How To Make Money Online In India (10 Easy Ways To Start Earning Online)

by Menka Dimitrovska, Money Columnist

Published in Money on 9th April, 2018

Although it might seem daunting at first, many Indians are now saying goodbye to employment and choosing to make money online in India instead. And this trend will likely only increase in the coming years, as more and more of the Indian population gain access to the internet.

Some of you are looking for an extra income, while others are even considering quitting their current job and focusing entirely on making money online in the comfort of your own home. No matter your intention or your plans, I am here to tell you that both those options are completely possible from India - if you fully commit and keep moving forward no matter what!

make money online in india

If I can do it, you can do it too!

I myself chose to quit my full-time employment two years ago, and have since developed my own blog, worked as a social media marketing manager, and am currently working as an online columnist and editor. Leaving my job to pursue the unlimited online job opportunities was the best decision I've ever made, and I don't regret it one bit.

You just need to find out what you're good at and soon enough you can start working from home in your pajamas.

If that sounds appealing to you, stick around and you'll find out about all the possibilities you have available to make money online in India.

The Huge Advantage Indians Have Over Westerners

Although there are plenty of unique disadvantages to working out of India, there is also one distinct advantage. Consider the difference in the cost of living between a freelancer working in a small town in India, compared with a freelancer based in New York.

For the most part this is due to differences in exchange rates between the US dollar and the Indian Rupee. Nevertheless, it's an incredible advantage to have over your competition. You can afford to underbid on contracts and it will still be worthwhile for you. Your western competitors don't really stand a chance, unless they are able to offer a unique service, or a level of quality which far outstrips your own.

However, with a lower bidding price you will also encounter some disadvantages. Customers might view a lower bid as a sign of poor quality, or that you may fail to deliver what was agreed. Therefore it's essential that you accumulate as many positive reviews, case studies, past work examples, etc as you can. That will go a long way towards assuaging their doubts. Then deliver on what you promised, because your trust and reputation is everything when working online.

Of course, I wouldn't want to suggest that Indians are expected to bid lower. That is certainly not the case and many very experienced indian freelancers command huge hourly rates that even a westerner would jump at. However, when starting out it's certainly an advantage and will help keep you going long enough to get experience.

What You Should Expect

First of all, despite some of the competitive advantages you have being based in India, you need to be aware that becoming an overnight success is not that common. The path to becoming successful and making enough money for a living solely from your online job is a tough and long process, but it's totally worth it if you're willing to give it try and stick with it till the end.

Payouts might not be consistent at first; you might start to feel like you're not going to make it, but that's when you should put in even more work, and try to make it work with everything you got.

make money online

Some days will be easier than others; some will make you want to quit, but sooner or later you'll get back on your feet, and you might even start making more money than you ever did on your full-time office job.

What Are Your Options?

Anyone with an internet connection can make decent money online, so let's see what kind of options are available for you in India. You can check out the top 10 online jobs list I'll share with you today, and decide which job is appropriate for you.

There are countless of opportunities to make money online in India, but today, let's talk about the top 10 most popular ones. Some of them can help you make some extra pocket money, while some can even make you a decent living; it depends on how much time you can set aside, and how focused and determined you are to succeed.

PTC and GPT Sites

If you're just trying to earn some extra money in India, and you don't have a lot of time to set aside from your busy work schedule, then you can earn some extra cash from PTC sites. You could earn up to $200 just by clicking and reading through advertisements. Each ad is about 10-30 seconds long, and there are numerous sites where you can register and start making money from ads.

If you want to earn even more extra cash doing interesting activities, like playing games, watching videos and taking surveys, you can give GTP sites such as PointsPrizes a try, since there's a lot of opportunities available for Indian users there. These sites tend to pay a lot more than simple pay to click sites, although the tasks might be slightly more challenging.

Adsense & Other Ad Networks

If you have a bit more time and patience to invest in order to get a bigger payout than the first two ways I mentioned, then you should give this method a try.

As I said, it takes time to make money from Adsense or some other Ad Network, and you do need to invest some startup money buying a domain name for your website and connecting it to a new hosting account. Yes, you will need to have a website, which is something almost anyone can create nowadays, and it really isn't that difficult.

About Adsense

The Adsense program is free to join, and the eligibility rules are pretty easy to follow. This means that you can make money from your website even if it's new.

Adsense has a lot of ad options which you can choose for your blog posts or articles. You are free to organize them yourself, although you will need to follow a few simple guidelines.

google adsense

You can have ads on several different websites from a single account, and you can connect your account to your YouTube channel if you have one.

Google isn't very forgiving of deceptions, so be sure to follow the rules and drive traffic to your blog or channel naturally, without using any techniques which are not allowed.

