empowerment? There's nothing like making decisions yourself to help you feel even more in control and determined to stay on track with your own goals.

So if you don't necessarily want to quit eating your favourite foods, because it's not about cutting out all of the bad stuff after all, it's about moderation, right?

Then this app is perfect for you. It will help you not to lose track of exactly how much of your favourite junk foods you are eating. The app also gives you regular insights into your eating habits. This can help you to plan your means more efficiently so that you can eat with confidence, and not with guilt.

Download the app and enjoy - Bon appetit!


If you're a bit of an amateur photographer, then no wonder you opted for an iPhone. Without a doubt iOS devices pack a punch when it comes to photography.

If you are also a bit of a social media bunny, then you will want a pretty decent post-processing app to make your pics pop for all of your fans and followers to love and adore (or like and comments on).


Darkroom is an advanced image editing app that enables you to touch up your photos a bit, polishing them to perfection, so that they are Instagram-ready and raring to be posted.

Here are some of the awesome features:

  • Cool new filters
  • Tweak your colour profiles
  • Support for RAW and large files up to120 megapixels
  • Option to batch-process images
  • Edit iPhone's Live Photos (Oh yes!)

Download this beauty right now. And don't forget - its Darkroom not Lightroom!

Don't Forgeter

Everybody loves a To-do list! Okay, well not everybody, but everybody should have a to-do app on their phone. So why not make it Don't Forgeter?

If you are looking for something uncomplicated and fuss-free, this little app is a great place to start. When your needs grow and you realise that you are a serious list person (in which case you're probably going to want to go all retro and get a Filofax with dividers) then you can check out some of the fancier apps or planner systems. But for now, we're just going to talk about this one.

dont forgeter app

So what does it do? Essentially it allows you to create custom lists, and of course set reminders. I mean really what more could you ask for fro a to-do list app?

If you don't want to faff about, then using this app to create a list in a matter of seconds could be considered pure luxury in today's over-complicated world of super-technologies and "extra" features. Who needs all those bells and whistles anyway?

To make life even easier for you, the Don't Forgeter app has presets available so that you can go straight in and use one designed for work or shopping for instance. Why use a to-do app rather than a pen and paper? I know that's probably what some of you might be dying to chip in with.

I'll tell you why! We all know exactly where our phones are at any given time. Our phones are the first thing we can put our hands on, perhaps even more so than a purse or our house keys. So forget about shifting through your bag blindly looking for a pad of paper and a pen when you need to make a quick list - I mean, please! I need say no more, I rest my case.


So here is a bit of a random app for you, but I'm sure you are going to love it. is an app that claims to increase your reading speed! Is that not the perfect superpower to have in today's fast-paced modern world? If you've always wondered about speed-reading then you should download this app and have some fun.

The app gives you quite a bit of control, so you can tweak the reading speed between 100 WPM to 1000 WPM, which is quite a difference! The app works very simply too.

spdr app

Just paste the text you want to read into the app, and then the app shows it back to you word by word at your chosen speed. This means that you don't have to strain your eyes with them constantly traveling from left to right on the screen. Instead you can focus on each word, one at a time as they appear on the screen, and the result is super-fast reading superpowers!

You can import PDF documents and even scan documents and books directly into the app. Other features include being able to alter and customise the style, size and alignment of your fonts. Isn't it great when you come across an app that has the appeal of a novelty app, and at the same time it is useful and improves your personal skills? In no time you will be able to add that one to your CV!

Grammar Fix

Technology helps to improve the function and capacity of so many different things in our lives. Shall I tell you one of the things about technology that I am grateful for?

I just love how technology allows us to be really, really lazy! I mean, we don't even have to know how to spell or use punctuation anymore because we have apps and tools on our computers to help us fix everything automatically. Grammar Fix is such an app.

grammar fix app

Jokes aside, apps like this are actually very useful for all kinds of people and situations. Having what is essentially an automatic proof reader on your phone or computer can really save you precious time.

It can help you to maintain your professional reputation without much effort on your part by making sure that no silly unnoticed mistakes get past you before you hit send.

Apps like these are also life-changers for people who suffer from dyslexia or who perhaps don't have English as a first language. Simple grammar mistakes can change the whole meaning of a sentence or message that you are trying to get across.

Grammar Fix can help you avoid the uncomfortable misunderstandings that are so common in online communication due to mixed up use of punctuation or misspellings.

The app has a simple interface, and not only does it act as a reliable personal grammar assistant, it also works as a teacher by offering you the opportunity to enjoy lessons and take tests that are designed to help educate you so that you can understand language better.


Now that I have equipped you with some cool new app ideas for your iPhone, I guess you will be ready to take on the New Year with a skip in your step and a few useful gadgets in your pocket. Enjoy!

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