Playstation Trophies: Reward Players For Their Gaming

by Goran Damnjanovic, Gaming Columnist

Published in Gaming on 18th February, 2020

Have questions about PlayStation Trophies? Read on and learn all there is to know about them.

Sony offered PlayStation trophies in 2008, as an answer to the Xbox Live Achievements. Xbox Achievements were introduced as a way for gamers to have additional goals in games they play, aside from simply beating them.

And more than a decade later, earning trophies became a sort of a hobby of many gamers.

playstation trophies

PlayStation Trophies are there not only to give players stuff to do while they play their favorite games. They also build your trophy level and let you advance through the PlayStation Trophy Leaderboard.

Finally, they are here for bragging rights, since earning platinum trophies in tough games is an achievement worthy of respect.

If you have questions about PSN trophies read on and you'll get answers to some of the most popular queries. Learn how to back up your trophies, which trophies are hardest to earn, and more.

What is the point of PlayStation Trophies?

For some gamers, there's really no point in earning PSN trophies. They just want to play games and have some fun. They don't care about getting trophies.

On the other side of the line, you have "achievement hunters," players that have to platinum every single game they play. Earning trophies is a must for them and they try to 100 percent as many games as possible.

In the middle are gamers who aren't playing games just for earning trophies, but for whom trophies do mean something. For instance, they love earning them because it lets them explore games they play; it lets them do stuff that you won't do if you're just into beating the game. Trophies are also a great way to spend as much time as you can playing a game you love.

Instead of just starting the game again and simply beating it, you can have lots of fun trying to platinum the game. This way you'll be able to spend more time with your favorite game and do stuff that you wouldn't regularly do in the game.

And once you earn every trophy, everyone will be able to see your achievement. This is a great way to show appreciation to the games you love and to spend as much time in them as possible.

The best thing about PlayStation trophies is that they are completely optional. The trophy level isn't important and no one looks at it. You can play games your whole life and no one will bother you in case you don't care about earning trophies.

On the other hand, earning some of the hardest trophies can induce some of the most intense feelings of accomplishment and happiness you ever experienced. It's all up to you and that's the best thing about them.

Can I view my PlayStation Trophies online?

Yes, you can. The official My PlayStation page is the first choice. Just visit the page, log in to your PlayStation account and click on the Trophies button to go to your trophies page.

The top of the page shows your PSN Trophy level, the percentage shown is the percent of trophies earned, and on the right, you can see how many bronze, silver, gold, and platinum trophies you have.

The page also shows the latest games where you earned trophies. Just click on any game icon and see every trophy you earned in that game.

Another way is to visit one of many PSN trophy sites. We recommend Just visit the site, enter your PSN ID and see every trophy you have.

The site doesn't show trophies in detail as the official My PlayStation page, but at least you don't have to log in to your PS account.

Are Platinum trophies worth it?

It depends. If you're a trophy hunter they are definitely worth it because they carry the biggest amount of points towards your PSN trophy level.

Further, earning a platinum trophy means that you got every other trophy in a game, which gives you bragging rights among your real-life and online friends.

platinum trophies

For regular gamers, platinum trophies can also have great value, but for different reasons. Those who do not hunt every single trophy will try to platinum the game they really, really like. Not to brag or to increase their trophy level, but to show others just how they love a certain game.

Getting a platinum trophy for your favorite game gives you a huge sense of achievement and satisfaction because it shows just how you love that game.

Finally, earning platinum trophies for certain games will earn you cool rewards. If you have the US or Canadian PSN account, you can earn these rewards:

  • Bloodborne Platinum Trophy Theme
  • Call of Duty: WWII Platinum Trophy Theme
  • Horizon Zero Dawn Platinum Trophy Theme and Avatar
  • The Last Guardian Platinum Trophy Theme
  • PaRappa The Rapper Platinum Trophy Avatar Set
  • God of War Platinum Trophy Character Avatar Set
  • Spider-Man Platinum Trophy Avatar
  • Days Gone End of Game Trophy Avatar
  • Days Gone Platinum Trophy Theme

Rewards are sent via a voucher to the email address tied to your PSN account. You should receive the voucher after you earn the platinum trophy for the games listed above.

The only requirement is that you must be opted-in to PlayStation marketing communications at the time the Platinum Trophy is achieved. To opt-in to PlayStation, marketing communications visit this link.

How do you get hidden trophies?

Well, the first way is to simply play the game and earn a hidden trophy by chance. That's the common way of earning hidden trophies. But, if you want to find what actions are needed to earn those shady trophies, there is a simple way to do it.

Once you're on the trophies screen for any game, just navigate to any hidden trophy and then press the square button. This will reveal the information about the trophy and the way to obtain it.

Just be careful because many hidden trophies are hidden for a reason. Revealing them might spoil story moments and reveal story bits that should be found out by playing the game.

The best way to deal with hidden trophies is to beat the game first and then reveal hidden trophies that remained. That way the story won't be spoiled and you'll still be able to earn those trophies.

What is the hardest platinum trophy to get?

That's a really tough question. Many games come with insanely difficult platinum trophies. Some are tied to an insufferable amount of grind, others require an insane level of luck, and some ask for an impossible level of skill.

