Epic Ways To Make Money Online

by Kahlia Meeuwsen, Money Columnist

Published in Money and Finance on 27th January, 2020

Money is an undeniably important part of our lives, but it's not always easy to obtain. When your regular job just isn't doing it well enough, you may find yourself looking for part time jobs.

Instead, taking a look at methods for making money online can help you to make that extra money without more time spent at work.

earn money online

Many online jobs allow you to work from home, the coffee shop or from your own car. Because of that, they're a great solution to an age-old problem. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the best ways you can make some extra cash online.

Benefits Of Making Money Online

Everyone has different reasons for wanting to make extra money. Earning money online is a great way to meet those needs more easily than ever before. Instead of racking up more hours at a part time job, you can tailor your job to your needs by finding ways to make money online.

Flexible Hours

Most people who are looking to earn some money online already have regular day jobs. Consequently, the ability to work when they want to and for as long as they need is a huge benefit. The more freedom you have with choosing your hours, the less stressful it will be to pick up that extra work.

Working online is a great way to achieve a flexible schedule. Many jobs allow you to work when you want to. Just remember that the hours you work will determine how much you make. That's to be expected!

Potential For Growth

It can be immensely helpful if the side job you're looking to take on has the potential to grow into a full career. These days, so many people are looking to break free from the typical 9-to-5 schedule in an effort to become successfully self-employed.

growth your business

If you're looking to sell your own products, write or create for a living, then there are jobs here that can definitely be a great starting point. Just take your time to make sure everything is in line and you can certainly make the leap from regular work to self-employment in a matter of time.

Control Over Earnings

People can pick up side jobs for a number of reasons. For some, it may be an attempt to move into a new career. Meanwhile, others may just be looking for something temporary to help them with padding their savings, paying for a vacation or getting a handle on some debt.

Depending on your needs, many online jobs offer you the ability to work as much as you need to meet those goals. Not all require the typical 10-20 hours per week that you might expect from a part time job. Thanks to that level of control, you can avoid stress that you just don't need.

Best Ways To Make Money Online

These money-making methods are fantastic for meeting just about any financial goal you may have. Whether you just want a few extra hours per week, or need to work hard to make ends meet, there are options for you. Just take a look!

Work For Lyft Or Uber

Not all online jobs have to be done from your computer. Using a convenient app, you can put yourself to work giving rides to people for businesses like Lyft and Uber. Just sign in when you're ready to be on the clock and sign off when you're done.

This option can help you to make some extra cash, through both regular pay and the tips provided by your riders. If you enjoy spending time with people and offering a great ride experience, this is a fantastic way to earn a little extra cash to meet your financial goals.

Create A Blog

Some people might enjoy connecting with others, but don't want to make videos, take pictures or enter themselves into the quickly-growing world of podcasts. Blogs may seem like one of the less popular methods for gaining a following, but there are still plenty of people who enjoy them.

create a blog

Blogging is an online job that you can really adapt to your preferences. You can write about what is important to you, find or take your own pictures, and gather together readers who care about what you have to say. In time, it can even earn a nice income.

Write An Ebook

If you're someone who enjoys writing a lot, Ebooks can be the ideal way to earn some money online. These books don't come with the cost of trying to publish a physical book, and they can often be quite a bit shorter than the standard novel.

If there's a topic you're interested in covering various aspects of, Ebooks can be a great way to do it. Over time, you can build up enough of a backlog of books to have a decent amount of passive income generating. Not to mention Ebooks can easily be placed on Amazon as long as you're willing to split the earnings in return.

Sell On Ebay

One of the top methods for making extra money involves selling some items on Ebay. With spring on the way, this is a great way to get rid of things around the house that you just don't need. For those who are interested in trying to open up their own Ebay shop for a living, this is a great way to get your feet wet!

sell on ebay

Ebay is easy to use and allows you to sell a variety of objects in different states. The fees included with selling aren't too bad either when compared to other selling sites.


Thanks to the vast capabilities of the internet today, even teaching doesn't have to be a task that requires you to leave home. A number of websites out there provide those with Bachelor's degrees the ability to teach or tutor online to make a bit of extra money.

