Roblox Jailbreak Game Full Guide

by Goran Damnjanovic, Gaming Columnist

Published in Gaming on 2nd February, 2020

Want to improve your skills in one of the most popular Roblox games and rob every location? Then check out our extensive guide for Roblox Jailbreak.

Jailbreak recently become one of the most popular games in Roblox. The reasons for this jump in popularity are plentiful. First of all, the game offers an immense world to explore together with an incredible amount of stuff to do. Next, there's tons of stuff to buy and players can pick between two completely different careers.

The police have to apprehend the criminals and keep them at bay while criminals can escape the prison and start the life of crime, robbing places and doing mischiefs.

jailbreak roblox game

The openness of it all is what attracts people to the game. They aren't limited to just a few possible missions, they can really live the life of a policeman or criminal, with the game allowing players to spend countless hours on its huge map doing all kinds of stuff.

The recent graphical upgrade made Jailbreak one of the prettiest Roblox games and the constant stream of updates brings new content and squashes bugs and other issues with the game. Roblox Jailbreak is an easy game to start but once you enter it can be a bit confusing on what to do.

Well, if you have problems starting Jailbreak or just want to know what to do first, check out our Roblox Jailbreak guide. It's filled with handy advice both for newcomers and veterans of the game.

If you start as a criminal, the first thing you want to do is escape the prison

Jailbreak offers two career paths - the police or the life of crime. If you chose to be a criminal the first thing you want to do is escape the prison so that you can start robbing places.

First of all, there are two ways to escape. Both include waiting for your cell to open in order for you to go to the prison yard. In case you spawn in the cafeteria, you will be able to go to the yard right away.

Once you reach the yard, check out the playing field. The helicopter sometimes spawns there, which is a perfect getaway vehicle. You should see it once you reach the playing field.

If the chopper is there, enter it and escape the prison. Circle around for a bit until you're sure that the police aren't following you. Once you're safe, head to the criminal base. Just follow the train tracks and you'll eventually find the base. If the helicopter isn't there it's time for the plan B.

The alternate way of escaping is reaching the yard and finding the fuse box. Just follow the path to the right once you arrive at the yard. Once you find the box, punch it until the gate next to it opens. Just make sure there aren't any guards near you while you punch the box.

If they hear you, they will throw you back into your cell. Once you pass the gate look for a gap in the fence. Crawl under it and reach the main gates. Now look between the watchtower (a large building where guards hang out) and the right gate, you should spot a hole. Crawl through it and once on the other side, you officially escaped the prison!

How to be a good cop

If you enter the game as a cop you don't have to escape the prison. You're in the city from the start and can chase criminals or do some illegal stuff with them.

If you want to keep a close look at the criminals inside the prison remember that you cannot simply shoot and kill them. In case a criminal didn't try to escape, isn't caught inside a restricted area, or if they don't have anything illegal in their inventory, killing them will remove money from your bank account. If you continue to kill innocent criminals you will become one yourself, ending up in jail.

good cop jailbreak

Instead of using lethal force, it's much better to use your taser. It just shocks criminals, allowing you to arrest them. Once you spot a criminal, equip your taser and try shocking them.

If you hit them, they won't be able to move for a short period of time. After you hit them, just run towards them, equip handcuffs, click on the criminal and they will be sent to the prison.

You can kill criminals who are trying to escape the prison, those who are inside a restricted area, and those who possess illegal items such as weapons. Also, if any prisoner hits you or any other prison guard, feel free to use deadly force.

On the other hand, you can freely kill prisoners while patrolling the city. Every prisoner seen in the city escaped the prison so you can kill them. The best way to make money as a cop is by trying to apprehend most wanted criminals. They are shown on the most-wanted board in the prison.

Once you locate a most wanted prisoner, you have to tase them in case you want to receive their bounty. You won't get any money by killing them. We advise every cop to get a buddy or two when out searching for most wanted because it's much easier to arrest prisoners when in company.

What to do as criminal in Roblox Jailbreak after you escape

So, you're a criminal in Jailbreak who managed to escape the prison. Now what? Well, the first thing you should do is locate the criminal base. Before that, find a car, any car, so you can escape any cop that you might stumble upon. Once equipped with a vehicle, locate train tracks. Follow them until you see the criminal hideout.

Once there, get some weapons. The garage should contain a pistol and a shotgun. Take them and get ready to cause chaos! Before you try a big one (a heist in other words) we recommend robbing the gas station and donut shop. These two are great to get to know how the game works and to try escaping the cops without being caught with lots of money.

The gas station can be located next to the Train Station 2. First of all, you don't need anything to rob it. We recommend going there with a couple of weapons, the ones you picked up inside the hideout. First of all, enter the building and reach the cash register. The NPC should be placed behind the register.

Once in front of the register, hold E for about ten seconds. You will then receive the cash, or get a notification that there isn't any cash to be robbed (in case another player robbed the station recently).

Next, you want to escape because the police were notified about the robbery as soon as you pressed E. Just head out, get into your car and reach the hideout.

