What We Hope To See In 3 From Hell

Those who are fans of Rob Zombie's films may remember House Of 1,000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects. In recent news, it's been discovered that there's going to be an unexpected third film in this series titled "3 From Hell".

What We Hope To See In 3 From Hell

Upcoming Horror Films We're Looking Forward To

Those who love horror are always waiting for the next big film to scare their socks off. You may be wondering who the upcoming horror villains will be, or if there'll be any big remakes in the coming year.

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The Buffy Reboot

The initial announcement from Whedon stated that the show would be a reboot led by an actress of color, but in the days since then each little crumb of info has been delivered as an obvious way to get fans onside.

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