One such example includes the ability to teach English to students in other countries. To take on this task, all you need is an applicable degree, a computer with a webcam and the desire to help children to learn a completely new language. Some of these jobs can pay around $20 per hour!

Pet Walking And Sitting

Animal lovers are sure to appreciate the ability to spend time with pets and earn some spending money on the side. Through sites like Rover and Wag, you can walk dogs or pet sit on a schedule of your choice. This is an especially great choice for those who cannot have pets of their own.

You can spend time with whatever pets you are comfortable with. With the ability to decide the pet sizes that you're okay around, whether or not you feel okay handling pets with special needs and more. For pet lovers, this option is certainly worth a look!

Do Some Freelance Work

Freelancing can come in a number of forms like writing, programming, website design, script writing and beyond. Websites like Upwork can provide freelancers a place to pick up jobs that suit their capabilities. All you need to do is apply, create a profile and look for people to work for!

frellance work

This is another option that allows you to choose your hours, how much you make and who you work with. Both freelancers and employers can be reviewed, and the site offers verification so that both sides can easily see who on the site is real and who may not be.

Take Surveys

If gift cards are you're a favorite treat of yours, then taking surveys may be right up your alley. Many companies out there are looking to get information on the products they offer from consumers. This might not be a way to get rich quickly, but it can be a fun and easy way to earn some gift cards.

Those interested in earning money through surveys can take a look at sites like Swagbucks. Just make sure to check out the reputation of a site before making your account. Some may not be as reputable as others.

Start An Etsy Account

Whether you enjoy knitting, crocheting, painting, drawing, sewing or other productive hobbies, it can be used to earn you some extra money. Through your own account, you can sell the items you make and pick up some extra cash here and there.

This option also gives you a high level of control. If you only have 5 things to sell, that's all you have to offer. You can also provide customers the option to pay for something that is customized to their needs. Overall, it can be a fun way to dip your toes into providing your own products to others.

Stream Something Entertaining

Those who enjoy entertaining or educating others can have a lot of fun making YouTube videos or streaming live entertainment on Twitch. Much like blogging or becoming an influencer, it can take time to build up enough viewers to warrant some advertising funds, but it can be a fun thing to work your way up to.


To get started, you will need to decide what you're going to provide and how you plan to stand out from others out there. Coming up with a great gimmick is a fantastic way to pick up a following, allowing you to earn more in the long run.

Sell Your Art

Art can be a difficult way to make a living, but it can create some nice padding for your bank account. You can also opt to create art to order for various clients, or you may create a design to sell through sites like RedBubble or similar options.

Depending on your specialties, and the time you have to offer, you have full control over how much work you take on. You can also just create art when you feel like it and then place that on Etsy or another art site to sell.

Try Out Task Rabbit

Another great app-based job is task rabbit. This app allows you to take a look at the random tasks people in your area need help with. You can then select certain tasks to accomplish and get paid to complete them. The jobs out there can include things like helping someone to move, setting up furniture and more.

If you consider yourself to be a pretty handy person, then this is a great way to make a few extra dollars. The tasks can really range in both difficulty and pay. You get to set your availability and pick jobs to take on. Some are as simple as waiting in line or making sure a package is delivered safely.

Influence Others On Instagram

Those who are looking for the fashionable lifestyle will enjoy trying out becoming an Instagram influencer. This may not be the right job for everyone, but for some it can bring in quite a bit of extra money. Just make sure that you have plenty of style and a lot of charisma!


This job also includes the ability to take great pictures, videos and have some way to entertain your viewers. Remember, there are so many things for people to watch or look at on the internet. You really have to be able to stand out if you want to pick up enough followers to make some cash!

Take Photos For Stock Websites

If you're a fan of taking pictures of nature, people, animals or just about anything else, you may be in luck! There are a number of sites out there that offer to pay photographers for their work. In turn, you can gain a bit of notoriety, extra money and something to put on your resume.

Not only can this make for a great hobby, but it can also aid in furthering a career in photography. The more you can add to your photography portfolio, the more likely it is that you'll be able to land the big writing jobs that can allow you to make a living doing what you love.

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