Mobile Games: Quick Guide For Asphalt 9

by Goran Damnjanovic, Gaming Columnist

Published in Gaming on 3rd February, 2020

Asphalt 9 is one of the hottest mobile racing games. If you just started playing it, check out our beginners' guide. It answers lots of questions any Asphalt 9 newbie might have.

Asphalt 9 Legends is, along with Real Racing 3, the most popular racing game for mobile devices. It offers incredible visuals, lots of game modes, dozens of cool cars, and hundreds of races.

You can play solo or against other people, participate in club activities, and much more. With a small investment Asphalt 9 can be enjoyed for months.

asphalt 9

Once you enter the game the number of options may overwhelm you. The game simply bombards you with features and it can be a bit confusing for a new player to know what to do once they start playing.

Don't worry, because we collected some of the most frequent questions new players might have about Asphalt 9 and answered them in our beginners' guide. Check the answers out below.

Can I play Asphalt 9 with a friend?

Yes, you can. The procedure is relatively simple and can be done in just a couple of minutes. First of all, either you or your friend have to create a club. It's really simple.

Just go to My Club tab in the Asphalt 9 menu and tap on Create a Club. Enter all the details about it (its name, moto, and country) and wait for the game to create your club. Remember that you need 50 Asphalt tokens (not coins) to do that. Also, remember to make the club public.

Next, it's time to invite your friend to your club. At the moment it seems that you cannot add players from other platforms to your club, which is a shame.

For instance, if you play on Android and your friend plays on iOS, you cannot add them to your club and play the game together. The thing is, Asphalt 9 gets constant updates so it doesn't hurt to try adding friends from other platforms. Maybe some update added cross-play by the time this guide was published.

So, here's how to add a friend to your club. Your friend should go to their profile where they'll see their Player ID.

Once they give their Player ID to you, go to your Club menu, click on options, and then tap on Invite. There, type Player ID of your friend (type letters exactly as they are shown) in the search form. Tap on search and the game should list your friend below. Then tap on the Invite button and wait for your friend to receive their invitation.

Your invitation should be visible in your friend's My Club menu. Once they tap on Join Club an invitation from your club will be visible.

They should just tap on it and that's it! Now you can play together in Club Races. You can create a Club Race from your Club Menu, ask your friend to join (they should go to My Club and accept the race you've created) and now you can race against each other anytime you like!

Can you link Asphalt 9 accounts?

You can link your previous Asphalt 9 account to a new device only if the said device is on the same platform as your previous device.

For instance, if you have an iPhone and get a new iPhone you can transfer progress from your previous phone. But if you, for instance, switch from iPhone to Android, you won't be able to transfer your progress.

At the moment the game doesn't support cross-play so linking accounts on different platforms simply isn't possible.

On the other hand, if you get a new device on the same platform, your account should be transferred automatically. Google Play Games on Android and Game Center app on iOS should recognize that you already played Asphalt 9 on your account and should restore your progress once you download and run the game on your new device.

asphalt 9 accounts

If that doesn't work you have another option, but only on Android. You can transfer progress from one Android phone to another manually.

Just download any file manager from the Play Store. Then open it and go to a folder named Android. There you'll find a folder named obb. Open the folder. In the obb folder, you should have a folder titled Asphalt 9. Copy the obb file from the Asphalt 9 folder to another folder or transfer it over to your computer.

Next, send the obb file you copied from the Asphalt 9 folder to another Android phone. On it, download and install Asphalt 9. Before you run the game, copy the obb file to the Asphalt 9 folder in your new phone.

Once the file is copied just run the game and your saves and progress should be transferred.

How old do you have to be to play Asphalt 9?

If you're playing on Android, Switch, or PC, the game's rated E for everyone. Basically, anyone can play Asphalt 9 on these platforms. On the iOS, however, the game bears 12+ rating, meaning you have to be 12 to play it.

Can I play Asphalt 9 offline?

No, Asphalt 9 requires an internet connection. You either have to be connected to Wi-Fi or mobile internet to play the game.

We recommend, if possible, to run the game over Wi-Fi first. Asphalt 9 has constant updates and these can spend lots of your mobile data. Just make sure to launch the game for the first time on Wi-Fi each day so it can download updates, and then feel free to play it over mobile internet.

However, the game can be played offline on the Nintendo Switch. While technically you can play Asphalt 9 on Switch without an internet connection, your options will be pretty limited. The only modes on the Switch that work offline are Quick Race and Local Multiplayer. You cannot play Career races offline.

Does Asphalt 9 have a local multiplayer?

On most platforms, Asphalt 9 doesn't support local multiplayer. You can only play against other players over the internet. But if you follow our guide on how to invite friends to your club you can play against them locally in Club Races.

asphalt 9 multiplayer

The only way to experience local multiplayer in Asphalt 9 is in case you have the Nintendo Switch. There, the game supports local multiplayer for up to 4 players in split-screen.

Just get four gamepads and you and up to three friends can play against each other on the same device! And best of all, you can play local multiplayer offline. No need to be connected to the internet for some split-screen multiplayer fun.

Does Asphalt 9 use a lot of data?

It depends. First of all, the game is rather large when you first download it. It takes well over 1GB so it is strongly recommended to download the game over Wi-Fi connection. Further, make sure to run the game for the first time each day over Wi-Fi because updates can take up to a couple of hundreds of megabytes.

While playing the game, the data consumption varies based on which game modes you play. If you only play career and quick races, the game uses about 50 MB in one hour.

If you play multiplayer games, expect the number to be higher but not higher than 80-100 MB per hour. Finally, if you watch lots of ads for free coins the game will spend more data. In that case, expect your data spending to be over 100 MB per hour.

How do you restore data on Asphalt 9

If you are resetting your device or switching to a new device on the same platform (Android to Android, iPhone to iPhone) the data should be automatically restored once you download and enter the game again.

Your Asphalt 9 profile is linked to Google Play Games and Game Center so these should automatically restore your progress once you enter the game. Remember that you cannot restore data on a new device if it isn't the same platform as your previous device.

asphalt 9 restore data

Finally, if you're on Android, follow your guide to manually copy your save data to another Android device which we explained in the section about linking accounts.

This manual method also works when you delete data on your current Android phone. Just copy the file to your computer before you delete data and then copy it back to your phone after you install the game again.

Does Asphalt 9 have controller support?

Yes, Asphalt 9 has full controller support. On Android, the game will work with popular controllers such as Xbox One controller or DualShock 4.

Other wireless controllers are supported but there isn't a list with all controller models that are supported in the game. If you have a mobile controller and if it worked with other mobile games, Asphalt 9 should also work with it.

On iOS, the game should support all officially supported controllers on the platform. It's the same as on Android. If you played other games on your iPhone with your controller, you should also be able to play Asphalt 9 with the same controller.

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