Multiplayer games have trophies that include playing game modes that are removed from games years after they got released or playing multiplayer that's no longer supported. This basically means that in case you get a cool older game where no one plays multiplayer anymore (like Far Cry 4) you literally cannot earn its platinum trophy.

hardest platinum trophies

There are some games with glitched trophies (like most NBA 2K titles) where it's nearly impossible to earn all trophies. And some games are just too obscure and there are just a few gamers that platinumed them. Basically, there are plenty of games with insanely hard platinum trophies. We shared a couple of platinum trophies that are insanely hard to earn below.

Wolfenstein 2 Platinum Trophy - this one has a trophy earned if you manage to beat the game on the highest difficulty without getting killed once. The bonus is that you cannot save. This means you basically have to finish the game in one shot without dying. That's practically impossible

Devil May Cry 5 Platinum Trophy - One trophy asks players to finish the game by earning rank S on all missions and on all difficulties. The problem is that on Hell on Hell difficulty you die after one hit and have 3 lives in total to beat the game. Another insanely hard platinum hard trophy to earn.

Beat Saber Platinum Trophy - there's a couple of trophies here that require extreme levels of skill along with ultimate durability. The first one asks players to complete 15 songs in total on the highest difficulty with missing one note on all 15 songs.

That's nearly impossible to achieve since on the hardest mode the blocks come at you at lightspeed.

The second trophy is earned after you play the game for 24 hours straight. Yes, that's right; you have to play Beat Saber for 24 hours without exiting to the main screen and without making a pause that's longer than a couple of minutes. It's hard to tell which of the two trophies is harder.

Crash Bandicoot Nsane Trilogy Platinum Trophy - if you want to experience a nervous breakdown, try earning the platinum trophy for each game included in the bundle. First of all, the first three Crash Bandicoot games are really hard on their own but when you include earning every trophy in the formula, they become the perfect way to lead anyone to insanity.

In order to earn every trophy, you have to earn every single collectible in every game. And that's pretty much impossible unless you are one of the best platformer players in the world.

Some gems are really tough to unlock but the major pain is the infamous time trial mode. If you platinum all three games from the Nsane Trilogy you have every right to brag about it.

Friday the 13th Platinum Trophy - This is one of the games with trophies that require an ungodly amount of grind, making the platinum trophy next to impossible to earn.

For instance, you have to play 1000 matches as multiple killers and kill the hunter for more than 1000 times. That's impossible unless you play the game for 24 hours straight, for about a whole month.

Furi Platinum Trophy - this extremely difficult shoot-em-up is torture to beat let alone to platinum. The game asks you to earn rank S on every mission on the highest difficulty. This is simply impossible unless you have superhuman reflexes and extreme amounts of skill.

Killzone 2 Platinum Trophy - One of the best PlayStation 3 exclusives had one trophy that was pretty much impossible to earn unless you were a pro gamer.

The game had an extremely popular multiplayer with millions of people playing it regularly. And one trophy asked from players to reach one of the top 7 spots on the weekly global leaderboard. Yes, that meant being one of the top 7 players in the world for a week.

killzone 2 platinum trophie

Hollow Knight Platinum Trophy - the trophy that asks from players to beat all bosses, one after another, without saving the game and without dying, is punishingly difficult. It can take days of ultra-focused play (on top of being an absolute god in that game) to earn the platinum trophy.

TrackMania Turbo Platinum Trophy - this arcade racer can be extremely difficult as you progress. And in order to platinum the game, you have to earn gold medals on every single race. And some races will drive you insane even if you just try to earn the bronze medal.

Super Meat Boy Platinum Trophy - this is probably the hardest platinum trophy of them all. The game is one of the most difficult titles of all times and some trophies ask players to complete all challenges in an extremely short amounts of time. It's really impossible to do that.

Can you get ps4 trophies offline?

Yes, you can earn trophies while offline. The catch is that you cannot see them while your console if offline. But once you go online the trophy list will sync with the online base and you will be able to see every trophy you earned while playing games in offline mode.

If you went online on your PS4 console and your trophies didn't sync you'll have to manually sync them. To do that just go to the Trophies menu, press the Options button and select Sync With PlayStation Network. Wait for them to sync and after the process is completed you will be able to check out all the new trophies you've earned while playing in offline mode.

Can I reset my PlayStation Trophies?

No, you cannot. Sony doesn't offer that feature. If you want to delete trophies for a certain game and earn them again, tough luck.

The only way to achieve something similar is to create a new PlayStation account, sing-in with that account on your console (the PS4 supports up to 16 accounts at the same time on one console) and then switch from your main account to the account you've just created.

The new account won't have any trophies since you didn't play games on it. Luckily, you can play any game you own on your main account on your secondary account. That way you will have a clean slate and will be able to earn all those trophies again.

Can you still earn trophies without PlayStation Plus?

Yes, you can. PlayStation Plus allows users to play online multiplayer games. On the other hand, PS4 users can connect to the Internet, earn and view trophies even without having the PS Plus subscription.

trackmania prohie

Further, it's worth noting that you can play free-to-play multiplayer titles without PlayStation Plus. This means games such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, Warframe, and Destiny 2: New Light can be played without the PS Plus subscription. If a game is free and supports online multiplayer, you can play it.

How do I backup my ps4 trophies?

The easiest way is to back up your trophies to cloud storage. They are synced automatically at regular intervals but you can do it manually. Just go to trophies menu, press the Options button and select Sync With PlayStation Network. Sadly, you cannot back up your trophies on an external storage device.

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