Privacy Policy

Things we never do

Share or sell email addresses

We never sell or give away your email address to third parties. Your email is used to verify who you are and to communicate with you. It's not something we harvest for profit.

Spam emails

When you sign up you can specify what emails you want to receive. You can change your settings or unsubscribe from our mailing lists at any time.

Collect personal data via ads

When you complete surveys and other ads from our advertisers, we do not receive that information. We are only sent a simple notification when an offer has been completed successfully.

Sell personal data

We never sell personal information about you to third parties. We may provide anonymous demographic metadata about you to third parties in order to improve the targeting of advertisements.

Collect passwords

We don't require you to supply a password when creating your account. This actually protects your privacy since many casual users use the same password on multiple websites. Hackers hate sites without passwords, because they don't unlock access other more sensitive sites.

Share cookies

Although we may save cookies to your browser, none of those cookies are used to track activity beyond our site and offers from our advertisers. We don't share our cookies with other sites, so they cannot be used to build a broader picture of your internet activity.

Things we may do

Store your email addresses

Your email is used to verify who you are and to communicate with you. Therefore we need to hang onto it so that we can stay in touch.

Display your obfuscated email addresses

As part of our social proof we may display an obfuscated version of your email address to our users. For example might be displayed as john.****

Store anonymous metadata

We may store anonymous metadata about you, such as your IP address and device information. This helps us target advertisements and detect fraud.

Store voluntary personal data

If you choose to tell us more about you such as your name, age and gender we may store this information. If you want you can stay totally anonymous though.

Send you transactional emails

If you've opted in to our transactional mailing list, we may email you for important events about your account such as when you earn points or to notify you about changes to your account.

Send you newsletter emails

If you've opted in to our newsletter mailing list, we may email you occasionally with interesting news and new opportunities to earn points. By default our users are opted out of this mailing list.

Save cookies

We may save cookies onto your browser, both to improve site accessibility and to track referrals. Our advertisers may also use cookies to track offer conversions. By visiting our site you permit both us and our advertisers to use cookies. You can opt out of our cookies at any time using your browser settings, although it will severely detract from your site experience.

PointsPrizes Help Center

We recommend you check out our Help Center for detailed information about us.