How Much Money Can You Make from Adsense?

The amount of money that you can make from Adsense depends on a few factors, the most important one of which is the number of visitors you have on your website.

If we consider the fact that only 1-10% of people click on ads, which is most often 1%, and if we hypothetically say that your CPC (cost per click) is $10 you would need to have 10,000 page views to make $100 per day. Not a lot of people could drive that much traffic to their blog on a daily basis, but even if you have 1,000-2,000 visits a day in the beginning you will still be able to make $10-$20, which is not that bad.

Also, don't forget that in many cases you will want to base your website server in a western country, rather than in India. This will start to introduce western levels of overheads and water down the cost advantage you have from being based in India.

Affiliate Marketing

You can also use your blog, or YouTube channel to sell affiliate products.

Here's what you'll need to do:

  • Sing up for an affiliate program and get your affiliate link (this is the link you'll share with your viewers)
  • Write a blog post about that product, or talk about it in your YouTube video, and then share your link so that your readers/viewers can purchase that product or service using your affiliate link. With every product or service you sell, you'll get commission.

Social Media Manager

Your activities as a social media manager would include creating and posting content, sharing it and driving engagement to websites and businesses and improving their social presence. This can be a great way to break into the online workplace, since virtually everyone these days has some experience with social media that they can draw upon.

You'll need to bring a lot of enthusiasm and fresh ideas, find ways to promote the company's products and services and interact with potential customers. Additionally when running social media it's impartant that you demonstrate good communication skills and be polite with customers, since you'll be the voice of the company you'll be representing.


Ecommerce has been evolving a lot during the last decade, and has become a great opportunity for many young entrepreneurs.

You have numerous possibilities as an Indian ecommerce entrepreneur. You could sell anything from books and t-shirts, to furniture, and all kinds of other products and services.

One benefit of selling online is you don't even need to have an actual physical store, in fact that's the most beautiful thing about it. These days Shopify provide an all in one package including website hosting, payment handling - and much more besides - for a very small fee. If you pay a little extra you can even use your own domain name, so nobody will know!

You won't even have to worry about shipping if you go with the dropshipping method and save yourself some valuable time and effort. The way that dropshipping works is you don't actually have products or services in stock, but instead you partner up with other stores and buy their products once you actually make a sell. That way you don't have to worry about storage or shipment, as the store will ship each product directly to the customer.


By far one of the most popular ways to make money online in India, is through freelancing. As a freelancer you have the freedom to choose your own gigs, whether you want to work full time or part time, as well as your employers.


You can make $500 up to $1000+ a month depending on the field you work in, and the skills you have. You have numerous fields from which to choose, like:

  • Content, blog and article writing
  • CWeb and graphic design
  • SEO optimization
  • Data entry
  • Transcription
  • Virtual assistant or virtual call center manager jobs, and much more.

You can look for freelance jobs on: Freelancer, Upwork, People per Hour, WorkNHire, and many more similar websites.

Writing Jobs

I already mentioned that you can work as a freelance and write blog posts, articles or website content, and you can look for such jobs on the websites above, but there are a few other websites where you can specifically look for writing jobs, like: WriterBay, iWriter, FreelanceWriting, TextBroker, etc.

These article writing sites might be more suitable for Indians who are still working on improving their english. They will accept much lower quality writing, which some of the top freelancing sites are much less likely to consider acceptable.

Therefore if you're just starting out on your journey working online in India, these sites might be a great place to start. Remember though that all of your work is likely to be checked with plagiarism software like Copyscape - so even if the quality is low, make sure you only produce original content for your clients!

Online Photography Jobs

If you think about the amount of photos we all have in our phones or on our hard drives, and the amount of random photos we take each day, you'll realize that at least 1% of them could have the potential to sell online. 1% is a lot of photos if you take 10-20 photos each day, like the rest of us do.

If you could sell 1% of your photos to stock photography websites, they could still bring you a lot of money. Remember that you'll get paid each time a customer buys a photo of yours which means you could get paid multiple times for one photo.

Actually, I would say stock photography presents a unique opportunity for Indians, since there are far fewer westerners taking good photos of rural India. Perhaps you can carve out a nice niche for yourself, with some beautiful photography of India and its unique culture!

Find out more about the top rated stock photography websites here!


If you're looking for an easy online job in India that you can do in your spare time - perhaps for some spare cash - then you should look for a job as a micro-worker.

You'll have a lot of different and yet simple tasks such as rating and commenting on websites, leaving reviews, conducting research, looking for contacts, or even writing small articles.

You can look for such jobs on: MicroWorkers and ClickWorker.

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