The second robbery, the Donut Shop one, is very similar to complete. Just locate the shop (it's located near the 1M Dealership), enter the building, and go to the cash register. Hold E for ten seconds until you see the robbery notification.

Instead of exiting through the front door, we recommend to locate the small drive-through window to the right of the cash register and escape through it. For the best result, park your car next to the window. These two robbery locations should amass you enough money to buy some guns and/or vehicles.

Hot to raise your Bounty Level as a criminal

The wanted system in Jailbreak is there to show the most successful criminals on the server. Once you reach the top six most wanted criminals on the server expect that every policeman on the server will start chasing you. But that's the fun in Jailbreak; becoming the most wanted and then being on the run for as long as possible.

bounty level roblox

You can do all kinds of bad stuff to increase your bounty level. Robbing stores and performing heists are the two most obvious ways to increase your bounty. You can also kill cops and cause chaos on the city streets.

Remember that cops have to tase and arrest you in order to receive the money from your bounty. If they kill you there will be zero dollars for them so do try getting killed when facing cops. It's better than allowing them to arrest you.

What to do when cops find you

The life of a criminal includes lots of police encounters. When a cop sees you, just start running away from them. Try getting into your car. If that doesn't work, just jump and jump and jump, zigzagging around.

That way the police will have a hard time aiming. Remember that most cops don't want to kill you because they won't get any money that way. Use this to your advantage. The taser takes a lot of time to recharge so once they miss, try running away or hiding somewhere.

Next, always use the third person camera and zoom the camera as far as possible. That way you will be able to see around you, giving you an edge against the police. And if you get tased, hit space as fast as you can. Hitting space will make you recover from the shock quicker. Finally, if you get cuffed your criminal buddies can set you free by pressing E when next to you.

A couple of tips for the police

If you play on the side of the law, there's also plenty of stuff you can do. First of all, we recommend going to the shooting range to practice your aim. The range is located close to the Doughnut Shop. Next, if you're a newbie cop, you can camp next to the main prison gate.

There you can arrest prisoners as they escape the prison. But don't just camp right in front of the fence. Find a good hiding spot near the fence and wait there. You can also hide near the fence right next to the police building, next to another escape route.

The police officers level up as they arrest the prisoners. Remember that you won't get any experience points if you kill them. The problem is that you need 8-9 arrests to level up.

The best way to find criminals is to patrol around heist locations. There are seven locations around the city where criminals can perform heists. These are: Bank, Jewelry Store, Cargo Train, Museum, Passenger Train, Power Plant, and Cargo Train. If you're a cop make sure to visit these locations often. In case of the trains, just patrol along their routes.

Always remember to lock your vehicle

No matter whether you're a cop or a criminal, always remember to lock your vehicle. Yes, this is a thing in Jailbreak; vehicles are unlocked by default and players who own them have to lock them every time they get out of them if they don't want for anyone to stole them.

lock your vehicle roblox

Also, it's better to buy upgrades for a vehicle you already own than to save up money to buy a new vehicle. Vehicle upgrades can really improve your speed and acceleration and they are cheaper than getting a brand-new vehicle.

Roblox Jailbreak Heist guide

For the end of this Jailbreak guide, we will cover each of the seven heists. But before we cover each heist individually, here are a couple of general heist-related tips.

  • First of all, the police get a notification as soon as you start a robbery. Every police officer in the city will receive a notification informing them which location is robbed and who's robbing it.
  • If you manage to rob any location, the entire server will be notified about it. A nice way to brag. On the other hand, the entire server will get notified in case you get arrested.
  • The most lucrative location to rob is the cargo plane. Just remember to turn in the special crate, that's the one awarding the most money.
  • You can find a car near every heist location. Just remember that experienced cops also know that.

Okay, now let's explain each heist.

Bank Heist

The bank heist is the oldest heist available in Roblox Jailbreak. First of all, you'll need a keycard to rob the bank, which is easy to obtain. Just pickpocket a prison guard before you escape the prison. If you try robbing the bank with other players, only one criminal has to have the keycard.

The bank has five random layouts, and one of them generates every time a team of robbers enters it. Anyway, once you enter the bank you need to reach the Vault. Just find your way through the bank by navigating through the laser course.

This can be tricky but just advance slow and steady and watch for the lasers and you should be fine. Once you reach the vault the game will start automatically placing explosives on the vault door. Once the explosives blow up the door, enter the room filled with money and stay there until you collect enough money (the game will automatically add money to your account once you enter the vault).

Once you pick enough money, it's time to get out. Leave the vault, go through the laser course again, and then pick one of the three exits to escape.

Two exits can be found on the top floor and these require a keycard. The third option is to locate a door near the vault and blow it up with explosives.

Then go through the door, climb the ladder and navigate through another laser course. Once you leave the surrounding area of the bank, you'll get 200 XP and cash you took from the vault. Remember that if a cop enters the vault while you and your fellow robbers are inside it, it's automatic game over.

Cargo Plane Heist

The Cargo Plane is a tricky place to rob. First of all, it spawns at the airport at random times. So, if you plan on robbing it, make sure to find a place near the airport for the stakeout. Once you see the Cargo Plane landing, wait for it to start loading the cargo. Once the rear door open, try entering the plane. This can be really tricky.

Instead of trying to enter it while it loads cargo, you should instead try entering it with a plane. Just take off after the Cargo Plane takes off and follow it. Get really near it and you will be able to enter the plane. While inside you must be really quick (except if you managed to enter it while it loaded the cargo).

Inspect the seven cargo boxes until you find the special one that awards extra cash. Pick it up and exit the plane by opening the rear door with a keycard. This is why you need a company while robbing the Cargo Plane - one player has to take the cargo box containing the keycard. Once you're out you will parachute to the surface. Reach the criminal base in the city to unload the boxes and receive your heist money.

Cargo Train Heist

Cargo Train circles around the city before exiting the map. It enters through the Train Tunnel 1 and exits the map through the Train Tunnel 3. You can board it anywhere between the two tunnels. Once inside (just jump on it from above) find a red boxcar. Reach the roof of the boxcar and once you locate the roof door, hold E to open it.

cargo train roblox

Inside you'll find a safe which can be opened by holding E. Once you open it, wait to pick the money by standing next to the safe. Once you collect enough money, open the door at the side of the car by also holding E. Exit the train. Once outside you will receive money and experience points.

Do mind that if the train leaves the map with you inside it, you will be teleported to the nearby train station without money you've collected. Police cannot bust the robbery but they can arrest you once you exit the train or after you've teleported to the station.

Jewelry Store Heist

To perform the Jewelry Store heist, locate the Jewelry Store first. Next, step on one of the two X's on the sidewalk next to the Jewelry Store. This will automatically trigger a laser cutter, which will cut a tiny hole in the glass doors. Crawl through the hole and enter the store. Once inside punch one of the glass cases holding the jewelry. Note that the police will be notified as soon as you punch the first jewelry case.

Continue to break cases until you collect enough money. Next, reach the second floor of the building. There, you will find lots of lasers, spotlights, and other obstacles.

Navigate these by staying in the dark and avoiding lasers. Keep climbing the building until you reach the final floor. There you will find three doors. Open any door and escape the store. Once on the streets avoid police until you reach any criminal base. Once you enter any base you will get the money and 200 XP.

Museum Heist

This heist requires two players. You and another player have to reach the roof of the museum and plant the explosives next to the roof entrance. Detonate explosives at the same time to open the entrance. Once inside the museum, you have six locations where you can rob various items.

The police won't be noticed until one of the several roaming cameras notices you. Remember that these can also kill you, so make sure to avoid them at all costs. Finally, the police will be notified in case you steal a Gem or a Pharaoh mask. If you want to get either, steal them last, just before escaping the museum.

Steal items until you amass 5kg of weight. Once you reach the max weight you can carry, both players have to reach rooms located at the sides of the building. Once there, complete the puzzle, which reveals a secret room with a switch when completed. Your partner and you have to pull the switch at the same time.

If done correctly, the museum exit will open. Exit the building and avoid the cops at all costs until you reach the Volcano criminal base. There, locate the collector and once you interact with them, you'll get your money and XP.

Passenger Train Heist

The passenger train enters the map through the Tunnel 3 and exits through the Tunnel 1. You have to enter it and complete the heist before it leaves the map. As is the case with the cargo train, jump on the train's roof first. Unlike the cargo train, you can enter the passenger train by driving a road vehicle next to it.

Once inside reach the roof and search for the glass panel. Break it and enter the car. There, you'll find several booths. Reach each booth and hold E to collect money.

passenger train roblox

Once you collect enough money you can either exit the train or wait for it to stop at the Train Station 1. The train stops at the station and opens its armored cars. You can enter the armored boxcar and collect briefcases for extra money.

Collect the briefcases until you get a notification that you reach the limit. Then, just exit the train. Remember, if the train exits the map with you inside it, you will be teleported out of it and will lose all your cash.

Power Plant Heist

Finally, we have the Power Plant heist. First of all, reach the power plant. Once there, go to the right side of the power plant and locate a ladder. Climb the ladder until you reach the electric box. If the box isn't open, wait for it to open. It shouldn't take much time.

Once the box opens you need to complete the puzzle inside it. Once you complete the puzzle, a shutter located at the base of the ladder will open for a limited time. Quickly go down the ladder and into the opening. There, jump on the conveyor belt and avoid incoming lasers. Once you reach the main door (located at the end of the conveyor belt) open them.

The next room is filled with radioactive puddles. You should avoid these since they will damage you and can ultimately kill you. Once you reach the end of the room you will notice a staircase. Climb the staircase, dodge incoming lasers. At the end of the room, you will find another puzzle. Complete it and you will receive a stick of Uranium, which will attach to your back.

The stick drops uranium with each passing second, losing its worth. You have to exit the plant and reach the collector located at the Volcano criminal base as fast as you can. The money reward depends on how fast you reached the collector. Remember that, if you take too much time, the stick will disappear and you will lose all the money.

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